Honeyed Marriage Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

After she was dressed, Feng Zhuang came in and looked at her beautiful daughter with joy. Ruan Ling asked in a low voice, “Mom, is Zhou Mengyan here?”


Feng Zhuang nodded, “I guess they are still on the road. Look at you, wait a while to be more reserved.”


“Where…” After Feng Zhuang had said a few words, she walked downstairs and saw Ruan Wucheng sitting alone on the sofa smoking a cigar.


She sat down and said, “Big Brother——”


Ruan Wucheng raised his eyes to look at her, “Ruan Yan has left home?”


“Yeah.” The man’s eyes flashed with a few emotions, but he didn’t ask much.


“Van Moni’s Zhou Mengyan will come tonight. Have you talked to Lingling?”


“She knows.” Feng Zhuang said, “Big brother, don’t worry. Zhou Mengyan has a good impression of Lingling. This time, he’s willing to return to China to discuss marriage. It’s all right.”


Zhou Mengyan’s feelings for Ruan Ling had long since been passed to them from the outside.


She only heard about a certain banquet. Several of Zhou Mengyan’s friends were chatting and they happened to talk about the second daughter of the Ruan family. After a while of praise, someone asked Zhou Mengyan who was looking at his mobile phone. He never commented on women, but he nodded in praise. Everyone was secretly shocked and this incident spread.


That’s why when the Ruan family heard about it, they offered the Zhou family a marriage invitation.


And the reply on the other end was—have the opportunity to interview.


Ruan Wucheng closed his eyes thinking that the Euler he had taken over was about to be overwhelmed.


“I hope this succeeds.”


Ruan Ling accompanied her mother to entertain the guests before the birthday party. On the surface it looks like an ordinary birthday party, but behind it, there are many eyes staring at the heavyweight guest tonight, Zhou Mengyan.


Everyone knows his status in the business world. The Ruan family intentionally or unintentionally disclosed the marriage, which has already caused a huge wave.


What is the concept of being able to marry the Zhou family? It is equivalent to having the most powerful backing.


The original Ruan Family was faltering and everyone had hidden, but with Zhou Mengyan’s participation, the Ruan family would become a distinguished family that everyone wanted to establish a relationship with.


Knowing that the man might be there tonight, everyone looked forward to it.


When Ruan Ling walked up to her friend, her friend quickly asked: “Ruan Ling, the man you said is going to marry you is actually Zhou Mengyan?! He is the president of Fan Moni! God!”


Ruan Ling nodded, “It’s him. Ah, what’s wrong?”


“Wow, a financial boss! Am I dreaming?”


“Can we see him tonight?” 


“Yes, my mother invited him.”


Listening to the admiration of her friends, Ruan Ling felt like she was holding everything in her hands. The most dazzling jewelry in the world. Indeed, if you can marry him, it would be worthwhile to talk about it.


At this time, a servant came and asked Ruan Ling to go to the main entrance. When she passed by, she saw her mother and the Ruan family standing together.


“He seems to be here.” Feng Zhuang said as a black Bentley slowly drove into view and finally stopped at the door.


The people around stopped talking and cast curious eyes.


Ruan Ling clenched the red wine glass in her hand, her heart pounding.


The next moment, the car door opened and a pair of black leather shoes stepped down.


A man in a suit and leather shoes got out of the car and walked towards them.


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