Honeyed Marriage Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan was suddenly stunned, “What?”


 Does he mean…


But from the time he received the certificate until now, didn’t he have any ideas in that regard?


 Zhou Mengyan looked at her dazed expression, guessed what she was thinking, looked at her and said, “Ruan Yan, I never planned to separate after marriage.”


The reason why nothing happened before was to give her enough time to adapt. As for the separation, it was originally not included in the prenuptial agreement.


Ruan Yan is not stupid, she can hear the meaning of the other party’s words.


Her cheeks were flushed and her heart was pounding. She heard Zhou Mengyan’s even more dumb voice, “Is it all right?”


He seems to be making the final inquiry.


The waves hit the beach and the sound of it instantly stirred up the heat wave in her heart.


After getting married, she also told herself that one thing will come sooner or later. This is the obligation of husband and wife, and she has no reason to be reluctant.


In the dark world, the man in front of her gradually occupied all of her thoughts. Ruan Yan felt that the atmosphere between them was getting hotter and hotter, like a fire that burned more and more fiercely, asking her to discard her armor.


After a while, Ruan Yan finally nodded her head lightly.


Zhou Mengyan looked at her, his eyes dimmed, and after a few seconds he leaned down, his arm fell on the back of her knee and then picked her up gently.


The tulle robe fell on the ground.


The man walked to the bedroom step by step.


Ruan Yan lightly circled his neck, her heartbeat was chaotic, and she felt like a dehydrated little fish, almost unable to breathe.


Then she let go of his neck, and she felt like she was put on a soft bed.


There was a sound of undressing from directly above her, and her cheeks were flushed. A few seconds later, she was hugged again by him. She touched his chest with her palm, and she was so ashamed that she subconsciously blocked her clothes with her hand, but her hand was pushed away by him.


 “Ruan Yan, take it easy.”


 His voice was slightly muted.


She responded softly, feeling that the man’s hand began to slowly remove her suspender nightdress.


Because she can’t see, every sense of her body is constantly magnified, and his every move can be clearly understood by her.


When Zhou Mengyan threw her dress to the other corner of the bed, she was like an unwrapped gift before his eyes.


Her skin is as white as snow and is like high quality porcelain. The streamer is delicate, but it is petite and exquisite. She looks like a spring cherry or peach that has never been picked by others. She is bright red and full of girlishness.


Ruan Yan was shy, and the next moment, the man’s kiss fell on her lips.


Slowly, the inadvertent breath from her mouth overwhelmed the sound of the waves in Zhou Mengyan’s ears.


After a long time, he resisted and stopped, then got up and opened the drawer on the bedside, and took out the box that he prepared intimately when he arranged the bridal room.


Ruan Yan heard the sound of rustling and tearing open of the package, guessed something and blushed. A few seconds later, she was pulled into his arms again.


Zhou Mengyan lowered his eyes to see her youthful appearance, and asked in a dumb voice what he thought of, “Is this your first time?”




Zhou Mengyan is not conservative enough to ask to be Ruan Yan’s first time, but when he heard her response, there was still an emotion in his eyes.


Ruan Yan bit her lip lightly, and the lush white jade fingers clung to his shoulder. For a while, she didn’t hear what he was saying. Ruan Yan felt pain, and her mind was blank for a moment.


Zhou Mengyan didn’t make any more actions, until she was fully adapted, she took the initiative again.


Since getting married, she has always felt that she is drowning in an illusion, but at this moment, Zhou Mengyan’s feelings for her are so real.


She has forgotten the time. Under the guidance of a man, she gradually realizes the kind of happiness she has never experienced before.


Later, she was turned sideways by him with her back to him, and Zhou Mengyan’s kisses fell on her butterfly bones.


Rarely gentle.


The summer wind lifted the white gauze curtain as it poured into the room, blowing the hanging.


The wind chimes disturb the warmth of a room.




The next morning, a little light appeared on the horizon, which dyed the sea with a golden light.


