Honeyed Marriage Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

Zhou Mengyan went outside and answered the phone.


“Hi, Mengyan, I haven’t contacted you for a long time, how are you doing?”


Johnson, the vice president of the MINIYA Collection Association, called.


Fan Moni and MINIYA had a cooperation in a fashion show, and the response was very good at that time. Later, the two parties also often contacted each other.


Johnson and Zhou Mengyan exchanged a few words, before Johnson mentioned something, “I heard that you got married and to the daughter of Oula Company?”


“Yeah.” Zhou Mengyan said, “What’s wrong?”


“I remember Oula’s previous Chairman, Mr. Ruan had always liked a jade necklace of our association before, and he even flew to Berlin to learn about it. However, according to the regulations, this necklace was not for sale but it was officially opened two weeks ago.”


Johnson asked, “Next Saturday, our association will hold an auction dinner in Lincheng. Originally, the necklace was used as a lot. Recently, too many people have come to inquire about the price and they all want to buy. I can’t contact Mr Ruan, so I want to ask you, do you need me to keep it for you first?”


Johnson thought this could be regarded as borrowing a necklace to sell Zhou Mengyan a favor.


Upon hearing this, Zhou Mengyan suddenly remembered what Ruan Yan had said in the room the night before the business trip.


It was also related to this auction.


After a while, he pressed out the cigarette in his hand, “Let’s talk about it.”


“It’s okay, do not worry about replying to me, since you have come to Berlin these few days you can find time to visit our association. Recently we have bought a lot of good things.”




Zhou Mengyan hung up the phone, walked back to the box, the conversation inside stopped abruptly, and everyone looked at him.


Jiang Ying retreated to a suitable distance for some reason. When Zhou Mengyan’s gaze swept across her at will, she quickly bowed her head like it was a reflex, not daring to have any eye contact.


The man sat back in his seat and Su Lu hurriedly smiled, “It’s Mrs Zhou who is calling. The relationship between Mr Zhou and Mrs Zhou is really good.”


Teng Heng couldn’t help but cough lightly. Zhou Mengyan turned his head and saw him looking up at the ceiling with his palm half-covering his mouth, trying to press down the corners of his mouth.


Zhou Mengyan guessed something and looked at him, his face darkened a bit.




Teng Heng felt- holding back a smile is really f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ tiring.



Ruan Yan was distressed that she couldn’t get her hands on an invitation letter, and in desperation, she had no choice but to contact Xin Mingzhe.


She was also worried that it would be troublesome, but the other party said he was relieved to wait for the news. A day later, Ruan Yan received a call from him, saying that he was going to get an invitation letter for her.


Ruan Yan quickly thanked him and Xin Mingzhe asked her if she could come out. He took the things to her. He was planning an event at the mall today which he couldn’t get out of and he didn’t know when it would end.


Ruan Yan said it was okay, she could go there, so Xin Mingzhe sent the address.


After arriving at the mall, Ruan Yan, accompanied by Ye Qing, found the coffee shop where they were to meet.


Walking into the store, Ruan Yan ordered a cup of coffee and waited. Ye Qing sat in a position where she could see her and ensured social privacy.


After a while, Ruan Yan heard a footstep approaching, and Xin Mingzhe’s voice fell behind her, “Ruan Yan, I’m sorry I’m late–“


“It’s okay, I just arrived, you sit down.”


The man was wearing a shirt and trousers, after sitting opposite her, he looked at her and frowned, “Are your eyes still good?”




Xin Mingzhe cared for a few words and put the invitation letter beside her with a gentle voice, “Here you are, you can tell me anything in the future, know?”


“Thank you.” Ruan Yan moved her lips, “By the way, there is indeed something.”




She was silent.


“It’s… I got married some time ago and I haven’t had a chance to talk to you.” 


When she finished speaking, she felt that the man on the other side’s breathing was stagnant and the whole person was shocked.


“Married? Ruan Yan, are you kidding me?! “


“It’s true… “


Xin Mingzhe’s heart sank, and suddenly he felt a buzzing in his head, which made him dizzy, “Married? Who are you married to?”


“Zhou Mengyan of the Fan Moni Group.”


“You turned out to be the one who married the Zhou family?! Isn’t it Ruan Ling?”


Ruan Yan explained, Xin Mingzhe was shocked, “You can agree to such a request, Ruan Yan, are you crazy? This is about your life! It’s a big event!”


“I know you are worried about me, but I think it over, and… it’s a foregone conclusion.”


“You’re doing this for money?! Is this you?!”


Ruan Yan looked down helplessly, knowing that people would think so, “If you think so, then I am such a person.”


Xin Mingzhe knew he had failed, and looked at her inadvertently, his eyes flushed, “Marriage is not that simple. Do you expect this kind of marriage to be happy? You will regret it.”


She did not answer.


Xin Mingzhe looked at Ruan Yan and remembered her appearance in high school.


He had a crush on her for many years, but got no results.


Even though he had made some girlfriends in the middle, he found that he still liked her, but he could only stand beside her like a friend, Ruan Yan never gave him a little hope.


And now, there was no hope at all.


After a while, Ruan Yan heard Xin Mingzhe’s cell phone ringing, and he said to the other end, “Come over now.”


After he hung up, she said, “Then go ahead, thank you very much for the invitation letter.”


“… It’s okay, I’ll go first,” Xin Mingzhe suppressed the strong emotions and stood up, “Ruan Yan, no matter what, you can still find me if you have something to do in the future.”


After the man left, at the other end of the cafe, the two girls put down their phones and sent the secret pictures to Ruan Ling, [ Isn’t this your sister? Even meeting a man alone.]


Ruan Ling at the other end was startled when he saw the photo.


Why wouldn’t she know Xin Mingzhe? He was Ruan Yan’s especially good friend. She felt something wrong in high school. The relationship between these two people was really different.


Ruan Yan was married and still harrassed with Xin Mingzhe. If Zhou Mengyan learned that, would he still accept a dirty woman like her?


Ruan Ling’s phone slides to a number, clicks on the picture, and presses to send.



On Saturday night, Ruan Yan changed her dress at home, and the makeup artist finished her makeup and hairstyle.


After leaving the house, she was sitting in the car, with the evening breezing blowing on her face, joy and anxiety in her heart.


 She set out this time with the idea that she would be able to buy a necklace. She was willing to accept any amount of money, just to fulfill her father’s wish.



The venue for this auction dinner was a five-star international hotel on the outskirts of Lincheng City, surrounded by mountains and facing the river in the southwest. When night fell, the entire splendid hotel was shrouded in night, like an opera house in the European classical period.


The Bentley stopped at the door of the hotel, and the waiter in a tuxedo stepped forward to open the door.


Ruan Yan got out of the car and displayed her invitation letter. Accompanied by Ye Qing, she walked in, first crossing a palace garden avenue, and the European-style building at the end of the road was where the banquet was held tonight.


As soon as she walked in, it was magnificent. The restaurant and lounge are decorated in a modernist style with gorgeous decoration. The ceiling overhead is painted with glass mosaics hanging upside down like a stalactite, surrounded by colorful glass windows.


Moving on, the plaster statue of the little angel separated the stairs on both sides and finally reached the huge main banquet hall.


The overhead hanging branch chandelier hangs down with golden light. The walls and porches are covered with Baroque sculptures and paintings. In front of the banquet hall is a round table with twenty or so round tables with number plates on the table.


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