Honeyed Marriage Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Translated by CutieBinkie 

Only then did Bauer pay attention to her eyes and was shocked to discover that she turned out to be blind.


Because the conversation was so smooth, he didn’t notice it at all.


Leaving the round table, Xin Mingzhe stepped forward and saw Ruan Yan’s low expression.


“Are you okay?”


She shook her head, very light voice:


“En, but it has been sold privately.”



As the lights fell on the open space behind the round table, Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of Flowers began to play, and the auction dinner tonight officially kicked off.


On the dance floor, the clothes are fragrant and the temples are shadowed, and the man embraces his female partner, talking and laughing in a low voice, the skirt swaying and spinning.


Ruan Yan sat quietly at the round table and heard Xin Mingzhe say softly from the side, “Ruan Yan, let’s dance, don’t sit alone.” 


The girl shook her head, “No.”


She couldn’t see and she was not in the mood.


Seeing this, Xin Mingzhe sat quietly with her.


Ruan Ling on the dance floor noticed this scene and Zhu Manyin next to her whispered, “What is the relationship between Ruan Yan and the person from the Xin family? Have you seen the eyes of Xin Mingzhe looking at Ruan Yan? Eyes full of love.”


Friend: “Ruan Yan married Zhou Mengyan and still did not forget to seduce Xin Mingzhe in the public. Is this planning to go out of the wall?”


Ruan Ling took out a few more pictures of the two with her mobile phone, remembering this. A few days ago, she sent photos of the cafe to Zhou Mengyan’s assistant, but there was no response on the other side.


But what about today? Once is a coincidence, the second time is impossible!


She did not believe that Zhou Mengyan would not be angry.



Lincheng International Airport, at night, a plane landed late.


Zhou Mengyan and Teng Heng got off the plane together, and when they walked to the parking lot, the latter glanced at his watch, smiled and stopped him on the shoulder, “If the time is too late, do you want to sit at my house? There is a bottle of thief’s good wine for you, now.”


Zhou Mengyan held out his hand expressionlessly, “Tomorrow.”


Teng Heng tweeted, “Yes, you have to go back to accompany your wife tonight. I haven’t seen you for a week. Don’t disturb the newlyweds.”


He knew they were a business marriage, but he always loved to make jokes from time to time.


Zhou Mengyan is too lazy to care about him.


After getting in the car, the two sat in the back row. Just after Zhou Mengyan made a call, Jiang Cheng in the front row turned around.


“Mr Zhou, I have received some photos of your wife again…”


Jiang Cheng put the phone in front of Zhou Mengyan.


Teng Heng came over and saw these snapshots, he was slightly stunned, “Who is this man, who is so close to your wife? Isn’t he courageous?”


“Mr Zhou, this man seems to be the second young master of the Siyang Group. The young master, Xin Mingzhe, is the same man as the man in the photo sent a few days ago.”


Zhou Mengyan raised his eyelids and looked at Jiang Cheng, “Where my wife?” 


“Your wife went to the auction tonight. At this point, it has already begun…”


Teng Heng patted Zhou Mengyan on the shoulder and joked: “How long did you say you were married? If you are not at home, your little wife will be coveted!”


Zhou Mengyan looked at him coldly.


Teng Heng still looks at the excitement and it’s not too big a matter, “Zhou Mengyan, there are people in the public who want to green you. If this thing is spread out, it will be an explosion, you can bear it?? You don’t care?!”


The atmosphere was silent for a long time


Zhou Mengyan’s eyes were dimly illuminated by the flashing neon light outside. A few seconds later, his thin lips uttered a few words, “Go to the auction.”



After the two dances were over, the auction officially began. Guests took their seats one after another. Ruan Ling and others came over and deliberately sat down at the same table with Ruan Yan, “Sister, why don’t you go dancing? Oh, I forgot about you. You can’t see. It’s a bit embarrassing to step on someone’s foot or fall later.”


Xin Mingzhe looked at her, “Speaking so gloating?”


Ruan Ling rolled her eyes, “Mr. Xin, who is Ruan Yan to you? Why do you care?”


 “None of your business.”


“You two are really not low-key. Ruan Yan really attracts boys’ love, and it’s even more painful if you are blind.”


Xin Mingzhe was just about to reply but was stopped by Ruan Yan, his eyes gradually sank, and he held back no words.


The corners of Ruan Ling’s eyes were frivolous, and she didn’t bother to pay attention to them for the time being and turned her eyes to the display stand


“Hello everyone and welcome to tonight’s auction held by the MINIYA Jewelry and Jade Collection Association. Tonight, we have a total of nine lots. We bid on the spot and sell on the spot…” 


After the president of the association gave a speech, the auctioneer walked up to the stage.


