Honeyed Marriage Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan was given a glass of red wine in her hand and the “Blue Danube” in her ears was soothing and elegant.


She stopped in place for a while, her palms couldn’t help but sweat, and various sounds were mixed in her ears. She tried to adapt to this unfamiliar environment by herself.


Not far away, four girls with exquisite makeup gathered around and talked. One of them casually looked at the door, her eyes fixed on a certain person, “Lingling, isn’t that your sister?”


Ruan Ling and her friends next to her immediately turned their heads and looked over. They saw Ruan Yan wearing a smoky light gray gauze dress, black hair, thin lips, bright eyes and white teeth, and a beautiful face like a porcelain doll, accompanied by a person standing beside her.


Ruan Ling frowned, “Why did she come?”


Someone laughed, “Look at her, don’t you think she has good eyes?”


“Sure enough, she is known as the most beautiful little princess in the socialite world. She was blind and didn’t forget to come out to the dinner party. Do you have a clear way to ask first?”


“Lingling, wasn’t she kicked out of the Ruan family’s house? How can I get the invitation letter for this auction?”


Someone quickly replied, “Did you forget, she is Mrs Zhou now?”


Ruan Ling’s face sank at the words.


Zhu Manyin smiled, holding Ruan Ling’s hand, “Ruan Yan is nothing without Zhou Mengyan, right Lingling?”


Ruan Ling looked at the person in the distance, and finally smiled coldly, “Let’s go, go and say hello to my sister.”


On the other side, Ruan Yan and Ye Qing were talking, and suddenly they heard a few laughing female voices coming from afar, with the sound of high heels constantly approaching them.


Suddenly the clearest female voice reached Ruan Yan’s ears. She recognized it, her heart tightened, and she heard Ruan Ling’s voice in the next second, “Sister, good evening.” 


It is not unusual to meet Ruan Ling on this occasion tonight. There will be many ladies and nobles here, and everyone has heard of the name more or less.


Ruan Yan didn’t change her face, “Is there anything wrong?”


Zhu Manyin: “It’s really rare to see Mrs Zhou here. Since you married into the Zhou family. You must have a particularly happy life this time?”


Ruan Yan lowered her eyes slightly and answered calmly, “It’s pretty good.” 


There was a sneer in front of her, “I have never heard of a few commercial marriages who have a good marriage. Ruan Yan, you are also very pitiful. You were sold to Zhou Mengyan by the Ruan family. It is estimated that no one has seen you directly after the marriage?  What kind of happiness is it?” 


Ruan Yan smiled faintly as Ye Qing was about to speak, “As you said, some people are willing to be sold.”


Ruan Ling heard the meaning in the words, but she didn’t expect Ruan Yan to be proud, “What do you mean, you think I’m scared of this marriage?”


“Did I mention you?”


Ruan Ling wilted, and Zhu Manyin smiled, “Ruan Yan, what about your husband? He would let you come here alone tonight, is that what you said was a very happy life?” 


As soon as Zhu Manyin’s voice fell, a male voice intervened, “Ruan Yan—”


Ruan Yan was stunned. She didn’t expect to hear Xin Mingzhe’s voice, then she felt someone walk up to her, “You came so early?”




Xin Mingzhe saw Ruan Ling and others seem to be saying something to Ruan Yan from a distance. The atmosphere was not good so he rushed over, and he looked at Ruan Yan, “Have you eaten? Let’s go and eat something together.”


Ruan Yan didn’t want to stay with Ruan Ling and agreed to leave with him.


After arriving at the dining area, Xin Mingzhe asked, “You are alone tonight?”




“… Zhou Mengyan didn’t come?”


“He’s on a business trip.”


Xin Mingzhe didn’t want to talk more about this topic, so he asked her what she hoped to buy tonight. After Ruan Yan told him, Xin Mingzhe recalled, “Necklace. Is this taken tonight? Why didn’t I see it on the lottery list?”


Ruan Yan was startled, “It’s not?”


Xin Mingzhe wasn’t sure if he had remembered it wrong, he took Ruan Yan to his seat and reopened the list of auctions, and found that there were none. Ruan Yan was completely confused. She remembered that she had confirmed it in the final list on Friday.


“Don’t worry about it first.” Xin Mingzhe looked around for a while and saw the face he knew in front of the table in the front row, Bauer, the assistant to the president of the MINIYA Collection Association, a German.


Xin Mingzhe told Ruan Yan that he’d help her ask questions, but the latter shook her head, “Just take me over, I’ll ask him myself.”


She was led by Ye Qing, and finally sat down next to Bauer. She heard each other on the phone, speaking German, until his voice stopped, Ruan Yan tightened her palms, brewed for a few seconds, and then said, “Entschuldigung, Herr Bauer, kann ich Sie für ein paar Minuten stoeren? (Hello, Mr. Bauer, Can I interrupt you for a few minutes?)”


Ruan Yan was interested in learning some other languages ​​before, and German was one of them.


Hearing the sound, Bauer turned his head and saw a little girl turned to his side, her eyes low, her lips smiling, she had a Chinese face.


Bauer was a little surprised, and asked in German, “Hello, what’s the matter?” 


After introducing herself a little bit, she asked him why she didn’t see a jade necklace on the list of auctions tonight, and she gave him the picture of the necklace on the phone.


 Bauer said, “Sorry, we have temporarily cancelled this lot.”


She was shocked, but she didn’t expect this to happen.


“Then… Then I want to buy this necklace in private, can I? This has a very special meaning to me.”


She told Bauer the story about the necklace, and the words were full of sincerity. After listening to her sincerity and earnestness, the other party said helplessly, “I understand you, but unfortunately, this necklace seems to have been sold to others two days ago.”


Ruan Yan was stunned.


“… Already sold?”


“I don’t know the specifics, but the thing does not belong to our association.” Bauer helplessly spread his hands.


Ruan Yan’s heart sank to the bottom and a deep sense of loss enveloped her.


After a long silence, she curled her lips, “It’s okay, thank you, can I have a business card of yours?”


“No problem.” Bauer took out a business card and handed it out, but she saw that Ruan Yan did not reach out and take it directly, but flicked her hand in the air a few times, and finally touched his business card.


Only then did Bauer pay attention to her eyes and was shocked to discover that she turned out to be blind.


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