Honeyed Marriage Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

In September, Berlin Germany the night was only a little more than ten degrees, the air was slightly cold and the wind brought a piece of cold before winter.


Among the neon lights, the asphalt road stretched forward with the street lights and a black car drove forward and finally stopped at the entrance of a clubhouse.


The back seat door was opened and the man in a black-breasted trench coat got out of the car.


Zhou Mengyan put his hand into his pocket and walked up the steps. 


Several Chinese faces waiting at the door saw him and stepped forward to shake hands and greet him.


The man’s complexion appeared colder in the cold night, with an aura that could not be easily approached.


Following Teng Heng walking beside Zhou Mengyan, he looked at the person waiting at the door and smiled arrogantly, “Why are you so early today?”


“After all, it’s been a long time since I saw Mr. Zhou once. Everyone, despite spending tonight, I will treat him.” Su Lu said.


“You’re generous today. It’s no wonder that it is the person who just won the Delna merger and acquisition case.”


“Well, it’s mainly because Zhou Mengyan gave some ideas some time ago.” Su Luqian, who is two years older than Zhou Mengyan, seems like a man. The junior, looking at Zhou Mengyan who was willing to show his face tonight, with a calm expression on his face, he smiled and said, “Let’s go, everyone don’t stand in the wind, the box is ready.”


After flying to Berlin that evening, Zhou Mengyan and Teng Heng had no plans to meet people, but many people who came to participate in the APRE summit had heard that Zhou Mengyan was also present, so they tried every means to invite him out and sit down. Su Lu was the most active one.


Some time ago, at the opening reception of an event in Fan Moni, Su Lu had the honor to ask Zhou Mengyan some questions. The latter was in a good mood that night, so he mentioned a few things to help Su Lu successfully win the Delna Company.


So out of gratitude, Su Lu wanted to talk about cooperation tonight, so he called the phone of the mutual friend, Teng Heng of the two parties, begging for a long time before asking the man out.


The club that they came to tonight was opened in Berlin by a good friend of Su Lu’s. As soon as they walked in, there was a gentle and elegant Chinese style. After crossing the gurgling bridge, a few people walked to the back of the hall, usually only for distinguished guests.


The box was on the second floor, upstairs in the aisle and finally they were taken to a box named “Yanyu Pingsheng” by the waiter.


Waiting for the waiter to have their drinks one after another, several people had already started talking inside. Suddenly, a few slender women in cheongsam walked in the door. Su Lu smiled at the corner of his mouth and pointed to the men present, “Be with me tonight.”


Walking in the forefront, the most beautiful girl named Jiang Ying, just over twenty this year, is still a college student.


She glanced around in the bright box and finally saw a man sitting in the middle behind the marble round table.


It was explained before, Jiang Ying recognized at a glance that the other party was the president of Fan Moni, Zhou Mengyan.


All the others present were smiling, drinking or playing cards, but he seemed to be extraordinary, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, but full of coldness and indifference, but he was mature and expensive. Unconsciously, she wanted to get closer.


Su Lu made a look at her and she immediately recovered her senses, stepped forward and stood beside him slightly, leaning forward and smiling, “Mr Zhou–” 


The man didn’t seem to hear and didn’t respond. Jiang Ying kept smiling and sat down to see that the wine in his glass was empty, “Mr Zhou, I will pour it for you.”


Zhou Mengyan didn’t say anything, Jiang Ying obediently picked up the whiskey and gave it to him and then softly called out, “Mr Zhou…” 


Zhou Mengyan put his hands on the glass and did not take it.


Jiang Ying certainly did not expect him to respond at the beginning. After all, men have to endure it. Besides, this was Zhou Mengyan, whom many women want to cling to, Jiang Ying did not give up. 


The rest of the time, she cleverly added wine and passed on, quietly listening to Zhou Mengyan. During the conversation with Su Lu, she didn’t catch a word with the man and she didn’t dare to move forward.


Su Lu chatted for a while and looked at Jiang Ying, “Today Zhou Mengyan is struggling, you can give a massage. Can you massage his legs for him?”


Jiang Ying heard Su Lu’s suggestion and immediately smiled, “Okay.”


She leaned forward, inadvertently showing her cleavage in Zhou Mengyan’s direction.


As soon as her hand touched his leg, a short and cold male voice fell on her side, “Remove your hand.”


She turned her head to look at Zhou Mengyan’s cold eyes and Jiang Ying was taken aback.


Her red lips curled up and her eyes flowed, “Mr Zhou, I am very skilled and I guarantee you would be comfortable.” She smiled so charmingly and ashamedly that people could hear the hint in her words.


Before Zhou Mengyan could answer, Teng Heng on the other side laughed twice, “Little sister, haven’t you seen the wedding ring in Zhou Mengyan’s hand? She has a family.”


Jiang Ying’s gaze only noticed the ring on the man’s ring finger and Su Lu on the opposite side was stunned, “Zhou Mengyan, when did you get married? Why have I never heard you say it?”


Zhou Mengyan said calmly, “Some time ago.”


Jiang Ying heard the words. She didn’t feel uncomfortable in her heart but it aroused a little impulse. What about getting married? How could a man with a powerful position like Zhou Mengyan not steal fishery outside? Given her age and beauty, how could she not be able to hold him?


However, before she could speak again, the phone on the man’s desk suddenly rang.


Zhou Mengyan glanced down, then picked up the phone and walked to the back of the box.


Seeing this, Teng Heng smiled towards Jiang Ying, “Mrs. Zhou must have come to check the post.”1


“Check the post?” Jiang Ying was taken aback.


“Yeah, you can’t guess that Mrs Zhou is always a strict wife?” 


Teng Heng revealed with a serious face, “Mrs Zhou is very fierce. Last time in a bar box, a little girl wanted to give Mr Zhou a striptease. When Mrs. Zhou learned about it, she rushed in and gave her husband a meal without talking. She also dragged the little girl to the door and made her dance for the security guard.”


Jiang Ying, Su Lu: ???


Damn it??


T/N: 1. It means to check if a spouse is cheating.

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