Honeyed Marriage Chapter 32

Chapter 32 (Part 2)

Translated by CutieBinkie 

With a melodious sound in her ears, Ruan Yan felt her palms being held, and then the man’s hand was placed on her slender waist.  


She was a few inches closer to him, feeling the scorching heat coming from her waist, the strings in her head were tight, and she was a little at a loss. Suddenly, Zhou Meng Yan’s low-mellow voice fell in her ears—


“Step on the right foot first.”




Ruan Yan had learned to dance, and under his simple command, she slowly moved forward.


At the beginning, she was nervous, for fear that she would step on Zhou Mengyan’s foot, but gradually, his body silently moved her steps, maybe both of them would dance, so there was a tacit understanding between them.


In dancing, the most romantic thing is to look at each other’s eyes and feel the affection between each other, but between them, they just dance, and there is no dialogue. Ruan Yan seems to be able to imagine the look of the people in front of them.


In the man’s field of vision, the girl’s apricot eyes drooped slightly, with a very light smile on her lips, and her white cheeks were like porcelain with excellent glaze under the golden light.


After a few seconds, he looked away from her face.



After they finished the dance, because Zhou Mengyan and Zhai Zhen were going to discuss some business affairs, so Ruan Yan was taken by Qiu An to rest tonight. 


In the huge villa, there was a semi-outdoor peach blossom hot spring pool. The hot spring is naturally mined and has excellent quality. With some good medicinal materials, it can not only soothe the body and mind, but also invigorate the blood.


“It’s very quiet here and the privacy is also very good. You can relax tonight, and then take a good rest.”


Ruan Yan nodded, and Qiu An arranged for someone to help prepare everything needed.


When Ruan Yan was taken to the hot spring pool, she felt a rush of heat, accompanied by the aroma of peach blossoms around the tip of her nose, and the breeze rolled in, curling up the crisp wind bell.


After leaving, she took off her clothes, leaving only a transparent tulle skirt and then slowly descended into the hot spring.


The steam filled the room and the warm water soaked all over her body. She moved the surface of the water with her fingertips, and curled the petals of the peach blossoms to spread out. She held a cup of peach blossom stuffing on her hand. She took a sip, and she felt sweet and light. The smell of alcohol.


She closed her eyes and gradually relaxed.


Twenty minutes later, Ruan Yan had been soaking in the water for too long, and gradually felt that her chest was very tight, and her head was dizzy, making her a little uncomfortable.


She remembered the experience of fainting in hot springs when she was a child, so she stood up with a strong sense of consciousness, picked up the bath towel at hand, and fumbled for the seat next to her. Who knew that as soon as she supported the chair, she became weaker and weaker and gradually lost consciousness.


Zhou Mengyan finished talking about work and returned to where he was staying tonight. He held the rose essential oil that Qiu An had just told Ruan Yan about in his hand and walked slowly to the bright room.


Across a bamboo curtain, he vaguely saw the huge hot spring pool inside, with the girl leaning against it with her back.


He didn’t walk in, and said, “Ruan Yan, what Mrs Zhai gave you is at the door.”


There was no response.


“Ruan Yan–“


But he still didn’t hear her voice.


He was silent for a few seconds, opened half of the bamboo curtain, and saw the girl lying on the chair, motionless.


Zhou Mengyan’s eyes darkened when he thought of something, and then he stepped in.


He walked to Ruan Yan’s side, bent down, raised her shoulders, and saw the girl closing her eyes as if she had passed out.


He frowned, put his arm under Ruan Yan’s knee, and hugged her sideways.


The bath towel covered in front of Ruan Yan slipped off accidentally, and the girl’s body appeared in front of him——


The thin gauze skirt was pasted over the water and stuck to the white as snowy skin, trying to cover up, but let every beautiful curve be clearly outlined, as if there was no cover.


Drops of water rolled from her crimson cheeks to her neck, then passed through the path between the two valleys, and down there was an indescribable soft youthful light.


Ruan Yan leaned softly in his arms.


Zhou Mengyan looked down at her, his Adam’s apple bobbed, and an emotion rushed to the top of his head.


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