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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

It’s like she’s living in retirement. Although she hasn’t experienced it, she can’t see it and can’t do anything.


“But it is estimated that too many girls dream about the life of ‘Mrs. Zhou’. Mrs Zhou, let me ask you, how are you doing during this time? Your husband didn’t make you feel wronged after marriage, right?


” …No, it’s good.” 


The married life was as she had expected before. The other party was focused on his career and doesn’t have much time to take care of her. It is rare to sit together and eat three times a week. He’d occasionally need her to accompany him to some occasions and they would pretend to be respectful.


“Then he didn’t neglect you?”


“What do you mean?” 


“That’s…” She lowered her voice, “Let you be alone in the vacant room at night.”


Ruan Yan was stunned for a moment, then said softly, “We still sleep separately now…”




“You have been married for more than a week, right? Nothing has happened yet? Are you too conservative or he doesn’t want it?”


Ruan Yan sat down on a chair in the mall and then slowly took out the straw of the milk tea, “Maybe the contract marriage he said was this kind of contract. He wasn’t interested in me at all. Isn’t that normal?”


“Are you in a sexless marriage? It’s too weird.” Zhu Xingzhi squeezed her face, “You are such a beautiful little wife, your husband can actually hold it, it’s weird.”


Ruan Yan knocked out her hand shyly, “What little wife, don’t talk nonsense.”


“All right, Mrs Zhou is all right, I’ll be serious.” She took a bit of Ruan Yan’s milk tea and smiled, “Let’s go, accompany me to eat ice cream, the weather is too hot.”


Ruan Yan was taken to an icecream shop by Zhu Xingzhi. After the two went in and took two scoops each, they walked to the window and sat down.


The two were chatting when they heard the voices of several girls behind them.


“Yeah, who did I see?”


Zhu Xingzhi turned her head and saw three girls wearing short sleeves, short skirts and shorts walking over, holding designer bags in their hands, walking up to them.


They took off their sunglasses, and looked at Ruan Yan, “Eh, is this not the eldest lady from the Ruan family who was kicked out?”


Ruan Yan vaguely remembered their voices. They were all the daughters of wealthy people and they were also people in the circle of celebrities where she used to be.


Therefore, Ruan Yan’s story has been passed on from one to another and it is estimated that the entire circle knows it.


Zhu Xingzhi’s lips curled up and her eyes were cold, “Do I know you?”


“Zhu Xingzhi, you are still playing with Ruan Yan. Sure enough, the sisters are deeply attached. Are you helping to guide her because she’s blind?” The girl laughed.


“The guide is not as good as you, and the nose is so good. When you see us, I will go up, but we don’t have any good things for you.” 


The lead girl with double ponytails became angry.


“Who are you scolding?” 


“Whoever really is scolding.”


The three girls said something and didn’t bother to pay attention to them and then sat down two places apart.


Zhu Xingzhi wanted to stop them again, so Ruan Yan stopped her, “It’s okay, forget it.”


“Look at how they gloat. Ruan Ling, a talkative woman, wants to tell the world about you.”


Ruan Yan was helpless, indeed. The name “Ruan Yan” was now ridiculed by many people, but she can’t get angry if she is really angry.


The three girls sat down after buying ice cream and then chatted, “This ruby ​​necklace of yours looks so good, where did you order it, it looks so good.”


“My mom gave me a birthday present, but I saw a more beautiful ruby ​​this time and want to buy it.”


 “What brand?”


“It’s not a brand. It’s a jewellery and jade auction dinner to be held in Lincheng a week from now. I saw the list of lots yesterday, and there is one of my favorites.”


 “Auction dinner?”


“Yes, isn’t there a famous collection association called MINIYA abroad? It was hosted by them and my dad finally helped me get the invitation.” 


The excited voices of several people reached Ruan Yan’s ears. When she heard the name of the collection association, she was shocked- a jade donut that her father had missed for many years, isn’t it the collection of this association?!


“This is a large dinner, I also specially designed an evening dress…” Before the voice of the double ponytail was over, she heard Ruan Yan’s voice from the side, “When is the auction you are talking about?”


Double ponytail turned to see Ruan Yan and was startled at first, then she was amused:


“Why, you also have something to buy?”


“…Is it not okay?”


Double ponytail rolled her eyes and said, “It’s you? You think you can do whatever you want. Can anyone get in? And you’ve been kicked out of the Ruan family’s house, do you still have money to buy jewelry?”


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