Honeyed Marriage Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

The list of wedding invitations this time is not too many, but everyone is considered a famous person in the business circle.


On the second floor of the seaside villa next to the wedding venue, Ruan Yan is wearing a white wedding dress, holding a bouquet, and standing in front of the mirror. Her impeccable features and makeup are very beautiful.


This is a wedding dress tailor-made for Ruan Yan. The skirt of white veil is dotted with a stream of Xinghai waterfall, and the top is dotted with pink diamonds, with a light veil that drags to the ground. It is extremely beautiful and magical.


Zhu Xingzhi beside her couldn’t help but smile, “Yanyan, if you can see it, you will definitely be beautiful by yourself.”


Ruan Yan smiled lightly, “Really?”


“Do you remember? We all imagined it before. The way you look in a wedding dress, you have realised that dream before me.”


Zhu Xingzhi held Ruan Yan’s hand, “Although there is something you already know, I still want to tell you that I just want you to be happy. Although this marriage may not have come as you wished, I hope you are never wronged. You must remember that you are forever my little princess.”


Ruan Yan smiled and hugged her, “Okay.”


Zhu Xingzhi was called away, and only Ruan Yan was sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows facing the beach in the room and she felt like she was a lifetime away from a month ago.


She still remembers that when she told her uncle about the marriage, the other party made a lot of fuss, saying that she was too sloppy. She didn’t know how he would agree to such a marriage, but since she has come now, there is no room for change.


The only thing she can do is to have some beautiful visions for the future.


Not about love, only about herself.


The sky was getting darker and the soft sea breeze in the evening rolled up Ruan Yan’s veil, and the blue sky was dyed with a layer of warm orange.


The wedding officially begins.


Under everyone’s attention, Ruan Yan and Zhou Mengyan stood at the forefront of the carpet, walking slowly along with the band playing music.


Ruan Yan is holding him, she can’t see everything but can only feel the calm company of the man beside her.


On such occasions, her heartbeat does not consciously accelerate.


After speaking the vows and exchanging the rings, she finally heard the priest say in English, “Now, the groom can kiss your bride.”


She felt her veil lifted, and the next moment—


A shallow and very light kiss was placed on the corner of her lips.


Although she had been told in advance that this was a fixed process, at this moment, her heart was still shaking.


The evening breeze slowly seemed to make everything extra gentle.



The wedding banquet in the evening ended smoothly. In the dim night, warm lights shone in the white villa by the sea.


Ruan Yan was sitting in front of the dressing table, being served by the servant taking off the jewelry on her body and the top of her head and then removing her makeup.


The door of the bedroom was open, and Zhou Mengyan’s voice from outside came to her ears from time to time.


He is still busy.


After removing her makeup, she was taken to the bathroom by the servant, and opened the bathroom door. A faint rose scent came on her face. The servant left, she took off her clothes and walked closer to the huge rose bath.


She leaned against the pool, closed her eyes, and finally relaxed from the exhaustion of the day.


She had drunk a lot of wine tonight and already feels a little drunk.


Before coming to take a bath, she passed the living room and heard Zhou Mengyan was still busy.


It is true that for him, the wedding is just a process without any meaning.


And tonight, they should also rest as usual.


After the bath, she put on the pure white ice silk suspender skirt prepared by the servant. The hem of the skirt was only big between the legs, and the tail of the skirt was beautiful lace.


After she walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a robe, she went to the balcony in the bedroom, intending to get some fresh air before going to bed.


At this moment, the door of another bathroom on the same floor was opened.


The man finished taking a shower, changed his clothes and walked out of the steamy bathroom. Then he said to the servant standing in the corridor, “It’s okay, you can go downstairs.”


After all the servants had left, Zhou Mengyan looked at the wedding decorations on the corridor, and the next moment he stepped towards Ruan Yan’s room.


Facing the sea, Ruan Yan put her hand on the railing, the wind whistling past his ears, covering up the sound of the door closing behind him.


She was thinking inwardly. She didn’t hold onto the robe properly and the tulle robe on her body was blown away. She bent down, because she couldn’t see, she could only move slowly, groping on the ground a little bit, and then she heard a faint male voice on the top of her head, “Here.” 


When she heard Zhou Mengyan’s voice, she was stunned and quickly stood upright.


Ruan Yan was stunned and the robe was put into her hands. She hurriedly said, “Thank you…”


She was puzzled, why would Zhou Mengyan come here?


If it was as usual, they wouldn’t meet after taking a bath, and he was even more unlikely to come to her room. The previous two ocassions were just accidents.


She put on her robe, leaned her back on the railing, turned to him naturally, and smelled the faint shower fragrance on his body, mixed with the night wind, which disturbed her inexplicably.


She always felt Zhou Mengyan’s mood tonight seemed different from before.


It must be her illusion.



Seeing that he didn’t speak, Ruan Yan tried to ease the embarrassment and asked casually: “Are you finished?”


His eyes grew deeper and he looked at her, “There’s nothing to do tonight.”


“Um… Then you can have a good rest. You must be very tired these days.”




She felt that the topic should be over, so she raised her lips, “Then I’ll go back to the room first, and you should go to bed earlier.”


She walked sideways, and within two steps, she was suddenly grasped by her wrist.


With his strength, she was drawn back to her original position, leaning on the railing with her back, feeling the man standing in front of her, closer to him, as if being half-circled in his arms.


The strong male hormonal aura swept towards her, making her mind blank.




“Ruan Yan.” The man’s shallow breathing fell to the top of her head.


He looked at her thin red cheeks, his voice sinking—


“On the wedding night, there is one final process.”


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