Honeyed Marriage Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Feng Zhuang looked away with a guilty conscience, “This… how can the family take care of her…”


Ruan Ling: “Since my sister married Zhou Mengyan, she has had someone to accompany her and to lean on, I am really happy for her.”


Ruan Yan did not answer, Zhou Mengyan handed the juice to her, “Guava juice, drink a little and taste it.”




The man directly blocked Ruan Ling’s words.


The latter’s face was stiff.


After a while, Ruan Ling got up and said she wanted to go to the bathroom. After coming out of the bathroom, she found a man in the small pavilion at the door.


With a cigarette between Zhou Mengyan’s fingers, his tall and thin figure added some coolness to the hazy night.


Ruan Ling recalled what happened tonight. She should have been the one sitting next to him. She was unwilling to step forward and asked, “Mr. Zhou, are you really planning to spend your life with a blind woman?” 


The man turned his head and looked at her with a chill in his eyes, “I am not blind.”


Ruan Ling was startled. She didn’t understand what he meant at first, and then she suddenly understood what he meant- to marry her, he would be blind.


She was so humiliated that her eyes were sour as she saw the man put out the cigarette and leave her one last sentence before going back, “You better control your mouth tonight.”



The dinner was very harmonious.


Ruan Yan cooperated with Zhou Mengyan to act in the first sweet scene of love between husband and wife since marriage.


Feng Zhuang saw that the Zhou family liked Ruan Yan so much. She didn’t dare to resort to those careful thoughts. She could only pretend to be peaceful.


After the meal, Qin Xi led Ruan Yan out of the box, “Yanyan, you and Mengyan should stay in the old house for a few days, how about staying with us for a while?”


Ruan Yan nodded, “I don’t think it’s a problem.”


Zhou Mengyan settled the bill and walked over, “Mom, then you take Yan’er home first. There is something wrong with the company.”


“Ah? You have to go?”




“Okay, then Yanyan and I will go back first.”


After saying goodbye to the Ruan family, Zhou Mengyan left. Ruan Yan rode in a private car and returned to the old house, where the two members of the Zhou family returned to live.


Qin Xi took her upstairs to the room and asked the servant to prepare a change of clothes for her to rest tonight.


After ten o’clock, Ruan Yan took a shower, slowly came out of the bathroom, and walked back to the huge bedroom.


There was a faint smell of wooden furniture in the room. She walked to the sofa and sat down, and then touched the skirt lying above.


This is what Qin Xi asked her servant to bring to her just now, and she will wear it tomorrow. Let her try it on and see if it fits.


Ruan Yan first dried her hair, then took off her nightdress, picked up the skirt, and opened the zipper.


She put it on, feeling the size was just right. She was going to take it off and unzip it. Halfway through, she found her hair tangled in.


She pulled her hair tighter and tighter. She tried several times in a hurry and still couldn’t get it out. It was inconvenient for her hand to stay behind her so in desperation, she had to take off her clothes from her head first, and then brought her skirt to her front.


Because she couldn’t see, she could only go slowly to find the stuck place.


Suddenly, there were steady and clear footsteps at the door. After abruptly stopping, the doorknob moved, and there was a creak.


She was immediately taken aback, and realized that she was touching something that could cover her at her hand, her hair was still tightly caught by the zipper, and her back was hot with sweat.


There was a momentary pause when the sound of footsteps came in. Ruan Yan could almost hear the sound of breathing coming in from the door.


In the silence, she heard a dull male voice, “Firstly.”


Is it Zhou Mengyan?!


Ruan Yan’s heart sank suddenly.


As Zhou Mengyan walked upstairs, talking on the phone, he naturally pushed open the bedroom door, and saw Ruan Yan sitting on the sofa with her back facing away.


Under the orange light, she showed a large white back and beautiful butterfly bones, and the spring light in front was looming.


There was a fleeting emotion across his dark eyes.


When Ruan Yan heard his voice, her breathing was completely messed up. As soon as she covered her skirt with her shirt, she heard the sound of footsteps again.


Step by step, approaching her.


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