Honeyed Marriage Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Translated and edited by Cutiebinkie

On the other side, Ruan Yan returned to the room, took a hot bath first, and changed into comfortable clothes.

After coming out of the bathroom, she lay down on the bed and soon fell asleep.

Near noon, the maid brought the medicine and the cooked porridge to the second floor. As soon as she walked to the bedroom, she saw Zhou Mengyan walking out of the study.

“Give it to me.”

“Yes sir.”

Zhou Mengyan opened the door, walked inside, and saw a small lump on the bed.

He put the dinner plate in the bedside cabinet, Ruan Yan was awakened, turned over and mumbled a few times, and heard the man’s voice, “Get up and take medicine.”

Ruan Yan slumped on the bed, motionless, a few seconds later, she finally realized who was talking, her consciousness suddenly awakened, and her body shot.


The man walked to the sofa and took the small table, then lifted the quilt in front of her, put the table in front of her, and put the porridge on it, “Can you eat it?”

Ruan Yan was afraid of the classic feeding stage in the TV series in the next scene, and nodded quickly, “Yes.”

She bowed her head and quietly scooped the porridge into her mouth, feeling that Zhou Mengyan was still standing by her side.

Does he have anything to do with her?

Otherwise, why would he keep watching her eat…

Ruan Yan struggled for a while, and took the initiative to say: “Thank you for today, and sorry… for the trouble to everyone.”

“The medicinal materials will be sent to mom tomorrow. She was very touched to know that you were going to the countryside to buy medicine for her.” He finally said.

She was stunned, and then curled her lips, “It’s okay, as long as the medicine is useful for her to drink.”

“You can go out in the future, but it depends on the weather forecast.”


So… does he mean he won’t blame her anymore?

She felt a lot more relieved.

After drinking the porridge, a cup of warm water was put in her hand, “Hold the medicine.”

She spread out her hand, put a few pills in her palm, stuffed it into her mouth, poured water down her throat with her head up, and then returned the cup to him.

Zhou Mengyan put the small table aside, and when he came back, he saw Ruan Yan leaning on her side to touch the phone on the bedside, and the bed sheet she was sitting on was stained red.

He fixed his eyes to see a pool of blood on it, and Zhou Mengyan, who understood physiological knowledge but did not react for a while, frowned suddenly.

Ruan Yan just got the mobile phone, and suddenly felt that she was picked up by the waist and lifted off the bed.

What? ? ?

Ruan Yan was so scared that she circled her arms round his neck, with a dazed expression, “What are you doing?”

The man looked at the bed sheet again, and suddenly realized something, his face darkened, “There is blood on the bed sheet…”

Ruan Yan’s heart shook–

Is her Aunt Flo* here unexpectedly? !  My God, why didn’t she feel it at all!

(TN: Aunt Flo is a slang for period i.e that time of the month)

She wanted to cry but she didn’t have any tears, “My… it seems to be an official holiday…”

Zhou Mengyan is a man who has experienced strong winds and waves in a shopping mall. He has never faced such a situation personally. He looked away from the sheets and tried his best to keep his voice calm, “What should I do then?”

“You, you let me down first…” Can holding on to her solve the problem? qwq.

Zhou Mengyan forgot for a moment that he was still holding her. He stepped up to the sofa and realized that something was wrong, then turned and walked to the bathroom.

Putting her in the bathroom, Ruan Yan screamed in embarrassment, “Can you help me get a clean nightdress and that… underwear?”

He turned around to leave, and was stopped by her again, “Wait.”

“What happened?”

“There is also a sanitary napkin… in the storage box under my vanity mirror.”

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to bury herself in the ground.

The man turned around and went to the wardrobe and found her change of clothes. Then he went to the vanity mirror. When he picked up the storage box underneath and opened it to see a box full of colorful packaging, his temples pulsed.

What is this?

He fiddled a few times, his face changed, and he simply walked over with the storage box.

Ruan Yan pulled the door and waited at the door, when she heard the man coming back, Ruan Yan asked, “Did you not find it?”

Zhou Mengyan looked down at these bells and whistles, was silent for a few seconds, coughed lightly, and finally spoke, “Shushu Baoyun feel cotton is extremely thin, 240mm, with a soft surface.”

“ABC is cool and comfortable, 240mm, soft cotton surface.”

“Sophie Pocket Magic, 240mm, thin and light surface.”


Ruan Yan:? ? ?

How does he do it like a supermarket promotion…

“Any piece of it will do…”

The man took a piece of it and gave it to her. Ruan Yan closed the bathroom door, covered her hot face with her palm, and sobbed.

Today was definitely the most embarrassing QAQ day to get to know Zhou Mengyan.

On the morning of the third day after Ruan Yan was picked up, Zhou Mengyan set off from home and had just walked into the elevator at the Fan Moni Building when he received a call from Qin Xi.

“Meng Yan, I have received the Chinese medicinal materials and I feel very good. I will call you first, and I will call Yanyan later.” Qin Xi was in a good mood.

“Well, if you don’t feel it well after eating, I will think of a solution.”

“It’s okay, I know my own body.”

“Mom, do you still have something to tell me?” Zhou Mengyan understands Qin Xi and knows that she usually doesn’t just make such a call.

“Yes, I’m actually here to talk to you about Yanyan.”

Zhou Mengyan walked out of the elevator and heard the other end, “I know you are busy at work. It is probably difficult for you to spend more time with Yanyan. Would you like to consider raising a pet for her? Staying with her will not make her so lonely.

She can’t see now, and her life is very monotonous. She is bored all day long by herself, and she feels uncomfortable for anyone else.” Qin Xi sighed, “Even if you don’t like her and don’t take this marriage seriously, you can make her live a little bit happier.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhou Mengyan walked into the office.

After Jiang Cheng handed over the documents and left, Zhou Mengyan drank coffee and thought for a long time, he finally picked up the mobile phone on the desk and dialed a number.

“Mr Zhang, excuse me. I remember you worked in a guide dog agency?”

Ruan Yan was at home in the past few days and found that the servant seemed to be decorating a new room. She asked this questioningly what needed to be done, and the servant smiled and remained mysterious, “Wait for a few days, the boss’s wife will know.”


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