Honeyed Marriage Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

After half an hour, Ruan Yan finished playing the piano and returned to the living room to take a rest. The servant brought a bag over, his face was reddish: “Madam, this should be… you bought it, it was just sent.”


 “Huh?” Did she buy anything?


The servant put the shopping bag in front of Ruan Yan and quickly slipped away. Ruan Yan picked it up and found two small rectangular boxes in the shopping bag.


She picked it up casually. At this moment, Zhou Mengyan walked out of the room and saw Ruan Yan sitting in the living room with something in her hand.


He was stunned for a moment, walked forward, and saw Ruan Yan look dazed, and then looked into the bag, “What is this, I didn’t buy it…”


As soon as her voice fell, the two boxes in her hand were taken away.




 Zhou Mengyan looked down at Okamoto* in his hand, coughed slightly, and spoke as usual, “Biscuits.”

T/N: Okamoto is a brand of Japanese condoms, lol.


 Ruan Yan:???


After the man left, Ruan Yan’s little face was still confused, Zhou Mengyan still likes to eat biscuits?




 “So Zhou Mengyan didn’t say that he would take you on a honeymoon or something?”


Back in Lincheng, Ruan Yan called Zhu Xingzhi at home, and said, “I thought you would stay for a while. It’s just that you don’t have to go to other places for your honeymoon. You don’t have to live on such a beautiful island.”


 “Well, this is nothing…”


She didn’t know how busy Zhou Mengyan was. He didn’t say that it was rare for him to return home on the second day of the wedding.  Moreover, the honeymoon is only interesting for the loving couple. Is it necessary for the two fake couples? It takes time and looks embarrassing.


 “Your husband is really a workaholic,” Zhu Xingzhi sighed lightly. “But how can you support your family if you don’t work? Your husband makes money and you spend it.”


 “…” Ruan Yan recalled that since her marriage, Zhou Mengyan had given her a card for her daily consumption expenses.


She checked the amount of money inside, and felt that she couldn’t spend anything, and she would check in regularly every month. Zhou Mengyan would not ask her what she spent the money on, just like pocket money.


Ruan Yan feels that she has become a rich wife.


This kind of life is good, but it is also very boring.


Most of the time, she stays alone because she can’t see. There is a lot of entertainment and social interaction that she can’t touch. She often can only talk to herself. She wants to see the outside world more. She doesn’t want to allow herself to be alone.


On the evening of the second day after returning home, Zhou Mengyan asked Jiang Cheng to go home to pick her up, and then took her out for dinner.


Ruan Yan also didn’t know what was going on, only she felt that he was as usual. The two came out of the restaurant, it was already dark.  Back in the car, Zhou Mengyan did not tell the driver to go home, but said something: “Go to the nursing home.”


Ruan Yan wondered, “Nursing home?”


 “The new place your father is now moving to.”


 Ruan Yan was surprised, “You, did you take my dad out of the original nursing home?!”


Zhou Mengyan looked at her, “En, I’d take you over and have a look.”


After nearly half an hour’s drive on the road, Ruan Yan was happy all the way, and finally Rolls-Royce drove to a similar private villa. The iron door was opened and the car drove into a section of asphalt road lit by street lights. After getting rid of the hustle and bustle of the city, everything becomes quiet.


Finally, the car stopped in front of several exquisite blue buildings.


Several people in work clothes stepped forward to greet her, “Hello, Mrs Zhou.”


Ruan Yan got out of the car, Zhou Mengyan took her and followed the staff to walk in.


Hearing the introduction of the staff, Ruan Yan slowly learned that this nursing home is under the name of the Fan Moni Group and is not open to the public. Only retired executives or heroes from the company can live here without any extra costs. The costs are all borne by the company.


The entire nursing home is built on the fringe of the city. The environment is large and quiet, with fresh air and complete facilities. It is better than the one where Ruan Yunshan lived before.


The best doctors have been arranged to design an active treatment plan and try their best to wake up Ruan Yunshan.


They were taken to Ruan Yunshan’s ward.


