Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Crossing (3)

Translated by: Missy Hobbyist


Ye Ning opened her eyes and stared blankly at the top bunk bed. 


She was also called Ye Ning. She is 29 years old this year and comes from Nanjiang Province.


She had a mom and dad who loved her. 


An older brother who sometimes bullies her, but in fact, loves her very much. 


She had a gentle and kind sister-in-law and a lovely little niece.


She worked in a small company. As the new year approaches, everyone in the company got very busy without touching the ground, and so did she. 


Last night she worked overtime for the fifth day in a row. 


She could have been home for the new year after her shift last night, but she doesn’t seem to be going back.


Sudden death at work? She had never thought her death would be like this.


Her nose was sore, and she didn’t know what would happen if her parents knew she was dead?


They must be heartbroken, but fortunately, they have her elder brother, sister-in-law, and little niece with them.


She was also considered to have died in the line of duty. Apart from insurance, the company had to lose some money.


It can be regarded as the final act of an unfilial daughter repaying her parents.


After blinking, Ye Ning slowly calmed down. She died once and knew the taste of death. Even if she wanted to return to her own world, she did not dare to bet on this life. God gave her another life so she must cherish it.


She took a cursory look at the memory of the original body owner just now. She planned to sort out the memory carefully so as not to goof it.


The original body owner is a beautiful lady who was spoiled by her parents. She usually helped wash the dishes at home, but most of which was done by her sister Ye Lan. 


The younger siblings were sensible and obedient, which was good. It saves her a lot of trouble.


Ye Ning frowned slightly. 


The original grandmother died when Ye Qingshan was only fifteen years old. 


The next year, her grandfather married a woman with two children and then gave birth to another son and daughter. 


So their family was in fact, very complicated. The uncle and the second aunt were brought by the stepmother.


The youngest uncle and auntie were born by her grandfather and her step-grandmother.


The three pairs of children are not of the same father and mother.


The only aunt who had the same parents as Ye Qingshan has married away.


Is Ye Lan and Ye Yu really okay in their hometown?


Suddenly, Ye Ning stiffened all over. She thought something was wrong earlier, as the names and things in her memory were too familiar.


She couldn’t sleep a few nights ago, so she randomly found this romance novel to pass the time.


Because there was a female cannon fodder with the same name as her, she finished reading that book.


The female cannon fodder’s mother is an educated youth, and she will not come back after returning to the city. 


There was a younger sister named Ye Lan, a younger brother named Ye Yu, and a father who died in an accident. 


Most importantly, the male lead is named Sun Yao Jun. In his early years, his family was arrested, so he eloped with the female cannon fodder, Ye Ning.


The names of people, places, and the storyline are all matched. Not only did she travel through, but she also became a character in a book!


After confirming this, Ye Ning quickly recalled the plot in the book, not daring to miss a bit.


Shortly after her father died, the female cannon fodder took her father’s compensation and eloped with the male protagonist. 


The money was used to help the male lead do business.


His business grew bigger and bigger and during this period, the male lead got to know the famous Ms. Perfect heroine.


However, because of the female cannon fodder, the male protagonist suppressed the throbbing in his heart. And a series of stories happened in between.


The relationship between the male lead and the female lead became deeper and deeper. It originated from the female cannon fodder, but the male lead never confessed.


At this time, the second male appeared. The female lead and the second male lead were ambiguous. 


The male lead misunderstood and took the female cannon fodder back to her hometown, preparing to officially marry her. 


The female cannon fodder didn’t know until she got home, her sister had gone missing while looking for her.


And her younger brother, because her uncle’s children bullied him, has also disappeared.


When the female cannon fodder learned about this, she fell gravely ill and never recovered. And finally died in depression.


Upon learning of this bad news, the female lead appeared next to the male lead in due course. She accompanied him out of his sorrow, and then they lived happily together.


Ye Ning clutched her chest. She knew that after reading the book, the younger sister was cheated and sold by an old lady at the train station. 


After being tortured by the old man in the ravine for three years, she finally killed the whole family and set herself on fire.


The younger brother was bullied by his step-grandmother and uncles. In the end, he starved and because he could not bear it, he ate a piece of sweet potato with rat poison and died silently.


And the original body owner, despite her delicate personality, is capable of withstanding trials and hardships.


Knowing that her siblings are gone, she must have found a way to find them.


Why did she end up depressed? I’m afraid there is more to it than meets the eye.


In short, Ye Ning is the cannon fodder in the book that helped the male and female protagonists sublimate their feelings.


She died, and many readers commented that she died well.


Ye Ning only felt mad at the time.


Even if they were of the same name, she still thought that the female cannon had to blame herself.


But her younger siblings are innocent and so pitiful.


Now the nineteen-year-old body is filled with a twenty-nine-year-old soul. 


She is not like the original body owner, attached to a man like a dodder, let alone a hypocrite like Sun Yao Jun. 


So the sooner she leaves, the better.


It is now the third day when she ran away with Sun Yao Jun. 


Perhaps her family hasn’t got the news yet, she must go back quickly. She cannot cause such a tragedy again.



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