Honeyed Marriage Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Coming out of the ice cream shop, Ruan Yan didn’t take the trio’s laughing at her to heart, but was completely occupied by the auction.


She remembered a story her father told her.


When Ruan Yunshan was young, he fell in love with a natural ice jade necklace at first sight at an auction, because the style of the necklace was very similar to that worn by Ruan Yan’s grandmother during her lifetime but it was accidentally lost. He saw this necklace and it made him think of his mother, so he loved it very much and wanted to buy it.


However, the necklace was the finale of the auction, which many people coveted. At that time, Ruan Yunshan’s biggest competitor was the owner of a newly listed real estate construction company.


At that time, the two fiercely competed at the auction and the prices they bid got higher and higher. In the end, they surpassed the price Ruan Yunshan intended to pay and the necklace was bought by the other party at a price of 200,000 yuan higher than his. This became Ruan Yunshan’s greatest regret.


However, he did not intend to give up. One year later, with the continuous development of the Ruan family company, he went to the owner of the real estate company with twice the price that was sold at the auction at the time. He wanted to buy it back, but learned that nearly half a year ago, the boss had, because of something at home, sold the necklace to someone else. After that, he went to the black market and went abroad.


Over the years, Ruan Yunshan had been investigating the whereabouts of the necklace. Suddenly, one day it was found that the thing went to a jewelry collection association in Germany, and the ice jade necklace became an exhibition item of their association.


Ruan Yunshan told Ruan Yan about the incident before the car accident. He had been contacting the collection association. However, the other party said it was an exhibition and could not be sold temporarily. After that, things did not progress. Ruan Yunshan also had a car accident.


So her father’s wish became Ruan Yan’s.


She wanted to help her father buy this pendant.


After hearing that the reason for her excitement was about her father, Zhu Xingzhi finally understood, “It’s okay, I can find the news. I will help you when I go back. If the auction is very large, there will be news online.”


“Okay, I’ll check it out too.”


After returning home, Ruan Yan found the official website of the MINIYA Association and checked it. It was true. The auction will be held next Saturday night.


Zhu Xingzhi called her, “Ruan Yan, can you describe the necklace you want to buy? I’m looking at the preliminary list of auctions to find if there is anything you want?”


Ruan Yan recalled before the photos her father had shown her and described it carefully. Finally, when she said that the necklace was made of four rubies and four sapphires, Zhu Xingzhi said excitedly: “There are some! It seems to be this one. It’s a lot!” 


She smiled and said, “It’s great.”


“I’ll see how to get the invitation letter.”


However, after studying for a long time, the two of them finally discovered the biggest problem before them- not getting the invitation letter.


This auction dinner is very grand and exclusive. Those who can go are either rich or expensive. It wasn’t a matter of those who can go, are those that want to.


Zhu Xingzhi suddenly asked, “How about you go and ask Xin Mingzhe?”


Xin Mingzhe is a friend Ruan Yan met in high school who is one year older than her. His family likes to collect some antiques and jewelry. When she visited his house, He also took her to visit his father’s study, which looked like a house of “gold and silver treasures.”


But she didn’t think about it. Recently, she heard that Xin Mingzhe was trying to take over his father’s company.


Ruan Yan struggled and suddenly thought of Zhou Mengyan.


“But Zhou Mengyan must be busy and I don’t think he has the energy to take care of such trivial matters…”


Zhu Xingzhi: “You can give it a try. It’s better not to ask if we are here in a hurry. Your husband has a lot of influence. With his identity, he might be able to help you get a dozen invitations easily.”


Ruan Yan couldn’t think of a better way.


“Okay… I’ll find a chance to ask him.”



In the morning, the rising sun spreads its bright light over the financial free trade zone that stands tall in Lincheng.


At nearly nine o’clock in the morning, a dozen men and women in professional attire stood at the door of Oula’s office building, all of them were the company management, neatly arranged in two rows all standing upright while being serious and anxious in their positions from high to low.


At nine o’clock, everyone eagerly waited and three black cars slowly approached them.


The black Rolls-Royce Phantom in the middle stopped in the center and a man with a briefcase in the front passenger seat, then bent over and opened the rear door respectfully.


The eyes of the welcoming staff gathered in the rear door and they cleared their throats in a nervous mood. The short few seconds under the scorching sun seemed to be stretched extremely long.


A pair of black leather shoes stepped on the ground.


Zhou Mengyan got out of the car and stood up straight.


The man’s thin lips and nose are sharp, his facial features are profound and every part of his body shape is as if it were meticulously crafted. His cold complexion does not carry any emotions, making people instantly feel a sense of daunting.


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