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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 2

Chapter Two


Translated and edited by CutieBinkie


Ruan Yan had a dream. In her dream, she could see flowers and trees, the beauty of the world and her own smile. 


Suddenly, her eyes got darker and darker and she fell down. She wanted to struggle but she only fell deeper and deeper.


In the afternoon, when the sun was high up, Ruan Yan finally woke up from her dream.


Consciousness returned and her vision was dim. A faint fragrance of fig tree wafted and she felt as if she was lying on a soft bed, which was extremely strange.


She sat up and touched the clothes on her body, which turned out to be a nightdress.


She remembered that before finally losing consciousness the previous night, a man had come up to her and called her name.


Then she passed out and was taken here?


Suddenly a horrible conjecture swept through her mind. Ruan Yan panicked and opened the quilt to find her mobile phone.


The maids who came in through the door immediately rushed forward to stop her. “Miss Ruan, you have just recovered from a fever, so lie down and rest first.”


Ruan Yan panicked, “Who are you…”


“Miss Ruan, don’t be afraid…”


Suddenly, a male voice came from the door:




The maids nodded and stepped aside.


Ruan Yan heard the voice and a few seconds later, recognized it as the last man she saw last night.


But she had no impression of him… how could he know her name?


Zhou Mengyan looked at her red eyes, like a frightened little rabbit. The next moment he turned on the phone and stepped in.


Ruan Yan felt him walk to her side. She hugged the quilt and moved to the bedside hoping to shrink into a corner, “Who are you?” 


There were thousands of possibilities flashing through her mind when she suddenly felt a cold thing on her ear.


“Listen to the phone first.” The man’s voice was gentle.


Before she could react, a voice came from the phone, “Hey, Yanyan, is that you?” It turned out to be Chen Rongyu’s voice.


“Hey… Uncle?”


“Yanyan, are you awake? Are you feeling better? Blame me for not looking at my phone last night. Fortunately, Zhou Mengyan received you.”


Zhou Mengyan?!


Why is this name so familiar?


“The person who asked you to answer the phone is a friend of your uncle’s. As soon as I returned to China yesterday, I asked him to take care of you. Now you can live at his home with peace of mind.”



She heard “Returning to China” and suddenly remembered. Isn’t this the man Ruan Ling plans to marry?


“Yanyan, you don’t have to worry about other things. Uncle will also find a way to treat your eye. Don’t think about anything now. It is not possible for us to go back to the Ruan family…”


Ruan Yan listened to the other side who said a lot. Her heart settled down and finally she came to comfort him, “Uncle, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.”


Chen Rongyu heard that she was still so strong and sensible but it only made him sad and feel helpless.


Finally, Ruan Yan handed the phone out and the man took it. He didn’t know what Chen Rongyu said. He only heard the person next to him respond, “En, I know.” 


After the call was hung up, Zhou Mengyan leaned over and picked up the phone on the bedside table. He unplugged the charging cable and put it to the girl’s hand, “You passed out with a fever last night, so I brought you back directly.”


“The maids changed the clothes on you and they are taking care of you.”


He explained quietly to dispel all her doubts, thinking of her reaction just now, her cheeks flushed with shame: “Sorry Mr. Zhou, I just misunderstood…”


She did not expect this to be the case.


“Are you still uncomfortable?”


She shook her head.


He looked at the time and then said: “Now downstairs is preparing your lunch. Do you want to eat first or take a bath first, either way, the maids will help you.”


“Okay, thank you…” 


The man said nothing and left. Ruan Yan chose to take a bath first and was taken to the bathroom by the servant.


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