Honeyed Marriage Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Translated by CutieBinkie 

In the early morning of the next day, a golden morning light was released from the horizon, and a few faint thin clouds floated under the blue sky, and the weather was clear.


The sun filled the room and Ruan Yan woke up from her dream, feeling that she had had the most solid sleep in the past few days.


She rubbed her eyes and sat up, feeling a dim light in front of her eyes.


After she tried her wedding dress two weeks ago, Zhou Mengyan arranged for someone to take her to see an ophthalmologist. She is now taking her medicine every day and will go there regularly for checkups on weekends.


The doctor said that her condition was relatively rare and a bit special, and needed to be treated slowly. The time for complete restoration of vision was not certain.


But she was already accepting the darkness gradually, and she wouldn’t find it unbearable.


Ruan Yan turned to her side, moved her fingers in the air a few times, touched the bedside cabinet, and then picked up the jewelry box placed on it.


She opened the box, rubbed the necklace inside and remembered last night again.


The moment Zhou Mengyan put it in her hands, she was completely dazed, like she was dreaming.


The man said that he only learned about it by accident, and then guessed that she went to the study to ask him about the purpose of the auction. Someone happened to help her buy it back in Germany.


She thought that he would never take things unrelated to work into consideration at all.


For that, she had been trembling like she was walking on thin ice. After all, he is really too busy at ordinary times. She feels that one more word with him will cost him much profit.


But last night, he said that in the future such things can be mentioned. This can be considered as her daily needs included in the prenuptial agreement. She doesn’t have to be too cautious, because she thinks this will bother and offend him. In fact, this is not a problem for him.


Ruan Yan held the necklace and her lips curled slightly.


After a while, she got out of bed, the servant waited for her to wash and change clothes, and then went downstairs to eat.


Today is Sunday, Zhou Mengyan was at home, but he had breakfast an hour ago, so even if he was at home, Ruan Yan and his timeline are difficult to collide.


After the meal, the wedding team came to the house and confirmed with Ruan Yan about the arrangements for this period of time, such as sweets and drinks to be served at the wedding banquet.


Ruan Yan’s affairs are very easy, just listen to see if there is any dissatisfaction. As for Zhou Mengyan, apart from giving a list of wedding invitations, he basically doesn’t care about the wedding arrangements.


During the chat, Jiang Cheng also came to look for Zhou Mengyan.


After the wedding team left, Ruan Yan didn’t let the servants accompany her. She wanted to walk around the house and feel the direction.


When she reached the second floor, she leaned on the wall and moved forward slowly, and heard the sound of conversation in the second floor meeting room.


It was Zhou Mengyan and Jiang Cheng.


She subconsciously turned around and turned her head, and suddenly heard Jiang Cheng say, “Mr Zhou, I have found out who sent me photos of your wife and Mr Xin.”


Ruan Yan was suddenly stunned.


In the living room, Zhou Mengyan sat on the sofa, heard the words, and looked up at Jiang Cheng.


“It is indeed Miss Ruan Ling.” 


Zhou Mengyan heard the words, his eyes were still calm, and he opened the cigar box on the table. Jiang Cheng slowly said from the side: “The first photo in the cafe was when your wife met Mr Xin a few days ago. Ye Qing was also accompanied at the time because your wife entrusted Mr Xin to help get the invitation letter.


Miss Ruan Ling also sent a message before saying that your wife and Mr Xin had met since high school, and the relationship between the two has been very ambiguous, she said she had also seen Mr. Xin send Ruan Yan home in the morning, and she has been stunned up to now…”


Zhou Mengyan smiled at the words, “It seems that my reaction last night made her very disappointed.”


Jiang Cheng was helpless. Miss Ruan Ling really perseveres and feels that the result of the marriage can still be changed.”



Ruan Yan returned to the room, recalling the conversation she had just heard, and was too shocked to speak.


It turns out that Ruan Ling secretly took pictures of her and Xin Mingzhe and sent them to Zhou Mengyan? What kind of relationship did she and Xin Mingzhe have before?


So Zhou Mengyan came to the auction dinner last night. Did it have anything to do with those photos? He didn’t bring it up with her. Does this mean he believed it or not? 

She was a little at a loss. 


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