Ruan Yan walked in, sat on the edge of the bed, held her father’s hand, her heart was filled with warmth.


Zhou Mengyan stood next to him for a while, then said quietly: “I’ll go out and find a doctor first.”




The man leaves to give her space to get along with her father alone.


 Ruan Yan’s heart surged, and she murmured in a smile, “Dad, I’m going to survive, do you want to survive? I believe you will wake up, Euler needs you, I need you, and many people are thinking of you.  You must… try harder.”


After watching Ruan Yunshan, Zhou Mengyan accompanied Ruan Yan to the doctor again, so that she could personally understand the current situation of her father.


The doctor said that as a family member, they must maintain an optimistic attitude, believing that a miracle may come someday.


Walking out of the white building, Ruan Yan asked, “Taking my dad out, did the Ruan family say nothing?” She thought they would not agree.


At the beginning, this incident did arouse dissatisfaction with the Ruan family, especially Feng Zhuang, who believed that Zhou Mengyan was not qualified to take care of such things.


But until Zhou Mengyan threw the original nursing home’s negative treatment of Ruan Yunshan in front of the Ruan family, several people were completely unable to speak.


The dark and selfish psychology of Feng Zhuang and Ruan Wucheng was obvious.


Feng Zhuang didn’t want Ruan Yunshan to wake up, because she was afraid that he would calculate her treatment towards Ruan Yan, and what status would she and Ruan Ling have in the Ruan family in the future?


Ruan Wucheng doesn’t want his younger brother to wake up because he wants to stay as chairman.


Zhou Mengyan responded quietly, “I didn’t say anything, they agreed.”


Walking to the car, the evening breeze lifted her slender black hair, the corners of her lips waved with a light smile, and she suddenly said sincerely, “Thank you, Meng Yan.”


She didn’t expect him to remember the things mentioned a long time ago.


She still remembers the last time she visited her father, when she was driven out by the Ruan family and faced such a difficult situation, she did not know how to make a choice. She cried in front of her father’s bed, feeling that she was going to be unable to make it anymore.


But now, everything is slowly getting better.


“If you want to see your father in the future, you can always do so.”




Zhou Mengyan looked at the mountains in the distance, and said after a while, “I will be very busy in the next few days. I will probably be at the company and will not come home.”


 Ruan Yan was taken aback and nodded, “…I know.”




Zhou Mengyan did exactly as he said. Ruan Yan had not seen him at home for two days since he went to the nursing home, and he had been resting at the company.


She faintly listened to the conversation between Jiang Cheng and Zhou Mengyan, and it seemed that they were very busy in integrating the luxury goods industry under Fan Moni.


In the morning, Ruan Yan received a call from Qin Xi at home. Qin Xi asked her with concern about how she was as of recent. She also guessed the character of her son, asking whether Zhou Mengyan has been busy with work.


Ruan Yan can only tell the truth, Qin Xi sighed: “This kid is like this, he is addicted to work. He didn’t need to take over the company so early, but he said he wanted to take over. His dad wanted to let him exercise, so he agreed. I usually can’t say a few words to him, but it’s boring to stay at home alone, right?”


 “It’s okay, I usually read books or something, but I still kill the time.” Ruan Yan obediently responded.


“Well, you have to be so considerate.” Qin Xi did not know how to make a soft “hiss”, Ruan Yan heard it and asked her what’s wrong.


 “Hey… I have been suffering from backaches for the past few days, and I feel a little uncomfortable just standing up.”


“Back pain? Do you want to have a check up at the hospital?”


 “I’ve done that, but I don’t feel that Western medicine has much effect. It is estimated that I am getting old and my health is getting worse.”


 Back pain…


 Ruan Yan remembered that her father was often uncomfortable, and he easily felt pain all over his body. It would be better to take some Chinese medicine. “Mom, do you want to try Chinese medicine?”


 “None are being sold here.”


Ruan Yan said that she could help buy some in Lincheng, and then mail it to Qin Xi. For some illnesses, Chinese medicine prescriptions are better.