 Zhou Mengyan woke up first.


He opened his eyes and saw the peaceful sleeping face of the woman next to him, her eyelashes covering her eyelids with long lashes, her face was pure, docile and well-behaved just like last night.


Zhou Mengyan retracted his gaze and suppressed some emotions that tend to arise in the morning. After a while, he lifted the quilt and got out of bed to bathe.


Coming out of the bedroom, he first went to the study, opened the mobile phone that he threw on the desk last night, and jumped out a string of messages sent by Teng Heng at 10 o’clock last night.


 [Brother, I feel sorry for you, but I will know the loneliness of your wedding night.】


 [It’s okay, brother, I’m with you, you can tell me the loneliness and coldness in your heart, and I promise I will never laugh at you.】


 [Otherwise, I will bring wine to your villa to find you. Anyway, you are alone, alas.  】


Zhou Mengyan: […]


 Teng Heng on the other end was awakened by the sound of notification, and when he saw Zhou Mengyan’s message, he instantly became sober: [Why did you reply to my message this morning?  】


Teng Heng sat up and suddenly guessed everything: [F̲u̲c̲k̲, did I guess wrong last night?!  】


 【Did you finally have the wedding night in the bridal chamber?! ! !】


 Zhou Mengyan: “…”


 [Something?  】


Teng Heng saw this sentence which was similar to acquiescence and laughed upright on the bed. He knew that Zhou Mengyan was restrained, so he was embarrassed to speak straight, but at this time, as a brother, he must mention something. Teng Heng’s message crackled over:


 [Zhou Mengyan, trouble you can’t patronize yourself and satisfy yourself. At this time, you care about your wife’s health, you know?  】


 [You should take care of other people’s feelings, especially the first time, ask for warmth, don’t be so cold, so she would like to continue with you for the second time. 】


 [I am an old teacher concerning this matter.  】


 Immediately after he sent it, a red exclamation mark appeared on the screen.


 “The message has been sent, but it was rejected by the other party.”


 Teng Heng: “…”


 An hour later, Ruan Yan woke up from her dream, opened her eyes, and felt that the space beside her was empty. She touched the bedside, as expected… the man was no longer there.


After moving her body, she felt sore all over and her legs and feet were soft. The memories of last night flooded her heart, making her blush and her heart pound again.


It seemed they… more than once last night.


She can only remember that later, the man gradually lost control and became more and more fierce, and it was useless for her to beg for mercy.


In the end, Zhou Mengyan took her to the bathroom and washed her body clean. She was too tired to move at the time, but he took care of her considerately.


Ruan Yan buried her red face in the quilt.


She can’t think about it anymore…


This is the normal life of a couple, so there are many good memories.


And to put it bluntly, this is just a procedure for Zhou Mengyan.  Anyway, the relationship between them will not change because of last night. What happens in the adult world can be without emotion.


After a while, the servants knocked on the door and came in and waited for her to wash and change clothes. They saw the strawberry colored print on Ruan Yan’s neck and the traces on the bedsheets, and they all pretended not to see them.


She walked out of the bedroom, and the servant said, “Mr Zhou is already having breakfast in the dining room, let me take you there.”


“… that’s good.”


She took a few deep breaths.


Passing through the study on the second floor, she arrived at the small room dedicated to dining on the second floor.


The man sat at the marble dining table, flipping through several data files.


When she walked in, he raised his eyes.


 Ruan Yan sat down directly opposite him. After the servant left, she lowered her head slightly and heard Zhou Mengyan’s phone ringing. He picked up and talked about business.


Ruan Yan picked up the spoon and ate breakfast silently.


After a while, she heard the man finish the phone call, and the dining room was quiet for a long time, until his voice came from the other side:


 “Will your body… be uncomfortable today?”


 Ruan Yan:? ? ?


 She instantly reflected what he meant, and looked down and denied, “No, no…”


This is not like a question he would ask at all?


