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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

The grandmother said that some methods used by the ancients to see a doctor are more effective than Western medicine. Acupuncture may be helpful to Ruan Yan, “I know that there is a very good Chinese medicine doctor, he is very famous in Lincheng, and I have seen him too. I’ll give you a phone number, you can check it out.”


“Okay, thank you grandma.”


She went to the room and copied a number to Ruan Yan, and then asked her what medicine she would like to come to get today. Ruan Yan talked about Qin Xi’s illness. The grandmother was so experienced that she started to help her after a few prescriptions. She even began to prepare medicinal herbs.


Ruan Yan chatted with the grandmother, and it was almost time for dinner. The latter invited the three of them to stay for a meal. Ruan Yan couldn’t bear to refuse grandma’s enthusiasm, so she agreed.


 Grandma put food on the table, and a voice came from the door, “Grandma, I’m back.”


 “Grandson, come to eat.”


A little boy in blue and white long sleeves walked in, and his grandma touched his head: “Don’t you remember your sister Yanyan?”


“Hey, sister Yanyan!”


The little boy ran up to Ruan Yan excitedly. Ruan Yan also remembered him. He was an orphan taken in by the grandmother. He had a small name and was raised by her grandfather. Although he was only seven years old this year, he was very obedient and sensible.


Several people sat down in front of the round wooden table, and Teng Teng said that it was about to rain. He was afraid of the rain and ran back from school.


Sure enough, after they moved their chopsticks for a few minutes, there was a bang outside and heavy rain started.


Ye Qing and Fan Zhuo helped grandma to collect the clothes in the yard, and the grandma said, “It’s okay, let’s continue eating. It is estimated that this thunderstorm will be fine in a while.”


Teng Teng turned over the rice in the bowl, “Grandma, our teacher said that we may not be able to go to school next semester.”




 “Because the school building is about to collapse, if the school becomes dilapidated and I can’t go to school, grandma, where can I go to study in the future?”


 “…It doesn’t matter, grandma would find a way.”


Ruan Yan asked about this school, and her grandmother said that it was the only primary school in their village, and the facilities were very poor, because the school lacked money and could not build a new building.


Ruan Yan felt uncomfortable after listening to it, but it was hard to say anything.


The heavy rain lasted for nearly an hour.


After the meal, the grandmother helped Ruan Yan pack up the medicinal materials, and talked about the proportion of cooking it. After explaining the same, Fan Zhuo watched the thunderstorm outside become smaller for the time being, and said they should leave as soon as possible.


Saying goodbye to the grandma’s family, the car drove to the door of the village, but the bridge at the door was flooded.


“Then what to do…” Ye Qing was anxious.


“Maybe I can’t make it, there is only one road here.”


In the end, the three had no choice but to turn back. The car on the road suddenly turned off for some reason. Ruan Yan and Ye Qing got out of the car, but a few people passing by helped push the car to a place where it could be parked.


Ye Qing held the umbrella and walked back with Ruan Yan. The rain became heavy again, and Ruan Yan got wet on half of her body.


Walking back to grandma’s house, grandma saw them and quickly went to the room to get towels. Fan Zhuo ran back under the rain, “Madam, this car is probably broken. Now I can only wait for the rain to get a little bit smaller and find someone to come over to fix it. Hey, blame me…”


 “It’s okay, it has nothing to do with you.”


 Grandma comforted, “It doesn’t matter, you just stay here at ease and wait until the rain stops before leaving.”


 Ruan Yan sat on a chair, hugging her arms. She didn’t wear much clothes today. Her body was shaking a little with the cold at the moment. Ye Qing helped her pour a cup of hot water and wiped her hair, worried: “Mrs Zhou, don’t catch a cold.”


Ruan Yan smiled and shook her head, not wanting to worry them. Grandma cleaned up a bed and gave Ruan Yan clothes that she didn’t usually wear, and asked her to change her soaked wet clothes first, “I’ll make you some ginger. You guys rest here first.”


Ruan Yan felt really uncomfortable, and finally lay down for a while.


Unexpectedly, as soon as she slept, she slept for a long time, and this sudden situation also spread to Zhou Mengyan’s ears.