Qin Xi was afraid of troubling her, so Ruan Yan said it was okay. She had bought it with her father and had experience.


Although she and Zhou Mengyan are in a business marriage, Ruan Yan feels that his parents are also lovely and filial, and she has no way to make her feelings so indifferent and official.


Moreover, Qin Xi is very gentle to her, sometimes like her mother, who is kind to her, she will respond with sincerity.


Ruan Yan remembered that she met a grandma in the countryside of Lincheng. The grandma was proficient in Chinese medicine and specialized in planting Chinese medicinal materials at home. She once accompanied Ruan Yunshan to buy it, and the effect was good after taking it.


Ruan Yan feels that she can go and take a look.




Because she wanted to get it done quickly, she and Ye Qing set off in a private car the next day.


On the way to the countryside, the scenery was simple and the air was fresh and natural, Ruan Yan was in a good mood, and she chatted with the driver and Ye Qing.


The driver Fan Zhuo is forty-five years old this year. He is Ruan Yan’s full-time driver. He usually drives when she goes out. He looks a bit like the sketch actor Song Xiaofeng. He is silly, with an accent, and he also likes to laugh.


Originally, when she went out, the car was very quiet. Naturally, Fan Zhuo would not talk to Ruan Yan, but today is an opportunity for everyone to get in touch.


“Madam, I thought you are usually more introverted and don’t like to talk.” Fan Zhuo smiled and touched his head.


Ruan Yan smiled, “I actually like chatting with people…”


Ye Qing: “My wife has the same personality as me. She talks a lot with people I know, but she is more introverted when she comes to a strange environment, especially in a crowded place.”


 “Yeah.” And she couldn’t see it, and she was slow to adapt.


 “It’s okay. I actually like talking to people. If you are bored in the future, I will chat with you or something. My daughter is younger than you, but I always talk a lot.”


 Ruan Yan smiled, “Okay.”


Talking all the way, the car slowly drove to the countryside, and the sky gradually darkened inexplicably.


The car crossed a bridge and drove into the village. The dirt road was a bit bumpy along the way. Ruan Yan relied on her memories to give a rough route. Fortunately, grandma lives in the innermost part of the village and is easy to find.


 “Madam, I don’t know if you are talking about the front, do you want to go down and take a look? The car can’t drive in anymore.” Fan Zhuo said.


“It is good.”


So Ye Qing helped Ruan Yan down, and Fan Zhuo went to the car.


The two of them walked forward, Ye Qing saw a big wooden stake cut off at the door of a house. Ruan Yan recalled just now. They walked to the door and shouted a few times. The door of the wooden bolt was opened with a creak. The pale, staggering old lady stood behind the door.


 “Who are you looking for?”


 Ruan Yan heard the sound and felt that he had not found the wrong one, and raised his lips: “Grandma, do you sell Chinese medicinal materials at home? Do you remember me? I am Yanyan. I came to you with my dad to buy…”


The grandmother looked at Ruan Yan carefully and recognized her, “Yanyan, I remember, come in quickly.”


Ruan Yan and Ye Qing walked into the door. Inside was a large front yard, with a large willow tree planted, and there were chickens and ducks in the fence beside them.


When she walked to the house, grandma looked back and saw that Ye Qing was helping Ruan Yan to walk slowly, and she saw her eyes again, and was startled, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”


Ruan Yan told her about the car accident, and the grandmother showed regret. She didn’t expect such a beautiful girl to have such an accident, “What about your father?”


 “He… has been lying in bed now.”


The grandmother sighed a few times and told them to sit first. She went to the kitchen to pour water.


Put the water in Ruan Yan’s hands, and the grandmother sat down beside her, “I remember your father was very energetic when he came to see me last year. I didn’t expect something like this to happen, how are your eyes treated? Are you here today to the Chinese medicine for your eyes from me?”


 “No, it’s taking medicine for my mother. My eyes are still being treated, but the effect is relatively slow.”


 “Hey, would you like to try acupuncture?”


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