Honeyed Marriage Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan was originally listening to a song leisurely at home when she suddenly received a call from Zhou Mengyan, saying that he wanted them to get a certificate.


After hanging up the phone, Ruan Yan was confused and didn’t react, feeling like she was sentenced to death.


Although this analogy is not auspicious… Zhou Mengyan had said that there was still about half an hour before he would get home, so she could prepare first.


Indeed, it was psychological preparation…


Ruan Yan hurriedly changed her clothes and the maid put on light makeup for her. After everything was done, Zhou Mengyan just returned to pick her up.


The car quickly reached the Civil Affairs Bureau then she and Zhou Mengyan walked in. There were very few people in it at the moment, and probably very few people would come to get a certificate like them in the rain.


The process went smoothly and when the two came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau an hour later, the sky was already raining down.


Back in the car, Ruan Yan rubbed the small red notebook in her hand, feeling like she was in a trance…


How did she become a married woman in a blink of an eye TvT.


She thought it would take some time, who knew it would happen so quickly.


After the car started, the man next to her turned his head and saw her with reddish ears and her head facing out of the window.


“Give me the marriage certificate and keep it together,” he said.


“Um…” She handed out the red book.


The car fell into silence once again, Ruan Yan lowered her head, lost in thought and suddenly heard Zhou Mengyan speak, “The wedding is about a month later. During this time, you can cooperate with the wedding team. If you have any ideas, you can talk to them.”   


Ruan Yan was quiet for a while before she finally said, “We are going to have a wedding?”


He asked in a deep voice, “Don’t you need to do it?”


“Oh…” She always thought he would be very low-key about marriage, “Is that month going to be busy for you?”


“I happen not to be that busy during this time.”


“Okay.” Everything must be arranged according to his schedule. What she thought of, “Yes, Mr. Zhou…”


Zhou Mengyan cut her words suddenly, “Ruan Yan.,




“Do you plan to call me ‘Mr. Zhou’ like this in front of outsiders?” The man’s voice fell on her side.


She was stunned.


It seems to be… that they are now in a husband-and-wife relationship at any rate, if your husband is here, you must be surprised by others.


Ruan Yan’s face was tangled and whispered, “But I don’t know what to call you…”


There is a special title between husband and wife, “husband” and “wife”.


But how could she say it?!


“Just call my name.” The man said, breaking her random thoughts.


Zhou Mengyan?


Wasn’t it unpleasant to call him this? Especially when the three-character names were read together, it reminded her that when the class teacher was angry when she was a child, she called the names of other classmates. It was XX. Although hers had two characters, she didn’t realise this feeling.


“M-Meng Yan…?”


She regretted it as soon as she said it. What was wrong with a little intimacy!


When the man heard the words, an emotion flashed across his eyes, but it quickly disappeared, “It’s all right.”


Ruan Yan felt her face heat up again.


“What did you want to say?” he asked.


“I just wanted to ask, what should I say… to the Ruan family?” After she left the Ruan family’s house, she never contacted them. She and Zhou Mengyan got married. There was no need to guess, they must have exploded over there. Ruan Ling must be the first to rush out.


“You don’t need to think about this, I will notify them.”





In September, preparations for the wedding were in full swing. Zhou Mengyan invited a senior wedding planning team from Italy to arrange every aspect of the wedding in fine detail.


A week after obtaining the certificate, Zhou Mengyan’s parents came back from abroad, intending to meet Ruan Yan.


He told them about the marriage some time ago, but some things abroad have been delayed and now he was free.


Zhou Mengyan informed Ruan Yan in advance that their individual family members need to meet for a meal tomorrow night.


In the evening of the next day, Zhou Mengyan first returned home and picked her up to go to the restaurant.


Ruan Yan wore a plain blue and white cotton and linen dress. Her black hair naturally let go, looking quiet and gentle.


She thought of waiting for the unknown scene for a while and her nervous mood rose again. This is the first time she has seen his parents. Ruan Yan has not contacted them since her marriage.


She tried to ease her emotions.


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