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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie


“Mr. Zhou, you… are you kidding me?” Marrying her? How can that be?!


The man raised his eyebrows, “Do you think I am joking with you?”


Ruan Yan was dumbfounded, somehow she suddenly changed from a bystander of the marriage to a party, “Mr. Zhou, I…”


Zhou Mengyan leaned back in his seat. Crossed fingers on his knees, “Don’t worry, you can listen to the conditions first.”


She was at a loss.


He slowly said, “You should know more or less the current situation of your father’s company and how the Ruan family treats you. Your uncle is the current chairman, who is not capable enough to save the company. Your father is a vegetative person. Now the right to dispose of 25% of his shares is in the hands of your stepmother who does not understand company management. If there is no injection of foreign funds, your grandfather and your father’s efforts will be destroyed by them.


And if you marry me, I will inject some funds and hold back the Ruan family, as well as those things that belong to you, you can get them back under the name of ‘Mrs. Zhou’.”  Zhou Mengyan also said some generous conditions, Ruan Yan’s heart set off a storm.


“Ruan Yan, this is a transaction that will not lose money for you.”




“But I don’t have anything right now… what do I have to offer?” What kind of capital does she have for cooperation in this situation?


“Of course you have what I want.” 


Zhou Mengyan once again handed over a document: “Your father should have not told you about the 8% of Ruan family’s shares you hold.”


Perhaps Ruan Yunshan had long thought that it might be in the future one day so he had paved the way for his daughter long ago.


Ruan Yunshan once privately sold 8% of his own stock to the market, and then let his cronies buy it as a retail investor. When Ruan Yan needed the 8% of the stock one day in the future, he will transfer the stock to her.


Feng Zhuang only thought that Ruan Yunshan would only leave real estate for Ruan Yan, but she didn’t know that there was this most important thing.


Ruan Yan was shocked.


“I need you to be a member of Ruan family’s shareholders and stand firm on my side when the company and I struggle with other interested parties.” Zhou Mengyan said, “I will completely renovate Ruan family and you need to stand with me.”


“There are still some things I haven’t added. The prenuptial agreement is very detailed. You can take it back and listen to it slowly.”


There was a long silence in the study until Ruan Yan had almost digested what she had heard. Still confused.


“Mr. Zhou, you also know the problem of my own eyes… From a comprehensive consideration, Ruan Ling should be more suitable than me, isn’t that right?”


Except for those shares, she has no use value. If he chooses Ruan Ling, wouldn’t it be possible too? To get everything he wants?


The man raised his eyes, his gaze fell on her face, “As I said, Ruan Ling has never been a partner I am interested in. I am a businessman and only consider benefits, gains and losses. The problems you mentioned will not affect my decision. For me to get married, I just need to put it on my agenda this year. I do not want complex emotions to affect the focus of my life and we, having no sense of each other, makes this a simple marriage.”


So even if Ruan Ling likes him, he will not consider the other party even more.


He doesn’t need the troublesome emotions in marriage to influence his career.


Ruan Yan couldn’t answer for a moment.


Zhou Mengyan stood up and looked at the scenery outside the window, “Don’t worry, give me an answer. I will be on a business trip for a week. You can consider it slowly during this time.


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