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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

Zhou Mengyan had been on a business trip these days, Ruan Yan stayed at home. Her best friend, Zhu Xingzhi, also returned to Lincheng from the field to accompany her.


Zhu Xingzhi was a high school classmate of Ruan Yan. The two have known each other for many years. She also knew about everything that had happened to Ruan Yan.


In the morning on a weekend, she accompanied Ruan Yan to visit her father in the nursing home.


It may be because of Zhou Mengyan’s instructions because when she went out, she was accompanied by an assistant who drove.


The private nursing home was located in the middle of a mountain in Lincheng. The air is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful and the facilities inside are very high-end. It is a place that only the rich can afford.


After Ruan Yunshan became a vegetable, he was sent here by the Ruan family for recuperation.


When they arrived, the two got out of the car and the assistant said, “Miss Ruan, I have learned today that the Ruan family has not come here, and your whereabouts will not be disclosed to them.”




Ruan Yan was led to Ruan Yunshan’s ward by the nurse. Sitting alone in front of the hospital bed, she heard the doctor say that her father was still the same and it wasn’t known when he would wake up.


After the doctor left, Ruan Yan held Ruan Yunshan’s hand and pressed her cheek to the palm of his hand.


“Dad, it would be nice if you can wake up…”


Perhaps everything she has encountered now will not have happened and she will not have lost hope in life.


Ruan Yan remembered that when she was a child, she liked to eat ice cream. Her father would bring ice cream to her when he came back from the company. Every parent meeting, no matter how busy he was, he would attend and always proudly said that this was his daughter.


She knew that no one in this world would love her unconditionally except him.


After Ruan Yan’s grandfather founded Oula, seeing the abilities of the three children, he finally put his focus on cultivating successors, because Ruan Wucheng, the eldest son, had always hated their family.


The reason why Ruan Wucheng didn’t stop her from being expelled from Ruan family’s house was because he now had a firm foothold in the company and needed to win over Feng Zhuang and control her shares.


Moreover, she unexpectedly learned not long ago that Ruan Wucheng seemed to have bought this nursing facility, not using treatment methods, and only maintaining the status quo, in order to… prevent her father from waking up. So that company’s management rights remained with him.


Ruan Yan only knew she had no ability to do anything.


If there is no injection foreign funds, Ruan Wucheng and Feng Zhuang are likely to sell the company in a hurry and walk away directly with the money. So if her father woke up one day and faced everything like this, how big a blow would it be?


She closed her eyes and once again remembered the prenuptial agreement Zhou Mengyan handed her.



As morning came around, Ruan Yan slept very lightly and intermittently. When she finally woke up, she did not go into a daze as usual. Instead, she immediately went out of bed to bathe, change clothes, and put her hair up in a ponytail, so that she could look more energetic.


Back in the room, she put away the necklace her father gave her on the bed and then went to open the bay window.


Standing in front of the window, she noticed the faint light on her eyelids, and a sentence appeared in her heart-


Zhou Mengyan should be back from a business trip today.


But she didn’t expect to hear the man’s voice when she walked out of the bedroom.


He came back early?!


When the man walked out of the study, he saw her and casually asked, “Have you washed?”




“Let’s go downstairs for breakfast.”


His face was expressionless, as if he had never mentioned anything to her a week ago.


Ruan Yan followed him downstairs and sat opposite him as the servant served breakfast.


He ate, but he did not speak.


Ruan Yan lowered her eyes, pursed her red lips, and raised her head after a while.


“Mr. Zhou, the marriage that you mentioned to me the previous week… I’ve thought about it.” 


The man stopped the movement of his knife and fork and looked at her.


Ruan Yan said, “I agree.”



Ruan Yan dreamed about love and wanted to choose a person who she would not be separated from, but there are some important things that she will not get if she gives up.


She thought for a long time this week whether or not to agree to this contract marriage. She considered many reasons for rejection, but she always thought of her father and she gave in completely.


Without this marriage, she might have to watch the Oula Building collapse in front of her with her own eyes. She would have been trampled under the foot of the Ruan family, never able to get up and she would always be the object of others’ laughter.


She knew clearly that Zhou Mengyan was her only hope and the Ruan family’s last hope.


With his ability, he can help her regain everything.


After she finished speaking, it was quiet for a long time, and the man’s faint voice sounded, “Are you sure?”


Ruan Yan lowered her eyes, her fists gradually closed, “…Hmm.”


For her, this marriage is no longer a testimony to the vows of the alliance, it was just a mutually beneficial and win-win transaction.


Zhou Mengyan slowly and carefully cut the eggs on the plate, “Have you read the contents of the prenuptial agreement? There is nothing to add?”


She hesitated for a while, plucked up the courage and asked softly, “Mr. Zhou, sorry, can you please do me a favor?”




“After getting married, can you take my father out of the original nursing home and arrange a new place for him?” Ruan Yan told him what Ruan Wucheng did to her father. “I am very worried about my father now. I can owe the expenses and I will pay you back later, okay?”


She heard the response and began to wonder if she was too demanding. This is indeed not a prenuptial agreement. He had every reason not to help.




He cut off her words, “Yes, I will arrange it.”


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