Honeyed Marriage Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 


He looked out the window with a faint expression.


“The Ruan family was introduced at the beginning and weren’t you and dad also like this?”


Qin Xi couldn’t talk back.


Indeed, she and Zhou Sili had no feelings when they were married. The two were paired together. She was knowledgeable, gentle and virtuous. Zhou Sili took over Fan Moni from his father, and Qin Xi became his good helper.


Although there was no emotion and only mutual respect, it was also a perfect match in the eyes of outsiders.


Qin Xi didn’t know whether the love between her and Zhou Sili was because of their having a child together, or whether they had never been in love.


When Zhou Mengyan grew up, looking at the relationship between his parents, he felt that marriage was an unbearably boring life.


Qin Xi didn’t want her son to follow their old ways, but hoped that he could find someone he likes and grow old together with the person.


But now things are a foregone conclusion.


“Then between you and Yanyan… do you have any plans to have children?” Qin Xi asked, “Is it possible to get married and have separate lives?”


Zhou Mengyan was silent for a moment and said lightly, “Let’s talk about it later.”


Qin Xi: “…” 


She knew that there would be no result if she asked.


“Mom, you should rest early.” His intention to ask her to leave was obvious.


After Qin Xi left, Zhou Mengyan looked at the gloomy night and smoked a cigarette.


After a while, when he got up and was about to take a bath, the phone rang.


It was Teng Heng calling.


He picked it up and a little smirk came from the other end, “You answered so timely, did I disturb you at such a late hour?”


Zhou Mengyan’s face became colder and he didn’t give him a good tone, “Is there something?”


Teng Heng smiled deeper, “I’m not worried that you and your wife are newly married recently. What good things will happen to me later. After all, you haven’t talked about a girlfriend for so many years and suddenly got married, so you can’t vent it. Come on.”


Teng Heng and Zhou Mengyan had been friends since they were young, and they belonged to two extreme personalities, the extreme outside and the extreme inside. Teng Heng is a famous “lounger” in Lincheng. His girlfriends can line up in a street, while Zhou Mengyan is reticent and proper, cold and ascetic.


Zhou Mengyan was too lazy to talk to him and went to the closet to get his clothes.


Teng Heng babbled for a while, but Zhou Mengyan didn’t respond when he saw the other party. Teng Heng was shocked and thought of another direction,


“No, Zhou Mengyan, don’t tell me that you and your wife haven’t rolled in the sheets yet? Are you in that aspect…”


“Have you said enough?” He cut off in a cold voice.


Teng Heng laughed, It was really rare that there would be people like Zhou Mengyan in the world. 


He teased, “Brother, even if it is a business marriage, you can get in bed. You don’t really want to be a monk, do you?


As soon as he finished speaking, the phone beeped to show that the other party had cut off the phone.


Hey, he hasn’t said anything serious yet!


Zhou Mengyan threw the phone on the bed and walked to the bathroom, suddenly an image of Ruan Yan tonight flashed in his mind.


Black hair, red lips, and skin so white, it was better than snow.


After a long time, he tightened his eyelashes and closed the bathroom door.



Since there is still half a month before the wedding, Qin Xi and Zhou Sili came back to visit their two children, and then returned to the UK.


Their wedding is scheduled to be abroad, so Zhou Mengyan will arrange the itinerary and send them directly.


In the past few days when Ruan Yan stayed in the old house, Qin Xi occasionally had a heart-to-heart talk with her or a discussion about hobbies. It was still peaceful. Before leaving, Qin Xi also said to her that if she needs help, she can contact her and they can keep in touch.


Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan returned to the villa they usually lived in. The latter’s work was even busier. Zhu Xingzhi learned that Ruan Yan was always alone and feared that she would get moldy at home, he asked her to come out for afternoon tea in the afternoon.


“It seems that being Mrs Zhou is not good, you have to have a heart that can stand loneliness.” Zhu Xingzhi led her into the mall, “You say you are a little canary now, you can’t hold your shoulders and you can’t carry them. Only enjoy the happiness at home.”


Ruan Yan was also helpless.


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