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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Translated by CutieBinkie 

Xin Mingzhe panicked, but his eyebrows still frowned, “I just gave Ruan Yan a birthday present, what dirty and nasty things are you thinking about?”


Zhu Manyin said, “Then your friendship is really good, you have known each other for many years and you have invited Ruan Yan to dance and sit next to her. There is still the necklace worth millions.”


Xin Mingzhe: “I and Ruan Yan are just good friends.”


“It’s pretty good, how good is it? You should know the name of this jade necklace, right?- Tip of the heart Dream, you like Ruan Yan, do you think we can’t see it?!”


Xin Mingzhe’s body shook, his lips moved, and he was speechless for a while.


Ruan Yan couldn’t see the expression on Zhou Mengyan’s face, but felt the surrounding aura gradually cooled down.


She knew that there must be a lot of eyes looking at her, a group of people were watching the excitement, it was not too much of a problem, her heart was wrapped in annoyance and embarrassment, she was upset when she missed the ice jade necklace and she did not know the unnecessary rumors. Why did it cover her head inexplicably?


“Mr Zhou, you can see it too. Before you came, the two of them were sitting together. They must have a problem!” Ruan Ling said.


Ruan Yan was about to start explaining, and Zhou Mengyan’s cold voice sounded beside her:


“Is it enough?”



Ruan Yan was startled.



The man raised his eyelids and looked at Ruan Ling, his eyes were cold, “Would you like me to give you a microphone?”


Ruan Ling’s face instantly stiffened and the words she wanted to say were stuck in her throat.


Xin Mingzhe’s performance is so obvious, how could Zhou Mengyan stand beside Ruan Yan?!


Zhou Mengyan looked at the gift box on the table, raised his hand for a long time, and gently pushed the gift box in front of Xin Mingzhe, with a smile on his lips, “Mr. Xin, right?”


“My wife has accepted your thoughts. When it’s there, to avoid others’ misunderstanding, it’s better to keep it yourself.” 


Zhou Mengyan’s words directly stated his position, which not only slapped Ruan Ling in the face, but let everyone know that he was standing next to Ruan Yan.


Xin Mingzhe looked at him, feeling dark in his heart, but at this moment he could only take back the gift.


Seeing this, Ruan Ling and others dared not say more and the farce ceased.


A staff member came to Zhou Mengyan and told him to take Ruan Yan to the front row.


After leaving Zhu Manyin and Xin Mingzhe, Ruan Yan felt that her ears were finally quiet and her heart gradually relaxed, “Why are you here?” She realized that her language might be misunderstood and added, “I thought you were still on a business trip.”


He said lightly, “It ended a day earlier and I’m back.”


She nodded gently.


Some people around saw Zhou Mengyan and they immediately went forward, smiled and put out a business card, and said, “Mr Zhou, long admiration of the name, I am the vice president of Jiancai Group, Zhang Guo…” 


The other party said hello and he wanted to continue speaking, Zhou Mengyan with a glass of sparkling wine, his eyes still looked on the stage, “Sorry, I just came to play with my wife tonight, I’m not talking about business.” 


The person who came over laughed, “Okay, it’s okay, I’ll come again that week. Visit…”


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