Honeyed Marriage Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

Zhou Mengyan walked out holding Ruan Yan.


In the bedroom, under the dim light, a large soft bed is placed in the center, the French window next to it has a romantic night view and there is a sofa next to it.


The girl was wet, Zhou Mengyan put her on the sofa first.


He looked at her, turned around a few seconds later, went to the bathroom next to him and took out two towels.


Spreading a bath towel on the bed, he picked her up again, put it on top and wiped her with another bath towel.


Following the place where the bath towel had been wiped, the man’s sight inadvertently glanced over every part of her body. Even if the bath towel is across and covering her, he can still feel the softness of her body.


His eyes grew deeper.


Ruan Yan was confused and her consciousness slowly recovered. After she woke up, she realized that she was lying on the bed. In the darkness, her body seemed to be touched. She was so scared that she was tense. Just as she was about to speak, a man’s voice sounded beside her:


“It’s me.”


She was shocked- Zhou Mengyan?!


Ruan Yan’s mind was blank so she asked confusedly, “Did I get dizzy just now?”


A bath towel was placed on her body, Zhou Mengyan had no extra movements, she heard his monotone voice, “Yeah.”


She immediately sat up, pulling a bath towel to cover herself. She was extremely embarrassed, “I’m sorry…” She mutters apologetically. She didn’t expect such a thing to happen.


The room was quiet for a few seconds and then she heard the Zhou Mengyan walk out of the bedroom.


She patted her head in annoyance.


She was too stupid and ashamed. QAQ.


Ruan Yan touched the side of the bed and was about to get out of bed when she heard footsteps coming from the door again.


“Your nightdress has been brought in and the bathroom is next to it.” Zhou Mengyan walked in, put the clothes on the bed, looked down at her cramped appearance and said in a deep voice.


“Thank you…” 


In the silence, Ruan Yan felt that he was standing in front of her, looking at her all the time. The air was filled with the fascinating fragrance of rose oil and the atmosphere was gradually becoming ambiguous and her mind could not be restrained. Thinking of a certain scene, her heartbeat suddenly soared.


She was hot all over, feeling she was almost out of breath, Zhou !Mengyan’s voice suddenly sounded, “I’m going upstairs.”


His voice was still calm, cutting off all her random thoughts.




After he left the room, Ruan Yan fell on the bed, breathing a sigh of relief.


What is she thinking?! Nothing can happen! Zhou Mengyan couldn’t feel good about her at all, Ruan Yan felt that she must have soaked in the hot spring for too long, so she was so stupid.



And on the other side…


Zhou Mengyan went to the other bedroom, locked the door, walked in, and unbuttoned his shirt.


With his chest bare, he walked into the bathroom.


Turning on the shower, he turned the button for adjusting the water temperature to the cold water on the far right.


Zhou Mengyan closed his eyes and some pictures came into his mind again.


The girl’s skin is white, smooth and shiny, like the finest porcelain. The thin veil skirt is full of light under the overhead lights, the skirt is very short, and the two slender legs are evenly distributed.


He even noticed that the girl’s small toes were covered with small cherries, which were bright red and fairer.


Every part of her is clearer than in the bedroom of the old house that night…



In the night, the sound of water in the bathroom, accompanied by a depressed sound, rang for a long time before stopping.



The next morning, when Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan met again, they both tacitly assumed that the incident last night did not happen.


The two also returned to the city from the hot spring manor.


After sending Ruan Yan home, a Rolls-Royce drove to the 



Half an hour later, the car stopped, the co-pilot got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat. Zhou Mengyan got out of the car, unbuttoned his black suit jacket with one hand and walked in with Jiang Cheng following behind…


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