Honeyed Marriage Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

Zhou Mengyan said noncommittally: “Then let’s vote first.”


People in the senior management department did not participate in the voting. Only Ruan Wucheng, Feng Zhuang and the eight independent directors who were present adopted the principle of one person, one vote.


The crowd began to vote. Feng Zhuang glanced at Ruan Wucheng before voting. The two looked at each other for a moment and then each bowed their heads.


After the voting is over, You Zhe will collect the voting results.


A total of 11 people were present and the final voting result was-


5 people agreed with Zhou Mengyan’s plan.

6 people disagreed.


Ruan Wucheng’s hand holding the cane gradually loosened and he said to Zhou Mengyan, “Mr Zhou, the result is already obvious and the difference of one vote is also the result.” 


Zhou Mengyan put down his overlapping legs, already expecting everything, his expression still calm. “But I remember that the company also has a special rule.”


Ruan Wucheng’s heart tightened.


“If the negative vote accounts for more than one-third of all votes, they have the right to call a shareholders meeting and vote again.” 


Zhou Mengyan turned the ring on his ring finger, “I’d apply for a shareholders meeting in mid-October and vote again.”


Several people were in an uproar.


He looked at Ruan Wucheng with an unreadable face and smiled faintly, “The result is still uncertain.”




In a leisurely afternoon, Ruan Yan listened to some classic sections of movies and dramas in the room.


In fact, she has learned many musical instruments and skills since she was young and has many specialties, but what she loves most is actually acting.


Originally, when she was in high school, she wanted to go to a film academy, but her father always wanted her to study finance and work in the company in the future. She was obedient and didn’t want to disappoint her father, so she finally studied finance, but she never gave up on her love for drama.


Before she went blind, she was actually a drama actor. She taught herself acting, because by some chance, she met a teacher from the Y Film Academy, so in her spare time, she was taken to act in a drama.


Originally, she had just received a female number one in a drama some time ago, but because of her blindness, this performance was automatically invalidated and now she can’t touch things related to the performance.


Now she can only use her ears to try to figure out their tone of voice, imagine their expressions and consolidate the feeling of performance.


Because she can’t see, her hearing will be more sensitive and she can focus more on the emotions expressed in words.


She thought hopefully, if her eyes get better, she will be able to return to the stage one day in the future.


 In the world of performance, time always flies quickly. In the evening, Ruan Yan temporarily received a call from Zhou Mengyan.


He said at the other end, “There is a banquet tonight that we need to attend together. You can let the driver take you there now.”




 Zhou Mengyan said that there is a full moon banquet for a little nephew tonight. He needs to attend, but the company has something to do at the moment, so let the driver send Ruan Yan to the place first and he will explain to the relatives over there to receive her first.


Although the wedding of the two has not been held yet, Ruan Yan is now a member of the Zhou family.


Ruan Yan responded, “Okay.”


Then Zhou Mengyan called his aunt Xu Wenping.


 Hearing that he was about to bring Ruan Yan, the other end was stunned, and then replied, “Okay, it’s okay to keep busy, I will treat her well later.”


 After he hung up the phone, Xu Wenping looked at the phone and suddenly remembered an anonymous text message received on the phone a few days ago.


It said: Zhou Mengyan’s wife, Ruan Yan’s private life is chaotic and ambiguous with boys.


It also came with many pictures.


Xu Wenping recalled, her eyes gradually sinking.


If Ruan Yan is really so, she will definitely not let such a girl climb into Zhou’s door.


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