Honeyed Marriage Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

Xu Wenping raised her head in shock, before facing the man with a cold and displeased face. 


“My marriage, it’s not the turn of others to judge.”


He doesn’t care about Ruan Yan and others, but he still can’t tolerate outsiders’ rhetoric. Them running up to him with various comments and criticising and second guessing his decisions.


“Why do you talk to auntie like this? I’m doing this all for your own good…”


“Even if it’s good for me, I still don’t want to look at these messages.” 


The man no longer had the patience to listen, he opened the door of the lounge and walked in.


Ruan Yan was at a loss when she heard someone coming in, and then stopped in front of her, “Go in.”


Zhou Mengyan’s voice was low, it seemed something happened just now.


“Okay…” Ruan Yan answered and stood up.


Zhou Mengyan took Ruan Yan to the banquet box, Xu Wenping was stunned, so angry that she could not fight, and then Zhou Tian walked over, “What’s the matter again?”


“You talk about your cousin, who was so polite to me before, but now he dares to confront me for Ruan Yan. I said that this marriage can’t be held…”


Zhou Tian said helplessly, “Mom, can you not believe the photos of unknown origins? Do you know whether they are true or false? 

It’s not your responsibility to find a wife for Cousin. You are not his mother.”


“Are you still helping him to speak? I grew up watching Meng Yan, he’s just like my own child, how can I not care?”


“There you go again, is that your own son?”


Xu Wenping: “…you!”


Her son embraced her and walked out, “Mother, don’t you become the aunt of the neighborhood committee?”


On the other side, Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan walked to the box. She thought of the conversation just now, and it was better to tell Zhou Mengyan: “Auntie Xu Wenping just asked me some strange questions…”


He said quietly, “Don’t worry about it.”


“…Oh, good.” She had to respond.



At the evening banquet, because Zhou Mengyan was sitting next to Ruan Yan, some of the relatives in the room were afraid to talk in person because they all knew that Zhou Mengyan was definitely not a good talker.


Looking at his face, Xu Wenping was also worried. She knew that if she really angered Zhou mengyan, she would destroy the relationship between the two families.


After the banquet, Zhou Mengyan took Ruan Yan home. The car stopped in front of the mansion. The servant came out and brought Ruan Yan in first.


Then the man got out of the car, stood by the car, lit a cigarette, and looked at Jiang Cheng, “What is the end number of the phone that sent you a photo of my wife last time?”


Jiang Cheng checked the phone, “The end number is 0438.”


Zhou Mengyan recalled that the ending number was the same as the ending number of the photo sent tonight on Xu Wenping’s phone.


“Mr Zhou, what do you need to do?” Jiang Cheng followed Zhou Mengyan, naturally knowing how to observe his words.


Cigarette smoke loomed, blurring the emotions on the man’s face. After a long while, he curled his eyelashes and pressed the cigarette out, “Let’s give Ruan Ling something back.”



The next day, Ruan Ling sat lazily on the sofa in Ruan family’s villa while her nails were manicured by the servant.


Today is the weekend, she came back from school, planning to do a manicure and go shopping with friends in the afternoon.


“You hurt me.”


She frowned suddenly, and the maid said in a panic, “Sorry, Second Miss…” 


Ruan Ling rolled her eyes and didn’t bother to care about her.


After a while, a servant walked into the hallway, “Second Miss, a gentleman outside is looking for you.”




“That person said he was Mr Zhou Mengyan’s assistant.”


“Zhou Mengyan’s assistant?” Ruan Ling was surprised, “Why did he come to me?”


Ruan Ling walked out of the villa and saw Jiang Cheng standing at the door, holding a box in his hand.


She walked up to him, “Are you looking for me?”


Jiang Cheng smiled faintly, and handed her the box in his hand, “Miss Ruan Ling, this is what Mr Zhou asked me to bring you.”


Ruan Ling took the dark red wooden hollow carved pattern box. In her hand, it feels very delicate and beautiful, and she was secretly happy.


This is a gift Zhou Mengyan brought to her, right?


She opened it immediately and saw a white greeting card tied with a crimson ribbon.


“What is this?”


“Miss Ruan Ling will know when you open it.”


She opened it expectantly–


She saw the most eye-catching gold characters printed on the paper: “Zhou Mengyan & Ruan Yan”.


Ruan Ling was stunned for two seconds before she reacted, “Marriage… Wedding invitation?!”


The wedding time written on it was next weekend. Ruan Ling was shocked. She spread so many rumors to Zhou Mengyan’s relatives about Ruan Yan’s private life. She couldn’t believe it, he was still going to marry Ruan Yan in the end?!


Jiang Cheng looked at her stunned and said coldly, “Miss Ruan Ling, Mr. Zhou knows everything you did in private. The reason why Mr Zhou didn’t deal with these things before was not because he believed it, but because he was very busy and didn’t bother to spend a little energy on you, but please don’t challenge Zhou’s patience again and again.


If you slander Mrs Zhou in private and affect Mr Zhou’s reputation, and Mr Zhou finds out again, he won’t be so kind to you. You will definitely not be able to afford the result at that time, so please don’t try it again.”


When Ruan Ling heard the words, she tightened her grip on the invitation in her hand, her eyes turned red and she couldn’t say a word.


Jiang Cheng drove away and Ruan Ling watched the car drive away, burning with anger. She frantically tore up the invitation in her hand, before bursting into tears.



A week later, on the seashore of Ambergris Caye in Belize, the blue sky and the golden water lined up. A grand wedding was held here.


The glass ceremonial pavilion decorated with flowers of various colors extends into the sea, with stars and colorful ribbons hanging above it. The carpet that extends here is covered with rose petals.  The waiter shuttled back and forth with red wine and champagne while the professional orchestra played cheerful music.


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