Honeyed Marriage Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Then a few well-dressed staff members got in and out of the other two cars, followed Zhou Mengyan at a distance and walked into the building grandiosely.


The heads of the staff immediately followed, enthusiastically introduced themselves and then introduced some simple matters.


The elevator he took quickly went up and reached the 54th floor.


After Zhou Mengyan officially became the executive director of Oula, he replaced Ruan Wucheng as the vice president in the senior management.


Walking out of the elevator, a group of people arrived at the vice president’s office that had been idle for a long time. After changing the nameplate, a few assistants behind them neatly went in to arrange various desks, chairs and utensils for Zhou Mengyan.


Seeing this, several office workers at the door gathered together in the pantry and started a small meeting excitedly:


“Finally, I waited until the first day of Mr Zhou’s formal appointment. My heart beats very fast now. To think we could only see people like him on TV.”


“Mr Zhou always looked so serious and indifferent. I can already feel his vigorous and resolute style. I feel weak when he looks at me.”


“That’s not all. He took over Fan Moni at the age of twenty-seven. When Oula and he were just starting to develop in the early years, Fan Moni overpowered Oula and now he can easily resolve Oula’s crisis. Now, Oula must be overhauled by him.”




After fifteen minutes, the office was all cleaned up and it was neat and tidy. Zhou Mengyan was sitting at his desk leisurely, just as the office door was knocked on.


“Please come in.” 


The door was opened and Ruan Wucheng walked in.


“Mr Zhou, congratulations on taking office.” His eyes were full of emotion and he smiled and said, “If you have anything you need to know about Oula, please contact Su Mi at any time.”


“You are polite, President Ruan.”


“You should still have a lot of things to do. You can take your time and relax.”


Zhou mengyan heard the meaning of his words and chuckled, “I’m going to fly abroad for a meeting tomorrow. I’m really busy, but before I leave, I have a document for you.”


He picked up the folder with his hand and put it in front of Ruan Wucheng. The latter opened it and saw that it was a comprehensive reform proposal on Oula.


Ruan Wucheng’s breathing was stagnant.


Zhou Mengyan said, “General manager Ruan, this is the next reform I want to make to Oula. You can have a look at it first and then hold an executive meeting when I come back.”


“In the next period of time, I will focus on Oula and hope to help the company develop better and better.”



At about seven o’clock in the evening, Zhou Mengyan returned home.


He went directly to the study. Ruan Yan stayed in the living room when she heard that he was back. She wanted to wait for him to come out before she’d ask him about the auction.


However, ten o’clock passed and Zhou Mengyan was still in the study for three full hours.


She thought to herself, should I knock on the door and ask? I don’t know how long I have to wait…


Ruan Yan couldn’t sit still and finally plucked up her courage, got up and walked slowly to the door of the study. After hesitating for a few seconds, she raised her hand and knocked on the door twice, “Meng Yan—” 


After a few seconds, a male voice came from inside, “Come in.”


Ruan Yan opened the door and heard the sounds of the keys of a keyboard and then the man’s faint voice sounded “What’s the matter?”


“I, I want to ask something, I wonder if it will disturb you?”


As soon as she finished speaking, Zhou Mengyan answered the phone after she heard the phone ring.


Ruan Yan had to wait for him silently.


Three minutes later, he dropped his phone and looked up at her, with a faint expression, “Just tell me.”


“Just… have you heard that next Saturday, MINIYA Collection Association will hold an auction dinner in Lincheng?”


“What about it? 


“I, I really want to go…” Her next sentence, “But I don’t have an invitation letter.” Before asking, the other party’s cell phone rang again.


 Ruan Yan: “…”


 He answered the phone again, Ruan Yan could perceive how busy he was at the moment.


She lowered her head, her palms were sweaty and she felt so abrupt when she stood here.


Suddenly, she heard him say to the other end, “You will wait until I arrived in Berlin tomorrow.”


He is going on a business trip?


When he finally ended the call, Ruan Yan heard his voice mixed with typing on the keyboard, “What auction?”


Ruan Yan pursed her lips and said lightly after a while, “No, I just… just said it casually. Are you going on a business trip tomorrow?”


 “Well, next week.” He has a quiet expression.


 Ruan Yan heard this and completely accepted the idea of ​​seeking help. He is very busy now and he is going on a business trip. There is no reason to take care of her affairs. If she puts it in this way, it is estimated that it will affect his work.


Ruan Yan is not a troublesome character and especially for Zhou Mengyan, she married him and relied on him to take care of her food and clothing. She felt that she had already gained a lot and couldn’t make any more demands.


“Is there anything else?” He saw her lingering.


“It’s okay,” she said lightly, “I’m going back.”


She left and he didn’t even ask.


At nearly twelve o’clock in the night, Zhou Mengyan finished all the work on his hands.


He was going to attend a financial summit next week and Fan Moni’s matters will have to wait for him to finish his arrangements. In addition, he has just taken office in Oula and has a huge workload.


Therefore, the man didn’t think much about the few words Ruan Yan said and he quickly forgot about it.


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