Honeyed Marriage Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

She suddenly realized that after marrying Zhou Mengyan, the prenuptial agreement mentioned that she was now to live a luxurious life with no worries about material things. She won’t have any worries about food and clothing and she’d even live more comfortably than before the Ruan family’s crisis.


Zhou Mengyan handed out a card, the staff took it, and went to the counter to count the money.


Several staff looked in the direction of Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan with envy, “The president brought his wife to buy shoes. He’s too generous. One swipe is 1.2 million.”


“This kindness show is too much, hey, we only have to sell shoes here…” 


A few gossipy tellers took a few photos with their phones, and then posted them on their Moments. Who doesn’t know a friend? It was passed from ten to ten and finally reached Ruan Ling’s hands.


She suddenly received a screenshot from a friend at home. In the photo, Zhou Mengyan was sitting next to Ruan Yan and accompanying her to pick shoes. This was definitely not the treatment of ordinary women.


Zhou Mengyan actually accompanied Ruan Yan to do such a thing?!



In the afternoon two days later, the air was hot and uneasy and the scorching sun shone brightly in the Lincheng Financial Free Trade Zone.


This is the center of Lincheng’s technology and finance. There are many tall buildings, towering into the sky and the tallest building overlooking the largest central park in Lincheng is the headquarters of the Fan Moni Group.


The office of the President and Chairman on the top floor is surrounded by panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass, which gathers the best light and overlooks Lincheng.


Zhou Mengyan sat at his desk, flipping through the specific contract signed in the Lonia Jewelry M&A case.


This is his recent M&A case, which spans across three countries in total and has tens of billions of assets in circulation, but it only took him a month to solve it all. He is known for his vigorous and decisive actions in the circle.


After a while, Jiang Cheng knocked on the door and walked in, looking at the man who was working.


“Mr. Zhou, I just received a call from the front desk downstairs. The second lady of the Ruan family wants to see you.” 


Zhou Mengyan didn’t lift his eyes and with a cold expression replied, “No.”




Zhou Mengyan had a video call with the person in charge of the merger and acquisition. It was approaching evening. After four o’clock, the sky turned dark outside, Jiang Cheng poured a cup of Mocha and walked into the office again, by then, Zhou Mengyan had just finished.


“Mr Zhou, Miss Ruan Ling is still waiting downstairs, saying that she must see you, this should be…”


Zhou Mengyan raised his eyes to look at the time on the computer and picked up the mocha that Jiang Cheng had handed over.


“If she wants to wait, let her wait.”


Jiang Cheng agreed, knowing that his boss has always treated girls without pity.


Over the past few years, he has followed Zhou Mengyan and he also knows that he is not close to women. Even when women made advances on him, he remained unmoved.




Zhou Mengyan thought of something and glanced at his watch, “Prepare the car for us to go home.”


Jiang Cheng agreed and immediately went out to make arrangements.


Five minutes later, there was a sudden thunderstorm outside the window and the heavy rain poured down.


Zhou Mengyan walked out of the president’s office, went to the direct elevator and went down to the first floor.


Stepping out of the elevator, he walked to the door of the building, and he heard an excited female voice, “Mr. Zhou, Mr. Zhou-“


Ruan Ling, who had been sitting aside for a long time, chased him, and Jiang Cheng and the assistant behind him immediately stepped forward. After being stopped, Ruan Ling said, “Mr. Zhou, I have been waiting for you for so long, can’t you listen to what I have to say?”


She came here from one o’clock in the afternoon and waited for nearly three hours. She hasn’t put herself in such a low position like this since she was a child. How can he treat her like this?!


However, the man looked straight ahead and continued to walk towards the door of the building without giving her a look.


Ruan Ling frowned and followed closely, “Mr. Zhou, you are such a smart person, why would you choose to marry Ruan Yan? How could she be worthy of you, she is not qualified to marry Zhou family at all!”


Zhou Mengyan stopped walking suddenly and glanced at her, then in the blink of an eye, his eyes were as cold as the sky, “I need you to teach me what to do?”


Ruan Ling’s face was stiff and pale.


Walking to the door of the building, Jiang Cheng held up an umbrella and stood beside Zhou Mengyan, who walked into the rain.


Seeing this, Ruan Ling chased him despite the rain.


Jiang Cheng opened the door of the Rolls-Royce and the man got into the car.


The window of the back seat was lowered. Ruan Ling held onto the door and looked at the man’s stern face and shouted furiously, “Mr. Zhou, I’m telling you, if you don’t choose me, you will regret it!”


The man turned his head to look at her, then handed out a blue umbrella and his voice was softer, “Hold it.” 


Ruan Ling was stunned by his sudden gentle behavior and the next moment she saw the car galloping out.


The heavy rain above her head was still falling, so she quickly opened the umbrella, only to find that one side of the umbrella was drooping and it was already worn out.


Ruan Ling remembered that this was the umbrella she gave Ruan Yan when she drove her out of the house that night.


She was completely crazy.


In the car, Zhou Mengyan picked up the phone and dialed a number.


The person who picked up at the other end, “Hey, Mr. Zhou?”


“Do you have your household register?”


“Yes,” Ruan Yan didn’t know what was wrong, “What’s wrong?” 


The man slowly said, “I just have time now, I will go home to pick you up and we’ll go and get the certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau.”


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