Those who come here today to participate in the auction have a lot of weight in their belts, and they are absolutely bound to get what they want.


The first lot is a beautiful violet jadeite necklace. The jadeite is naturally mined and the necklace is inlaid with fine diamonds.


Starting price: One million.


Ruan Ling has fallen in love with this necklace a long time ago, and she came for it tonight, and she is bound to get it.


The auctioneer started shouting, and she was the first to hold up the number plate, “1.5 million.”


“1.7 million.”


“1.9 million.”


“2.1 million.”


Ruan Ling again raised the number plate: “2.3 million.”


Someone stopped the bid. Ruan Ling called for 2.7 million for the last time, and finally there was no sound underneath.


The auctioneer said: “2.7 million once, 2.7 million twice…”


“3 million.” Xin Mingzhe leaned back on the chair and raised the sign, his eyes calm.


Ruan Ling was startled, turned her head to look at him, and said softly, “3.1 million.”


“3.5 million,” Xin Mingzhe said.


Everyone’s eyes fell on the two competing, Ruan Ling’s heart gradually tightened, but she still raised her neck, red lips curled up, “3.6 million.”


She didn’t believe in Xin Mingzhe and dared to increase it!


“3.8 million.”


Ruan Ling gritted her teeth, “4 million.”


“Is there still 4 million people? 4 million once, 4 million twice—”


“4.5 million.” Xin Mingzhe spoke suddenly.


Everyone was in an uproar and Ruan Yan was also stunned.


Ruan Ling clenched the number plate tightly and looked back at him in shock, “Xin Mingzhe, what do you mean?! Do you have to grab it with me?”


 Xin Mingzhe pulled the corner of his mouth, his lips spit out a few words——


 “Do you still want to play?”


 He doesn’t mind continuing to increase it to more than five million.


Ruan Ling’s face was black and blue. She thought it could be done with about three million yuan, but the price was nearly two million more, which completely exceeded her budget.


“4.5 million once, 4.5 million twice… 4.5 million last time! Sold!” 


There was huge applause at the scene, Xin Mingzhe stood up and walked onto the stage, after some formalities, he took the necklace on the spot.


Ruan Ling was so angry that she gritted his teeth. After the other party came down, she couldn’t help but sneer, “Mr. Xin, I can see that you also have a hobby for ladies’ necklaces?”


“I have no hobbies, but just want to see some people go crazy.”


“Are you deliberately targeting me?”


“It’s just a little money for me.” The next moment, Xin Mingzhe rubbed the box in his hand, turned to look at Ruan Yan, and put it in her hand——


“Ruan Yan, I give this to you.”


 Several people including Ruan Yan were all stunned.


After spending millions to get the necklace, Xin Mingzhe turned his head to spend a fortune on a beauty?!


Ruan Yan waved her hand quickly, “Why are you giving me…”


Xin Mingzhe smiled faintly, “Isn’t your birthday coming soon? Just treat it as my birthday gift to you, huh? Anyway, this thing is useless if I take it back.”


Ruan Ling finally learned of Xin Mingzhe’s purpose. She looked at what she was thinking of buying was going to fall into the hands of the most annoying person. She was so angry that she was pale, “Xin Mingzhe, what is the relationship between you and Ruan Yan? So expensive. You can give it away if you say you want to but to give it to her… It seems that the status of others in your heart is not simple.”


Zhu Manyin: “It’s strange that you two are ordinary friends, Xin Mingzhe, don’t you like Ruan Yan?”


Ruan Yan stuffed the box back and wrinkled her eyebrows, “You keep this for yourself.”


“How is who I give it to related to you?” Xin Mingzhe asked rhetorically.


“Ruan Yan is married now. You won’t be tempted to have a married woman, right?”


“Does that still need to be said? The two people got together when they entered the dinner party. So many people look at it like this. Do you want to hug and cuddle in private?” 


“As the saying goes, a slap can’t make a sound, maybe Ruan Yan is so happy in her heart, but she’s embarrassed to accept it in front of so many people.”


A few people began to talk, Ruan Yan heard the words and her rare good temper also burst into flames.


 She was about to rebut angrily, when she heard a hustle and bustle from behind, everyone looked back—— the huge banquet hall door was opened.


Under the bright and gorgeous European-style chandelier above, two rows of waiters stood on both sides, bending over and bowing, and looking at them, a man in a dark black suit walked into the banquet hall.


The man has a handsome figure, sword eyebrows and star eyes, the outline of his face is sharp and distinct, his complexion is cold, and there is ice and snow hidden in his eyes.


He looked calm, looked forward, and walked calmly under his feet.


In an instant, the focus of the entire auction floor turned to him.


Many people stood up and recognized–


Isn’t this the president of the Fan Moni Group, Zhou Mengyan?!


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