Honeyed Marriage Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

The stone at the bottom of her heart finally fell, her expression grateful, “Thank you Mr. Zhou…”


In fact, it was a very simple matter for him.


He did not answer, he put down the rose gold fork, wiped the corner of his mouth with a tissue, and stood up.


“Come to my study after breakfast and sign the prenuptial agreement.”


Ruan Yan was taken to the study by the servant after finishing her meal. After a while, when a third-party notary arrived, the two officially signed the prenuptial agreement.


At the moment before Ruan Yan wrote, thousands of thoughts flashed in her heart and finally she signed it firmly.


Pressing the fingerprint, she slowly pushed the document out.




After all the procedures were over, the third party left, leaving only Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan in the study.


Zhou Mengyan put the prenuptial agreement aside and looked up at her, “I happen to be going to the Tianli Yunci Department Store this afternoon for an inspection. You will go with me to buy some clothes, shoes and bags.”


She was startled and nodded.


There were only a few clothes in the suitcase that Ruan Yan took away from the Ruan family’s house. Many expensive dresses and accessories were thrown away by Ruan Ling. During this time, her clothes were all prepared by servants. It fit too well, so she also wants to go out and add some clothes.


“As for getting the certificate, I will finish the things I have at hand.”




In fact, this is just a process.


After leaving the study, Ruan Yan returned to the bedroom.


Walking to the bathroom alone, she stood in front of the sink, turned on the faucet and gently rubbed her red-marked fingers.


Even if it was her from the previous month, there was no way to predict that the current her would agree to marry a man who she had known for more than ten days.


She didn’t know how to describe this feeling, she was dazed and in disbelief.


Recalling the process of signing the agreement just now, for Zhou Mengyan, this matter seemed as ordinary and simple as eating and drinking, and it was like doing business.


However, her marriage to Zhou Mengyan is indeed more like a business transaction.


Even with a marriage by contract, they should also not commit to each other after marriage and each party is safe. Perhaps this kind of marriage is also freedom.



In the afternoon, with the sun blazing, a black Rolls-Royce pulled into the underground garage of Tianli Yunci Department Store.


After parking, Ye Qing, the female assistant in the front row, opened the back door and helped Ruan Yan down.


Today she received an arrangement, she’d be mainly responsible for choosing clothes with the president’s wife.


As soon as the automatic glass door opened, the air-conditioned air was filled with a unique faint sweet scent, with gardenia and honey orange as the main notes, as if it made every guest who walked in feel happy.


As soon as Ruan Yan walked in, nearly a dozen staff in professional attire came forward to greet her. The man in the lead nodded and smiled, “Hello, Mrs. Zhou, I am Chen Guang, the general manager of Tianli Yunci Department Store…”


Tianli Yunci Department Store is a high-end department store owned by Fan Moni. It was on the market as early as the 1990s and has assets of more than 100 million yuan. At that time, the president of Fan Moni launched his luxury brand in order to promote the brand. A luxury department store with Fan Moni as the main body.


And Tianli Yunci in Lincheng, because it is built in the same city as the headquarters of the Fan Moni company, is the largest in China.


The person in charge of the department store received a notice from his superiors the day before that the president might come to inspect this afternoon, and by the way, he would bring his wife to shop. Everyone was busy and prepared urgently for fear that something would go wrong.


Chen Guang bowed and made a gesture, “Ms. Zhou, let’s go to the second floor first.”


He noticed that Ruan Yan was walking a little slowly, and he looked up and saw the sunglasses she was wearing. He went in the other direction and did not go to the elevator. He smiled without changing his face, “Let’s take the elevator here.” 


On the second floor, Zhou Mengyan did not go to check first for some reason, but accompanied Ruan Yan to choose clothes.


The escort first asked about Ruan Yan’s favorite style, and after learning about it, he took her to the first shoe store, BRW.


This brand specialized in high-end handmade women’s shoes originally came from Italy. It was just acquired by Fan Moni for US $77million the year before. It suddenly became the top international luxury shoe brand. It’s shoes are inlaid with gold and silver. A pair of shoes is considered to be no less than six figures. It is a discounted out-of-season item.


In a quiet shop, only two people came. Ruan Yan sat on a leather sofa with a soft seat. The staff in the shop took some models for her and tried them in turn.


She couldn’t see it, she could only rely on the staff’s description to roughly imagine the appearance of the shoes and experience the feeling of wearing them.


After trying five pairs, Ruan Yan thought it was pretty good. The staff introduced: “Your pair of wool pointed-toe Muller shoes are new arrivals from two days ago. The price is 188,800. The price of the suede high heels you just tried will be slightly more expensive, 228,800…” The teller described it again and the cheapest one was nearly 200,000.


Ruan Yan’s heart sighed and for a while, she closed the thought of buying.


Since the family company’s accident, the Ruan family has not given her any more money. She has lost her source of income. All the money she has is what she saved. To buy such expensive shoes, she is reluctant…


Sitting at the side with crossed legs, Zhou Mengyan, who was looking at his phone, raised his gaze, saw the hesitation on Ruan Yan’s face and then said lightly, “Wrap everything up.”


Ruan Yan was taken aback for a moment before she tried to stop him, “Wait, in fact, as long as…”


He looked at her with a calm expression, “Buy what you want. There is nothing to hesitate about.”


Ruan Yan: “…”


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