Honeyed Marriage Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

After half an hour, the car stopped in front of the hotel where the full moon banquet was held.


This is the second time Ruan Yan is going to see relatives from Zhou Mengyan’s family, except for Zhou Mengyan’s father and mother.  Zhou Mengyan is not by her side, she has to face it by herself for the time being, saying that she isn’t nervous would be a lie.


But one shouldn’t be too nervous, it may just be a simple meal.


Ruan Yan relaxed herself a bit and got out of the car.


Ye Qing escorted her into the hotel. On the second floor, they found the Hongyan Hall where the full moon banquet was held. They saw her at the Zhou Erjian’s family who met guests at the door, “Hey, is that Zhou Mengyan’s wife?”


“It seems to be…”


“As my aunt said, she really can’t see…”


Xu Wenping turned to look at her and found that she looked exactly like the girl in the photo and was even more beautiful.


But she thought she could marry into the Zhou family by virtue of her beauty? Besides, she has a physical defect?


Ruan Yan was taken forward, Zhou Yanjian smiled slightly and said, “This is Yanyan, right?”




Ruan Yan listened to them introducing themselves. Standing in front of them was Zhou Mengyan’s uncle Zhou Erjian, his aunt Xu Wenping, his Tangdi* and Tangjie*. His daughter was the protagonist of the full moon banquet tonight.


After learning of their position in the family hierarchy, Ruan Yan greeted them gently.


Xu Wenping looked at her with a faint expression, “This child Meng Yan is too willful to get married. He doesn’t let us see the woman beforehand, and let us learn more about Yanyan.”


Ruan Yan was startled slightly.


Zhou Jijian said gently, “Young people nowadays. Well, not all flash marriages are popular. Meng Yan has grown up so much, he must know it in his heart.”


Xu Wenping sneered, “What kind of status does Meng Yan have now? Can he get married so casually? I grew up watching Meng Yan, of course I know what girl is suitable for him.”


Cousin Zhou Tian retorted, “You are not a cousin, how do you know that it is appropriate? Besides, he and sister-in-law Ruan Yan have already obtained the marriage certificate.”


Xu Wenping did not expect that her son would speak for outsiders, and stared at him with anger. 


Zhou Tian rolled his eyes, Xu Wenping calmed down, looked at Ruan Yan, and laughed dryly, “Yanyan, I didn’t say you are an embarrassment, but you must be careful when getting married.”


Ruan Yan didn’t know how to answer, she could only nod.


“Sister-in-law, where is Brother Meng Yan, he hasn’t come yet?”


“He should be here soon.”


“Tian Tian, you take your sister-in-law to sit down and chat with a few other relatives. They haven’t met yet.” Zhou Lajian said.


Xu Wenping thoughtfully said, “It’s okay, I’ll take her in.”


So Ruan Yan was taken inside by Xu Wenping, but the latter said, “Let’s go and talk, my aunt hasn’t talked with you yet.”




Ruan Yan didn’t know what was going on, but she could only follow Xu Wenping to the lounge and then Xu Wenping asked Ye Qing to leave first.


“Sit down.”


Ruan Yan and Xu Wenping sat opposite each other. The latter asked, “Yanyan, how old are you this year?” 


“23 years old.”


“Then you should be still in college,” Xu Wenping looked at She said, “You are so beautiful. You should have a lot of boys chasing you. How many boyfriends have you had before ?” 


“I haven’t had any boyfriends before.”


“Never had any?”


How could it be possible? Is it possible that those photos of her with other boys are fake?


“It’s not a big deal to fall in love, just talk about it a few times.”


Ruan Yan was a little embarrassed and explained a little bit. She really hadn’t talked about it because there was no small flame of love ignited for various reasons.


Xu Wenping heard her saying, her brows were already frowned, “I haven’t talked about it, then… do you usually play more with boys?”


“What?” Ruan Yan didn’t understand.


Xu Wenping was a little annoyed with her attitude of asking three questions, “Ruan Yan, as an elder, do you plan to pretend to be stupid?”


Ruan Yan became even more confused, “Auntie, I really don’t understand.”


“I came to talk to you today. On the one hand, it also represents the meaning of Meng Yan’s parents. I will tell you the truth. Our Zhou family is absolutely impossible to let a girl who is not clean–“


Before she could finish her sentence, a cold male voice came through the door, “Auntie.”


Ruan Yan heard Zhou Mengyan’s voice and was stunned. Xu Wenping was also a little surprised. She put her serious expression away, stood up and laughed: “Meng Yan, you can count it.”




Zhou Mengyan came over after he was busy. He just heard Zhou Tian say that after Xu Wenping brought Ruan Yan here, he came to look for them.


The man watched the two being alone inside, sitting face to face. He noticed that the atmosphere was not right, and then walked in. Xu Wenping walked towards the door and stopped him, “Come here, auntie wants to say something to you alone.”


Zhou Mengyan was silent for a moment, and walked out of the lounge with her.


At the door, Xu Wenping closed the door and lowered her voice: “Meng Yan, about Ruan Yan… I think there are some things that you and your parents may not know, but your aunt has to mention it to you.”


“What’s wrong?”


“I think your marriage is still too sloppy. You didn’t take her to meet with elders like us beforehand. Let alone the problem with her eyes, this girl is not dignified and improper, and she is not worthy of you at all.”


Xu Wenping said without looking at Zhou Mengyan’s face. She took out her mobile phone and showed him the text message she received a few days ago.


“Look at her close private relationship with boys and you still got the marriage certificate. After that, what would outsiders say? Meng Yan, you said that your conditions are so good, why bother to find such a girl with a bad reputation? When the time comes, others will point at her and lose the face of our Zhou family, right?”


Xu Wenping picked up the elders’ style, and she was very touched when she said it, “Meng Yan, I tell you these are for your own good. Your parents are abroad and don’t know many things, so I have to do it for you. Check…”


Who knows that she hadn’t finished speaking yet when Zhou Mengyan’s cold voice stopped her directly, “I know what kind of person Ruan Yan is.” 


Edit T/N: Tangdi 堂弟 means a younger male patrilineal cousin

Tanjie 堂姐 means an older female patrilineal cousin

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