Honeyed Marriage Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Translated by CutieBinkie 

Zhou Mengyan appeared at the auction dinner and immediately caused an uproar.


Ruan Yan didn’t know why the voices of Ruan Ling and Xin Mingzhe stopped. There was a whispering noise around her. She looked blank until she heard the words “Zhou Mengyan”, and her heart sank. 


Ye Qing next to her said to her, “Madam, your husband is here.”


Ruan Yan:??!


Zhou Mengyan?


He is back?


Ruan Yan’s heart was racing and her keen ears caught the sound of steady footsteps constantly approaching her, becoming clearer and clearer. Her body was hot and her palms were sweating. She turned to the doorway like it was a natural reaction. Then the footsteps stopped in front of her.


She felt the man walk in front of her, stood up subconsciously and whispered, “Mengyan…” 


In the dim vision, a scent of cedar wood rushed into her nose and the next moment a warm touch came from her wrist. She gently held it, and what fell to her ear was the man’s voice, “En, I’m late.”


Xin Mingzhe looked at the man who suddenly appeared in front of him, his pupils shook and he was cold and quiet. His eyes seemed to be in control of the whole situation, sweat oozing from his back, his fists clenched.


The two foreign men at the middle round table in the front row of the auction saw Zhou Mengyan and immediately got up and walked to their table, smiled and shook hands with Zhou Mengyan, “Mr Zhou, you are finally here…”


Everyone recognized these two as this time. The two important figures who held the auction were the president of the Collectors Association and the vice president of the Asian region of the international hotel group.


How much face would it be for these two to stand up and say hello in person?


Although the auction on the stage was still going on, most eyes stayed on Zhou Mengyan. Several ladies covered their mouths with peach blossoms, “Why is Zhou Mengyan here? Today I can see him here…”


“My God, who is the woman standing next to him? What is their relationship?”


“Don’t you recognize her? Ruan family’s daughter, his wife.”


“Mrs? How could it be possible?!”


Zhou Mengyan smiled faintly and shook hands with the two of them. After a few simple greetings, they saw him holding Ruan Yan and couldn’t help asking who this lady was.


Zhou Mengyan looked at Ruan Yan and spoke softly, “My wife, Ruan Yan.” The person next to him who heard it but didn’t know it was stunned- F̲u̲c̲k̲, Zhou Mengyan got married?!


“Oh, you have a pretty wife.”


Ruan Yan said hello to them with a gentle smile on her lips.


After a brief chat, the chairman said to Zhou Mengyan “Have a good time” and walked back to his position with the vice president.


Zhou Mengyan said to Ruan Yan next to him, “Sit down first.”




Ruan Yan had slowly calmed down her ups and downs at this moment and she also understands that she should cooperate with Zhou Mengyan to perform a good show in front of outsiders.


The two were seated, Ruan Ling looked at Zhou Mengyan’s attitude towards Ruan Yan’s maintenance, enduring jealousy and Yi Yiran said, “Mr Zhou, it’s really a coincidence.” 


The man took the red wine from the waiter’s tray and raised his eyelids to look at her.


“If you had come a step late, Mr Xin will send the four and a half million yuan emerald necklace that was just auctioned to her sister. It is too romantic.”


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