Zhou Mengyan looked at her shy complexion, looked away, and slowly said, “Okay.”


Ruan Yan was too embarrassed to eat breakfast.


During the day, Zhou Mengyan was still busy working in the villa, while Ruan Yan went to the beach accompanied by servants.


She was sitting on a beach chair by the sea, with the sea breeze blowing, listening to music, and listening to audiobooks. She had a nice time.


In the evening, Ruan Yan returned to the villa from the beach. Just after Zhou Mengyan had some time, the two had dinner together. After the meal, the man went back to the study.


After ten o’clock in the evening, Ruan Yan returned to the bedroom after taking a shower. After a while, Zhou Mengyan also walked in.


She froze for a moment, and immediately lost her mind. They slept together last night, and they should live together from now on.


 “This is the fruit plate given to you by the servant.”


Zhou Mengyan handed the fruit plate to her, and she took it, “En, thank you…”


What did she think of, “When will we return to China?”


 “The day after tomorrow.”


 So they had to stay until the day after tomorrow?


Ruan Yan is a little happy, after all, the seaside is so beautiful, even if she can’t see it, she feels very comfortable.


The two exchanged a few words. She was sitting on the bedside with earphones plugged in one of her ears, pretending to listen to music, but could not help but secretly listen to what the man was going to do.


She only heard him open the closet and then go to the bathroom.


She took off the ear phones and lay down. After a while, the man also came out.


She held the sheet lightly with her fingertips, turned her back to him, motionless.


A few seconds later, the space beside her sank.


Zhou Mengyan was lying on the bed, and saw the girl’s dark hair slightly covering her white neck. Thinking of last night, some emotions sprang up again uncontrollably.


His throat slipped, “Ruan Yan——”


The man was about to reach out and pull her into his arms, when he suddenly thought of something, he opened the drawer beside the bed.


He found that the few pieces in that box had been used up last night.


And there seems to be nothing new in the room.


 “What’s wrong?” The girl turned sideways slightly and asked softly.


 His face darkened a bit, then he closed the drawer and lay down, “…it’s okay, go to sleep.”


 “Oh, good.”


Ruan Yan breathed a sigh of relief, lay straight, and soon let out a shallow breathing.


Zhou Mengyan next to her looked at the ceiling for a long time and forced himself to close his eyes.




When Ruan Yan woke up, it was already past eight in the morning, and Zhou Mengyan had left the room as usual.


When she went to bathe, she remembered that last night, as she expected, was a “Christmas” night.


She knew that Zhou Mengyan’s character and his usual busyness must be very restrained in certain aspects, and she would never be keen on this matter.


In the morning, she played the piano in the living room without going out.


She has been playing piano since she was young. She used to enroll in many classes, including guitar and violin, and she would play some instruments. Although she is now blind, she is familiar with every key position after so many years of practice, and she can’t see the score and the keys, but she has muscle memory.


In the study, the man looked at the proposal on Euler’s reform. On the other side of the phone, Jiang Cheng said, “The board of directors has already been arranged. I found out that Ruan Wucheng had already started a lot of preparations in private, and he was very panicked.”


Zhou Mengyan curled his lips, “Of course he will not let himself lose.” But the result may not necessarily be in his hands.


Jiang Cheng said with emotion, “If Euler is under Ruan Wucheng, it is estimated that it will be bankrupt sooner or later.”


The vision of Ruan Wucheng and Ruan Yunshan’s father was correct.


In fact, before Ruan Yunshan had an accident, he had already deliberately proposed to update the company, but he had a car accident before he could put forward a plan.


Zhou Mengyan turned his watch, “Go and contact those cronies of Ruan Yunshan, it’s time for them to come in handy.”


“Yes sir.”


“By the way, Mr Zhou, the shopping link you want me to find for you, I have already sent it. You can place an order online in the link, and someone will deliver it to your door. You can do whatever you want.”



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