Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Crossing (2)

Translator: Missy Hobbyist


She was born in 1963 and is only nineteen years old this year. She was ten years younger than Ye Ning herself, and her family’s condition had barely passed the poverty threshold. 


But because she was the first child and looked a lot like her mother, her parents favored her the most. 


This favoritism did not change even when they had her younger siblings.


It can be said that even her younger brother was not cared for by her mother. So much that in the ’60s and ’70s, she still has the appearance of a petite older sister.


It was worth mentioning that her mother, Li Fang, is an Educated Youth that could not bear hardships after going to the countryside.


She married Ye Qingshan, who was an honest man and had three children. 


The eldest was Ye Ning, the second was also a daughter named Ye Lan, and the third child was a son named Ye Yu. 


When Li Fang returned to the city in 1980, there was no news about her afterward.


Ye Qingshan once went to find Li Fang. Yet after returning, he only said that Li Fang would not be back for the time being. But the three children knew that their mother would never come back.


It was not easy for Ye Qingshan to support three children alone, especially when all three are in school.


Just a year’s tuition alone is a big problem for him.


There was a daring man who went out of the village to work, and when he came back, he boastfully announced he earns dozens of dollars a month. 


In the spring of this year, two people followed him, and Ye Qingshan was one of them. 


There was no phone in the village, so Ye Qingshan would call Ye Ning’s school if necessary.


But last month, instead of getting a call from Ye Qingshan, she received the unexpected bad news about her father.


Ye Ning was dumbfounded at the time and asked for leave in a muddled manner. Instead of going back to her hometown, she went to find her boyfriend, Sun Yao Jun.


Sun Yao Jun was from the city, and his father was a GW member. In his early years, their family was very rich, but now the sky has greatly changed. 


His father, fearing that he would settle the accounts later, asked Sun Yao Jun to marry a rural woman.


In case something goes wrong, he can hide in his father-in-law’s house.


He would not want to find an illiterate village girl who does not know big characters, so he hooked up with Ye Ning, who was in high school.


Upon learning that Ye Ning’s father had died, Sun Yao Jun’s father was more anxious than her. He immediately packed up and asked Sun Yao Jun to accompany Ye Ning.


It was when they arrived did they only know that Ye Qingshan was digging in the mine.


Many people went missing after the accident.


The mine owner was afraid that the situation would lead to a big fuss, and he would have to pay a lot of money.


So, he privately gave 60,000 to each family representative. This amount is considered a large sum in 1982.


Her father has gone missing, and his whereabouts are unknown. Ye Ning sobbed while packing up Ye Qingshan’s stuff and was ready to go home when she was stopped by Sun Yao Jun.


He told her sadly that his family was framed and his parents were in jail. So he cannot go back.


He also said that it is not safe for her to go back home with such a large amount of money. 


It is better to follow him to seek shelter from his relatives,


As for her younger siblings, don’t they still have grandparents and uncles in her hometown?


They will definitely take care of them.


Once they got married and the rumors had passed, they could take their children back home.


When the time comes, they will take her younger siblings to the city and be city residents.


The delicate and weak Ye Ning hadn’t paid attention at all, and she nodded when she was frightened and coaxed by Sun Yaojun. 


As a result, she caught a cold and had a fever the next day on the train, and when the fever was gone, she became her.


Therefore, she crossed through time and space and became the 19-year-old Ye Ning in 1982…


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