 Ruan Yan was confused and awakened by the phone ringing.


 She answered the phone: “Hello?”


 “You went to the countryside?”


 At the other end, Zhou Mengyan, who had just walked out of the meeting room, received the news from the villa.


He was stunned and called her.


 “En…” She heard his voice and coughed a few times, “It’s just that it rained heavily here and the bridge is flooded. We temper can’t go back.”


Zhou Mengyan walked into the office with a low voice: “What are you doing in the countryside?”


Ruan Yan lowered her eyes when she heard his slight accusatory tone, “I’m sorry, I want to buy some Chinese medicinal materials for mother. I didn’t know it will suddenly rain…” And so many people are troubled because of her.


 Zhou Mengyan was startled when he heard the words, and a few seconds later said, “You don’t need to go out and buy these things yourself.”


 Ruan Yan did not speak any more.


Hanging up the phone, she lowered her head and rubbed her sore nose.


In the office, Zhou Mengyan sat on the sofa and pressed his eyebrows. Jiang Cheng walked in, “Mr. Zhou, I just called Ye Qing, and your wife went to the countryside to buy some Chinese medicinal materials for the old lady.”


Jiang Cheng explained that it was Qin Xi who had talked about recent physical discomfort with Ruan Yan, and the girl was worried about it, so she wanted to find some medicine for her mother-in-law, fearing that others would not find the way, so she went to the countryside in person.


Zhou Mengyan remembered that Qin Xi had called him two days ago, but he was very busy at the time and hung up after just a few words.


 The man was silent for a while, and asked, “How are they now?”


 “The car broke down. They have to wait for the rain to stop and fix the car before they can come back.”


 “I mean Ruan Yan.”


 “Ye Qing said that your wife had a little cold, did not have a fever, and the problem was not too big, so she should just rest…”


Zhou Mengyan raised his head, and he saw Jiang Cheng’s expression of wanting to speak.


 “Say what you want to say.”


 “Mr Zhou, I think… your wife is very kind and filial. Although it is not convenient to go out, she does everything possible to do something for the old lady.” Jiang Cheng remembered the tone of Zhou Mengyan’s speech to Ruan Yan just now. How sad the girl would be to hear it.


 “You haven’t been home for two days, and your wife stayed alone. If she wanted to go to the countryside, it may be because of boredom.”


Upon hearing this, Zhou Mengyan looked at the darkening night outside the window, and his eyes were difficult to distinguish.




In the evening, the man finally finished the work on hand during the recent period, and returned home. Teng Heng was free and came over to look for him.


The two met at the door of the villa. Teng Heng watched Zhou Mengyan walk into the villa with a cold face, and held Jiang Cheng, “What happened to him? The business negotiation failed?”




“Then what is it?”


 “It’s… his wife.”


Three minutes later, Teng Heng walked into the house and saw the man sitting on the sofa. He snorted, “Zhou Mengyan, are you doing personnel affairs?”


The man looked up at him.


 “Your wife, when she was blind, she went to the countryside to get medicine for your mother. After you know it, she is the same? Blame her for running around?” Teng Heng sat on the sofa, “You let your wife stay alone for so many days. I’m ashamed to blame people for running around.”


 “Enough said?”


 Teng Heng licked his face, “I didn’t say enough. I want to condemn you for your wife. It’s because of people’s soft temper. Other people are already angry.”


 Zhou Mengyan recalled that when she called in the evening, the girl’s voice was full of grievances, and he could even imagine her eyes flushed.


 He became more irritable in his heart.


 Teng Heng looked at the expression on his face, gloating, “You should, your wife is not at home.”


The man stood up and stared at him coldly, “I have no time to chat tonight, you go back by yourself.”


He walked upstairs, Teng Heng looked at him and said, “Zhou Mengyan, why do people like you have wives?”


Walking upstairs, Zhou Mengyan pushed aside the bedroom that he had not returned to for several days.


He turned on the light, and it was empty inside. The air was filled with a special faint sweet fragrance, not the fragrance in the room, but the smell of Ruan Yan’s body.


Walking in, he saw the folded nightdress in the corner of the bed, the bear pillow lying on the side of the bed, and her ukulele in the corner of the sofa.


