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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 31

Chapter 31 (Part 1)

Translated by CutieBinkie

Zhou Mengyan shook their hands, “This place is indeed a little off, but the environment is very good.”


“When you go to the hot springs tonight, you will feel better.”


“This is Mrs Zhou?” Qiu An looked at her husband, “I told you before that Meng Yan is going to marry his wife this year. I guessed right and she looks so beautiful.”


Zhou Mengyan and Ruan Yan introduced the two in front of Fan a little, and the latter shook hands with them to say hello.


After a few brief conversations, Zhai Zhen said, “Let’s go in and talk again. The restaurant is already preparing.” 


The four of them walked in, Qiu An eagerly held Ruan Yan and got rid of the two men. “They both talked about things we didn’t understand, let them go by themselves.”


Ruan Yan’s eyes lit up, “Mrs Zhai, are you from Sucheng?”


“Hey, how do you know?”


“My grandmother’s house is in Sucheng, I can hear your accent.”


Qiu An smiled, “It’s a coincidence, then we are half fellow villagers. I came to Lincheng after I married my husband…”


During the chat with Qiu An, Ruan Yan learned that they and Zhou Mengyan had known each other for a long time. Zhai Zhen and Zhou Mengyan’s father had been business partners in their early years and had been friends for half their lives. Later, Zhou Mengyan had just taken over Fan Moni. At that time, Zhai Zhen took care of her as an elder.


Coming here tonight is a high-end hot spring manor that has just been built under the Zhaizhen company.


It will be open for operation in the future, but it is still closed. Only people who know it can come here, so tonight they invited Zhou Mengyan to bring Ruan Yan to experience it.


After dinner, the Zhai couple took them to the living room. Qiu An made a conscious decision and told her husband that if he wanted to dance, he would play a song.


The old-fashioned vinyl record player played muffled and soothing music, like going back to the last century.


Qiu’an led Zhai Zhen and warmly invited the other two: “You two come and dance together? It doesn’t make any sense to see us dancing. How can such a good night be wasted?”


Ruan Yan was startled and wanted to wait. Zhou Mengyan declined, but Zhou Mengyan’s voice fell over her head, “Do you want to dance?” He asked quietly.


She stayed for a while and waved her hand, “No, it might not be convenient for me…”


She can’t see, so dancing is inconvenient.


Qiu An: “It doesn’t matter, you can let Meng Yan take you slowly, right Meng Yan?” Qiu An didn’t know their situation and was still making a deal.


Ruan Yan was tangled in her heart and didn’t know the reply for a while. After a few seconds, he heard the gentle voice of the man beside her, “Let’s go, as a practice.”


After all, they had to dance at the wedding banquet two weeks later.


Ruan Yan couldn’t refuse after hearing this.


With a melodious sound in her ears, Ruan Yan felt her palms being held, and then the man’s hand was placed on her slender waist.  


She was a few inches closer to him, feeling the scorching heat coming from her waist, the strings in her head were tight, and she was a little at a loss. Suddenly, Zhou Meng Yan’s low-mellow voice fell in her ears—


“Step on the right foot first.”




Ruan Yan had learned to dance, and under his simple command, she slowly moved forward.


At the beginning, she was nervous, for fear that she would step on Zhou Mengyan’s foot, but gradually, his body silently moved her steps, maybe both of them would dance, so there was a tacit understanding between them.


In dancing, the most romantic thing is to look at each other’s eyes and feel the affection between each other, but between them, they just dance, and there is no dialogue. Ruan Yan seems to be able to imagine the look of the people in front of them.


In the man’s field of vision, the girl’s apricot eyes drooped slightly, with a very light smile on her lips, and her white cheeks were like porcelain with excellent glaze under the golden light.


After a few seconds, he looked away from her face.


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