Honeyed Marriage Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

The bathroom was filled with the smell of orange and the bathrobe and the change of clothes were ready to be folded aside. She slowly sat in the bathtub, warm water flowing over her body.


There was soothing light music playing and the servant intimately kept everything she needed.


In this unfamiliar place, she actually felt at ease. The Ruan family where she lived from birth to now was like a nightmare.


How ironic.


She closed her eyes, remembering the past.


Her biological mother and father Ruan Yunshan divorced when she was very young. Her custody belonged to her mother, but because her mother suddenly had cancer and died soon after, she was taken back to the Ruan family’s house by her father.


At that time, Ruan Yunshan had newly married Feng Zhuang and gave birth to Ruan Ling a year later.


The appearance of Ruan Yan shocked Feng Zhuang as she feared that she would share her husband’s love for her and her little daughter. After making a lot of fuss, Feng Yunshan agreed to let her leave the Ruan family after Ruan Yan graduated from university.


Because Ruan Yan’s health was not very good since she was a child, Ruan Yunshan loved her more, so Feng Zhuang pretended to love her eldest daughter more and was very harsh on Ruan Ling so Ruan Ling naturally began to hate this sister.


Ruan Yan was kept in the dark and she still felt that she was living in a happy family and that she had a stepmother who loved her very much.


More than a decade later, when Feng Zhuang was planning to accept this eldest daughter sincerely, she suddenly discovered that Ruan Yunshan had bought a lot of property for Ruan Yan, so even if the girl left the Ruan family’s house, she would not worry about life.


Feng Zhuang was extremely angry when she learned that her husband was still partial after so many years and that his interest in her and Ruan Ling was passive.


She could no longer tolerate Ruan Yan in her heart.


Ruan Yan, who was about to be a senior, originally thought that life would remain calm until a car accident happened.


There was an accident in the car on the winding road. She and her father were in the back seat. The driver died on the spot and her father became a vegetable, but she was accidentally blind.



She thought she would get the care of her family, but what was waiting for her was Feng Zhuang, who had completely removed her mask of hypocrisy.


She had called her mother for 23 years, but Feng Zhuang was the one who hated her the most.


She still remembers hearing Feng Zhuang talking with other people outside the ward, “Doesn’t she deserve to be blind? She has been sucking blood for so many years in the Ruan family’s house, this is retribution.”


The Ruan family had three sons, Ruan Yunshan was the second child. After his accident, Ruan Family’s chairman became the eldest son, Ruan Wucheng and Feng Zhuang took advantage of this to completely drive Ruan Yan out of her home.


And Ruan Yan didn’t know what she did wrong from the beginning to the end.



The sky was getting dark with the neon lights gradually rising. The door of Ruan’s villa opened and the inside was full of liveliness.


The servants placed flowers and red wine while the guests handed over invitations to the birthday party and were introduced.


In the reception room on the second floor, Ruan Ling was sitting on the princess sofa, surrounded by stylists and makeup artists, and several girls sitting beside her.


When the pendant studded with sapphire blue diamonds was worn on Ruan Ling’s neck, several of her friends exclaimed, “This one is too beautiful, it matches this dress perfectly!”


Ruan Ling smiled, “This one is specially designed for this dress, of course it is worthy.”


“Lingling, you are so beautiful today. You will definitely be looked at by everyone in a while.”


When Ruan Ling heard this, only one man’s face came to mind.


As long as… he will like it.



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