Zhou Mengyan sat on the sofa for a long time, and the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated.


 It is Ruan Yan’s information.


 [The bridge was flooded, we were also overwhelmed. We stayed overnight at the grandma’s house who sells Chinese medicinal materials. We will go back tomorrow when the car is repaired.  】




After Ruan Yan sent Zhou Mengyan’s message, she took the medicinal materials sent by his grandmother to find Fan Zhuo.


 “Uncle Fan, take this medicinal material to soak your feet tonight and go to the wind and cold. Didn’t you say that your joints will feel uncomfortable every time the weather changes? It should be better after the soak.


Fan Zhuo stared at Ruan Yan in a daze, and was touched, “Madam, I didn’t expect you to remember it. Thank you so much.”


He discovered that the boss’s wife is really good-natured, who doesn’t like it.


 Ruan Yan smiled, “It’s okay, rest early.”


When she walked back, she heard grandma and Teng Teng chatting in the yard. She learned that they planned to make glutinous rice cakes by themselves tomorrow.  She returned to the room and Ye Qing took her to sit down on the bed, “Madam, do you feel uncomfortable?”


 “Nothing big…”


 “When the road is open tomorrow, I will take you back to see a doctor.”


 Ruan Yan nodded.




 Zhou Mengyan slept, and he woke up early the next weekend.


 After taking a shower, he came downstairs from upstairs at exactly eight o’clock. He walked to the dining room, and Jiang Cheng came with a financial report.


After a few official words, Jiang Cheng took the initiative to mention Ruan Yan, “I contacted your wife’s driver just now and he said that the bridge has been connected. Now they are waiting for someone to repair the car. I don’t know when they will be back. Your wife is still sick. How about… find someone to take her back?”


 Jiang Cheng knocked on the side.


 Zhou Mengyan put down the milk and was silent for a moment, “What’s the schedule today during the day.”


 “There is no arrangement today, you can rest for a few days.”


 After Jiang Cheng hinted, he looked at him and looked forward to it, until after a long time, the man finally said: “You go to prepare the car.”




 Ten minutes later, Zhou Mengyan got in the car and drove to the countryside.


 Along the way, the weather cleared up, and the man looked at the scenery outside the window, his eyes were deep, and the tone of the girl’s voice from yesterday always unconsciously appeared in his mind.


 He called Qin Xi last night. After Qin Xi learned about it, she felt guilty and moved. She thought Ruan Yan was just looking for someone to get some medicinal materials. Who knew she went to the countryside to buy it herself.  After Qin Xi heard it, he asked him to quickly pick up Ruan Yan.


Two hours later, the car finally drove into the village, and if it drove further in, it couldn’t move forward.


 “Mr Zhou, then you are sitting in the car and I will get off to pick up your wife?” Jiang Cheng asked.


Unexpectedly, a few seconds later, the man opened the door.


Walking on the wet dirt road, Jiang Cheng followed the man and said with emotion, “This village is a bit backward. It is estimated that it rained again last night. I don’t know if your wife’s cold has worsened.”


Zhou Mengyan frowned slightly looking at the surrounding environment.


Thinking of the night when he first saw Ruan Yan, she stood in the rain, holding a shabby umbrella, like a chicken.


 “When it comes to Mr Zhou, it seems to be this.”


They stood in front of the concealed door, and before they entered, they heard the laughter of children coming from inside, which was very lively.


Jiang Cheng opened the door, and the next moment, Zhou Mengyan saw several children in the yard laughing and saying, “Sister Yanyan made the glutinous rice cake so delicious!”


 “Sister Yanyan is awesome! Come on!”


 Zhou Mengyan imagined what Ruan Yan would look like to see.


She should be miserable, lying on the bed, sick and pitiful, perhaps with tears rolling in her eyes, weak.


Rather than like now–


 Ruan Yan was wearing a flowery long sleeve and her hair was tied into a cute ponytail. Standing in front of a large stone mortar, she hammered the glutinous rice with a mallet in her hand, with a proud smile on her lips.


“Have you seen it, it’s still my strength!”


Zhou Mengyan: ?


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