Honeyed Marriage Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Translated by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan thought about it for a long time, until the door was knocked on for the third time.


“Ruan Yan.” The man’s low, deep voice came in.


When she heard Zhou Mengyan’s voice, she immediately regained her consciousness and stood up. “… please come in.” 


The man opened the door and saw Ruan Yan standing in front of the sofa, pinching her skirt with her fingertips.


She did not hear anything for a long time, and asked softly, “Yes… what’s the matter?”


“Are you free tonight?”


She nodded, “Yes.”


Zhou Mengyan looked at her and said with a deep voice, “There is a dinner party tonight. You and I will be there together. We will spend the night outside.”



Ruan Yan didn’t understand what this dinner was and needing to spend the night outside, but since it was Zhou Mengyan’s arrangement, she could only fulfill the obligation of cooperation.


In the evening, a Rolls Royce was waiting at the door of the house, and Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan got into the car.


Although he was spending the night outside, he said that he didn’t need to prepare anything and someone would arrange it then.


The car drove out of the city and finally went on a section of mountain road on the outskirts of the city.


Under the setting sun, the car sped up and the open windows blew in the fresh wind. Ruan Yan couldn’t see it but she could even imagine the surrounding lush greenery.


There was soothing pure music playing in the car, and Ruan Yan’s fist was loosened from time to time, always thinking about what she heard this morning.


Does she have to at least explain? Although the marriage between her and Zhou Mengyan was just a simple contract marriage, she still wanted to explain such an unnecessary rumor to avoid rumors in the future.


After a while, the girl’s soft voice sounded in the back seat of the car, “Thank you for helping me last night…”


She explained, “I and Xin Mingzhe are high school classmates, but we are only good friends. There is nothing else. ” 


She actually vaguely knew that Xin Mingzhe liked him, but from the beginning she refused very clearly.


After she finished speaking, she noticed that he was still quiet next to her. She was embarrassed and she suddenly heard the man speak quietly, “You don’t need to explain to me.”


She was stunned, and then heard him say, “You and him. What’s in between has nothing to do with our contract. I rescued you last night, just because we are a husband and wife outside and your reputation will affect my reputation.”


Regardless of Ruan Yan and others, Zhou Mengyan has only the purest interest relationship with her.


Ruan Yan lowered her head after a while.


“… En, I know.” 


The car was silent all the way.


Finally, when they reached the middle of the mountain, the car turned in one direction and entered a dense forest. The street lights lit up the quiet road. The last few low villas appeared in front of them, like a paradise.


Ruan Yan got out of the car and walked forward lightly holding the man.


A middle-aged couple stood at the door of the villa. The woman was wearing a dark blue dress with gentle eyebrows, holding her husband, and joking softly.


When the two approached, Zhai Zhen stretched out his hand and said familiarly, “You’re finally here, I was afraid you won’t be able to find a place.”


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