Honeyed Marriage Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

Out of the elevator, the two arrived at Oula’s executive department and an employee came forward to greet him, “Hello, Mr Zhou, they are already waiting in the conference room.”


The door of the conference room was open and there were a dozen board members inside as well as senior executives such as Euler’s financial director and technical director.


The leader is Ruan Wucheng.


The first one on the right side of the conference table is Feng Zhuang, the company’s second largest shareholder after Zhou Mengyan.


The people inside all looked at the man who walked in the door, jealous, with different expressions.


Today is the second meeting that Zhou Mengyan has attended in Oula as an executive director. What is to be voted on at the board of directors meeting today is the reform proposal he formally put forward at the senior management meeting two days ago.


At the beginning of the meeting, Deputy General Manager You Zhe introduced the proposal.


Since its inception, Oula has always insisted on hand-made. It has taken high-luxury routes, high costs and high prices. Because the production line and labor costs are too expensive and the styles designed are not innovative, it is self-styled, so it is gradually in the domestic market. There was a loss of competitiveness and sales continued to fall.


What Zhou Mengyan proposed was to introduce two better production lines and technical talents from a subsidiary of Fan Moni, SMINA Watch Manufacturing Company and invite engineers to be its technical consultants to solve the problems of the production chain first.


SMINA is a brand that has sprung up in the watch manufacturing industry in recent years. After Zhou Mengyan took over, it quickly transformed and could now be defined as a high-luxury brand.In recent years, it has focused on the European market and its market value has been rising. Its stock price has risen from more than 4 yuan to 10 euros. It has more than doubled and the valuation of Fan Moni has also risen.


SMINA is a good weather vane for Oula.


Zhou Mengyan proposed that Oula should combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to change the shape of the original old and expensive watches and transform them into smart electronic dials, design different models and bring them closer to life.


At the same time, increase exports, open up the international market, introduce advanced technicians and technical talents in the country, first slightly lower the price of domestic watches, win over the domestic market and put a lot of advertising at the same time to increase Oula’s exposure.


“In addition to the above, there is one more point- a small number of layoffs and lower executive salaries.” Zhou Mengyan said.


Everyone looked at him.


Ruan Wucheng’s heart tightened and he immediately objected, “In this case… it will cause dissatisfaction from the lower level, and many of them are old employees of Oula.” In fact, some people entered the company through his relationship.


“Mr Ruan, if you want Oula to develop, you must cut off the interests of some people.”


Financial Director Gan Lu overlapped his ten fingers and said, “Mr Zhou, these things you mentioned seem to be light, but they are sharp. Increasing the company’s operating costs requires a lot of financial resources. I think Chairman Ruan proposed to optimize and integrate on the original scale. This is currently the most suitable for Oula who has just passed through difficulties.” 


Gan Lu, who has always been on the side of Ruan Wucheng, resounded what he was discussing in Ruan Wucheng’s office yesterday and that Zhou Mengyan must not be allowed to infiltrate Oula.


“But in the long run, the plan proposed by Mr Zhou is indeed better.” Technical director, Yang Yan.


Gan Lu stared at him, “You probably don’t understand the current company’s operating conditions. If you follow your suggestions, I am afraid that you will not be able to sustain it in the long run.” 


You Zhe: “But if you still maintain the status quo, Oula’s sales are still unable to improve, the market department’s research shows that Oula has become less and less favored by the middle-level people in China. If Oula still follows the high-end route, there will be no way to cater to the market.”


Several disputes continued and Ruan Wucheng looked heavy. “Mr Zhou, I still do not agree with what you put forward. The risk is too great. You want to turn Oula into a second SMINA, but I can’t bet on this risk.”


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