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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Translated and edited by Cutiebinkie

Ye Qing was sitting on the stone bench beside him, looking at Ruan Yan, laughing happily. Who knew that when she turned her head, she saw Zhou Mengyan and his party standing at the door.


She was so scared that she immediately stood up, dumbfounded: “Mr Zhou, Mr Zhou…?!”


Ruan Yan raised her hand, and she just swung the hammer in a downward motion. Hearing the sound of “Mr Zhou”, she was so scared that the action in her hand stopped immediately and she almost couldn’t stand firmly.


Mr Zhou??


Zhou Mengyan? ! !


The children in the yard stopped laughing, and all turned to look at the person at the door with a curious look.


The man looked at Ruan Yan, regaining his faint expression, and walked into the courtyard. Ruan Yan heard the approaching footsteps, and finally seemed to stop in front of the stone mortar.


Ruan Yan put down the hammer, wiped the sweat from the palm of her hand, and her face turned red: “Well, why are you here…”


She also didn’t know that she was hammering glutinous rice cakes and was enjoying herself, so Zhou Mengyan suddenly appeared qwq.


How embarrassing it is.


Jiang Cheng said on the side, “Mrs Zhou, isn’t your car broken? Mr Zhou came to pick you up.”


Ruan Yan: ?


Zhou Mengyan came to pick her up in person??


The kid next to her looked up at Zhou Mengyan, and asked, “Brother who are you?”


 “Why are you looking for sister Yanyan?”


 “Brother, do you also know Sister Yanyan…”


The man lowered his eyes and glanced at the little kid who was turning around him, his expression faint, “I am her husband.”




 “What is Mr?”


 “I know I know! Mr means husband! You are sister Yanyan’s husband!”


“Oh, her husband~~~”


 Zhou Mengyan:…


Ruan Yan: …


Ruan Yan was embarrassed and unable to add to it. At this time, grandma walked out of the kitchen with the pound rice, and she immediately opened her mouth to introduce Zhou Mengyan to her grandma.


“This is the grandma who sells Chinese medicine. Her family’s Chinese medicine is very good.” Ruan Yan said to Zhou Mengyan.


The man said hello, and the grandmother looked at him and smiled, “Yanyan unexpectedly found such a handsome husband. Yanyan didn’t go home last night. You were very worried, so come pick her up today.”


“Yeah.” Zhou Mengyan responded quietly.


Ruan Yan knew that he said this in front of outsiders, but her cheeks were still a little hot.


The child next to her pulled Zhou Mengyan’s sleeve and said, “Brother, do you want to play glutinous rice with us too? Sister Yanyan is super powerful, can you see if you can beat her?”


 Ruan Yan: “…”


How could Zhou Mengyan do such things that “ordinary people” would do!


Sure enough, the next moment, I heard the man ruthlessly refuse, “No comparison.”


The children’s mouths were sealed.


Zhou Mengyan raised his eyes and looked at Ruan Yan, “Alright?” The implication was to take her away.


“I’ll go and clean up now.”


Five minutes later, Ruan Yan walked out of the room, and the children surrounded her and said that she was reluctant to bear her.  She squatted down and said to them with a smile: “It’s okay, next time I come to play with you, let’s hammer glutinous rice cakes together again, okay?”


 “Okay, goodbye sister…”


Jiang Cheng took the Chinese herbal medicine, Ruan Yan and grandma said goodbye, and then got into the car.


The car drove back.


Ruan Yan closed her eyes and slumbered, ignoring the embarrassing atmosphere.


Zhou Mengyan looked at the scenery outside the window, and the scene of Ruan Yan humming and hammering glutinous rice lingered in his mind for a while.




The girl’s introverted and quiet in peacetime personality does not seem to match what he had seen.


The two people in the back seat each turned sideways.




 “Ah Chu!——”


 Ruan Yan immediately covered her nose, and after two seconds, “Ah Chu!!”


With a blushing face, she fumbled for the paper box beside her, and drew a piece of paper, “Ah Chu!!”


The man turned his eyes to look at her.


Ruan Yan: …


Her cheeks were red, and she suppressed her itchy nose, and an object was thrown over her leg. She reached out suspiciously, and it turned out to be Zhou Mengyan’s coat.


“Thank you…”


She did feel a little cold, so she put on his coat obediently.


Zhou Mengyan said to the driver, “Go to the hospital.”


Ruan Yan immediately denied: “No need, no need! It’s just a small cold! No need to go to the hospital…”


She didn’t want to spend time going to the hospital, nor did she want to cause trouble to others. She changed the reason and whispered, “I… I’m sleepy and want to go home to sleep.”


Zhou Mengyan said nothing, took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message.


An hour later, the two finally returned to the Yinan Mansion.


Ruan Yan was helped out of the car by the maid waiting at the door and heard them say, “Sir, madam, Doctor Bai is already waiting inside.”




Ruan Yan did not expect that Zhou Mengyan did not take her to the doctor, but helped her call a family doctor.


Walking into the villa, Bai Xianyi sat on the blue leather sofa chair in the large living room on the first floor, waiting for a long time.


He was wearing a gray shirt, his skin was very white, his features were delicate, and he was wearing gold-framed glasses. He saw Zhou Mengyan and Ruan Yan walking in, and raised his lips gently, “Brother Mengyan, sister-in-law.”


Zhou Mengyan introduced Ruan Yan to him. Ruan Yan thought he was a simple doctor, but she did not expect him to be Zhou Mengyan’s friend.


Ruan Yan smiled faintly at him, “Hello, Doctor Bai.”


“Sister-in-law, sit down, and I will examine you.”


 Ruan Yan sat down, Bai Xianyi put on a mask, auscultated her, followed by a series of examinations, “It’s an ordinary cold, plus allergic rhinitis has some episodes, just take some medicine, it will not be very serious.”


Ruan Yan nodded, “Okay.”


Bai Xianyi looked at Zhou Mengyan, “You can let my sister-in-law go upstairs to rest first, and I will prescribe some medicine here.”


 Zhou Mengyan looked at the maid and said, “Take my wife upstairs.”


After Ruan Yan went upstairs, Bai Xianyi folded his hands and said warmly, “Brother Meng Yan, I think my sister-in-law may not have a good rest recently, and the dark circles under her eyes are a bit heavy. You should always care about her and not work too much.  “


The man raised his eyes and looked at him, “What did Teng Heng tell you again?”


Bai Xianyi smiled lightly. He didn’t expect him to react so quickly. “He called me to accuse you last night, but you also know that he was joking. I see the relationship between you and your sister-in-law… it seems to be no different from the wedding.  .”


 Zhou Mengyan asked faintly, “What is the difference?”


Bai Xianyi didn’t smile, knowing that some words were not suitable for him to say, “It’s okay, I’ll prescribe some medicine. You ask the maid to make some porridge, and then send the porridge and medicine to my sister-in-law.


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