Honeyed Marriage Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Translated by CutieBinkie 

The two quietly watched the second half of the auction. After the dinner, many businessmen or high-class people came to Zhou Mengyan. Ruan Yan was in a depressed mood, but she could only say hello with a smile.


Finally Zhou Mengyan left with Ruan Yan. The  Rolls-Royce was crawling forward in the dark night, Ruan Yan turned sideways out the window, silent, feeling very tight in her chest.


Coming back empty-handed tonight, coupled with that kind of trouble in the middle, stirred up a lot of accumulated negative emotions and made people breathless.


The car drove to a deserted street and it was driving slowly, but suddenly it bumped and the car stopped suddenly.


Ruan Yan leaned forward and her head was protected.


The driver immediately turned his head and said, “Sorry, Mr. Zhou, are you and your wife okay? It seems that the car has a flat tire. I’ll get out of the car and have a look.”


Zhou Mengyan withdrew his hand, “Okay.” 


After the driver got out of the car and checked, it was indeed the rear tire. It was pierced by a sharp foreign object and now needed a tire change.


The inside of the car was a little hot, so Zhou Mengyan and Ruan Yan got out of the car.


This was an empty street in the old city, surrounded by some white old-fashioned buildings. There were very few pedestrians. The French sycamore leaves on both sides of the road fell on the ground, as if they were dyed yellower by the light of the street lamp. Shoes stepped on them and there was a rustle sound.


Ruan Yan walked to the side of the road and stood silently, until the indifferent voice of the man beside her sounded, “When I asked about the auction before, I wanted to ask if I could help you get the invitation letter to take a picture of what your father wants. Something?”


She was startled, how could he know?


“Why didn’t you say it earlier?” he asked.


Ruan Yan replied softly, “I…I thought you were very busy and you were going on a business trip, so I thought it would be better not to disturb you.”


But in the end, she asked for the invitation letter and went to the scene, but still didn’t buy it.


She was full of joy, full of expectation, carrying the wish of her father, but once again missed this thing, just as her father was always one step away and could not have it.


She didn’t know how to describe the kind of regret in her heart, maybe it was just a little bit of luck.


Ruan Yan lowered her head and suddenly heard a voice in front of her, “Stretch out your hand.”




She was puzzled, seeing that the man hadn’t said anything, so she had to obediently follow the instruction. 


She spread her palms and then he put a small jewelry box in her hand.


“What’s this…”


She touched the box, opened it when she was confused, and then touched a delicate and cold ring.


The appearance is round and smooth, and the small hollow in the middle is tied with a necklace with gems on it.


After a few seconds, she reacted: Is this a necklace?!!


Ruan Yan was shocked and heard Zhou Mengyan speak quietly, “You can tell me about this kind of thing in the future, there is no need to feel troubled.”


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