Honeyed Marriage Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

When approaching the restaurant, Zhou Mengyan put down the files in his hand, told her some precautions for the meeting later, and said, “My parents like obedient and sensible girls, but it shouldn’t be difficult for you.”


She nodded knowingly.


She didn’t need to pretend to be a good girl. Since she was a child, she has been known to be a good girl…


 He finally said in a deep voice, “Don’t talk about marriage, pretend that we are very affectionate.”


“… En.”


The car stopped at the entrance of the designated restaurant, Ruan Yan got out of the car and stood there, not knowing what to do, her palm was held.


“Let’s hold hands.” His faint voice fell on top of her head.


She was stunned and nodded slightly.


Holding hands will make them appear more intimate.


He led her in, keeping the pace of his feet at a speed that she could accept.


They came to a high-end private kitchen, decorated in the style of a Suzhou garden, classical and quiet.


Stepping up to a level of stone steps and pushing open the wooden door, Zhou Sili and Qin Xi were already waiting inside.


Seeing the two coming, Qin Xi stepped forward with a gentle smile on her lips, “Ruan Yan, can you see—”


Zhou Mengyan said, “This is my mother.”


“Auntie, how are you?”


Qin Xi smiled, “Hello.”


Qin Xi and Zhou Sili just learned that their son was going to marry the blind daughter of the Ruan family. They were very surprised and even found it a little hard to accept. However, their son said that they have liked each other for many years, and they had never been able to interfere with their son’s decision.


After investigating Ruan Yan, they gradually learned that the relationship between her and the Ruan family was not good, that she was indeed pitiable.


Zhou Sili stepped forward and Ruan Yan also greeted him. Qin Xi gently held Ruan Yan’s hand and led her to sit at the small round table in the courtyard. Zhou Mengyan also sat aside.


Zhou Sili poured a cup of good tea and put it in front of Ruan Yan, “Come on, drink some tea first.”


“Thank you, Uncle.”


Qin Xi: “It’s all because we were a bit busy some time ago. We are only coming back now. How are the wedding preparations?”


“In progress.”


“By the way, why hasn’t your family come yet?”


“I told them at 6:30, they should be here soon.”


Qin Xi nodded and started a conversation with Ruan Yan. She was still worried at first, but when she saw Qin Xi, she could feel that she was a gentle and intelligent woman who was very comfortable with her.


When talking about her eyes, Qin Xi gently soothed, “It doesn’t matter, this is a sequelae from the car accident. After a while, I will fly back to the UK to find out if there is a good ophthalmologist in the area.”


Zhou Sili also said, “This is not incurable.” 


After chatting for a while, a sound finally came from the door of the box–


Feng Zhuang and Ruan Ling walked in.


Originally, they only had an appointment with Feng Zhuang tonight, but Ruan Ling learned and she insisted on coming over to see if it was true or not.


The moment Zhou Mengyan got up and saw her, his eyebrows furrowed.


Qin Xi smiled, “The in-laws are here.” 


They all got up. When Ruan Yan heard the two voices, her heart tightened but she kept on smiling.


The two walked forward. Feng Zhuang shook hands with Qin Xi and smiled, “I didn’t expect that we would become relatives when we met this time. By the way, this is my little daughter, Ruan Ling.”


“Well, I heard it before. …”


“Are we late?”


“You’re not late, please come and take a seat.”


Ruan Yan took Zhou Mengyan’s hand and walked to the table. After sitting down, she had Zhou Mengyan on her left and Qin Xi on her right, separated from Feng Zhuang and Ruan Ling.


The waiter brought the menu and Qin Xi asked her, “Yanyan, do you want to eat this?”


Feng Zhuang looked at the way Ruan Yan was talking with the Zhou family at the table, as if they were more like a family, which was inexplicably ironic.


Ruan Ling saw Qin Xi’s friendly attitude towards Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan’s intentional or unintentional care, and her jealousy grew.


Zhou Mengyan handed the hot towel to Ruan Yan’s hand, “Wipe your hands.”


Feng Zhuang: “It’s really hard work. Ruan Yan’s eyes are damaged and you have to take care of her.” 


The man faintly curled his lips, “How could it be? Aunt Feng has worked so hard to take care of Yan’er for so many years.”


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