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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan was completely panicked when she heard the footsteps. She was even more at a loss, as if her back was burned by fire, and her heartbeat was so fast that it could stop.


It’s over, what should she do…


Ruan Yan buried her head lower, cheeks red, and explained in a hesitant voice, “I… my hair is stuck in the zipper of the skirt…”

When Zhou Mengyan lowered his head, he saw the girl’s slim lines appearing in his field of vision, constantly descending, almost nothing was hidden from him.


Her whole body was white and fat, and there seemed to be a stream of light flowing on it under the light, with a sweet peach scent on her body.


After being quiet for a long time, when Ruan Yan was about to faint from nervousness, she heard his voice finally fall on her head, “Do you need help?” 


His voice seemed to have no ups and downs, as if asking her if she would like a drink. Water was such a casual subject.


Ruan Yan’s flustered and embarrassed thoughts were pulled back by his voice. She hung her head, her eyelashes trembled and she nodded gently after a while.


If there is no help from someone, she feels that she really cannot help herself.


She was still subconsciously tangled when at the next moment she felt Zhou Mengyan’s hand accidentally slip across her skin on her shoulder. The moment it did, it ignited like a spark, her heartbeat rapidly against her chest and heard him say, “Give me the skirt.”


She plucked up the courage, slowly picked up the skirt covering her chest and gave him. The sweat from her palms stained where she was holding it. 


She curled up slightly and whispered softly, “Yes… but can you give me a quilt?”


Then, she heard the man walking to the side and coming back again. She felt the quilt being placed on her.


She immediately wrapped it around herself tightly, “Thank you…”


Zhou Mengyan retracted his gaze, picked up the skirt, looked at the knots on the zipper of the skirt, and slowed his movements.


The man in front of her reacted calmly and naturally, showing no weirdness no matter which angle she looked from.


She suddenly felt… what is she panicking about here?


They are already married. Wouldn’t it be reasonable if they had more intimate behavior someday?


She seemed a little bit twitchy and hypocritical.


She gradually relaxed and tried to let the blush on her face disappear.


“It has been entangled for a short period of time, so can I cut the stuck hair?” Zhou Mengyan said.




He turned and walked to another study in the bedroom, and took back a pair of scissors in a few minutes.


He cut it lightly and gently and a small strand of Ruan Yan’s hair fell naturally.


“It’s done.”


“Thank you…” 


She pursed her lips to take the skirt from him and heard him say calmly: “I will ask the servants to fix the zipper of the skirt, and I will tell them to come with it tomorrow morning.”


Ruan Yan nodded and thanked him again.


In fact, this was the bedroom Zhou Mengyan usually lives in. Qin Xi thought that they were married and naturally let Ruan Yan live in as well. Zhou Mengyan didn’t think much just now and opened the door directly after he came up.


He didn’t say anything, picked up the scissors and the skirt, “You should get some rest, I’ll go to another room.”


Ruan Yan answered softly, inexplicably relieved.


After Zhou Mengyan left the bedroom, he passed the skirt to the servant and then went to a guest room on the same floor.


As soon as he entered and was about to close the door, Qin Xi just came up from downstairs and when she saw him, she was taken aback.


“Why are you sleeping in the guest room tonight?” Qin Xi was surprised.


Zhou Mengyan narrowed his eyes for a few minutes but did not answer, then he walked into the room. Qin Xi chased after him.


“Yanyan is still in the room, why don’t you go back?”


Zhou Mengyan walked over to the sofa and sat down, still making no sound.


Qin Xi was shocked, “Didn’t you tell me that you’ve liked Ruan Yan for many years? Did you quarrel with her or… are you just lying to me?”


Zhou Mengyan tightened his eyelashes. Still silent.


Looking at his tacit attitude, Qin Xi finally understood that “love for many years” was his excuse to prevaricate them. No wonder she never heard her son talk about having a girlfriend. And also how could he suddenly get married in a blink of an eye?


She sighed and sat next to him, followed by silence.


“Why not find a girl you like to get married to? Did you have to lie to us like this?” she asked softly.


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