Honeyed Marriage Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan couldn’t guess at all, until the morning three days later, when she was in the piano room, the servant came and called her, “Madam, please go downstairs. There are guests at home.”


Ruan Yan went downstairs, was taken to the entrance, and heard a female voice at the door: “Are you Mrs Zhou?”




 “Hello, I am a staff member of Aien Guide Dog Training Agency, Xiaofang, we received a message from Mr Zhou that we have matched you with a guide dog, and today we sent the dog here.”


Ruan Yan was surprised- a guide dog?  !


It turned out that Zhou Mengyan contacted the people at the guide dog agency a few days ago, hoping to send a guide dog there. These days, the house has been setting up a dog kennel, and Ruan Yan and the dog would have a game room for playing.


Xiaofang took the dog to Ruan Yan’s feet and introduced to her, “This is just a purebred Labrador named ‘Coco’. He is one year old and has received professional guidance training and social adjustment. Sex training is a particularly smart dog in our organization.”


 “Coco, this is your new owner.”


Ruan Yan squatted down and tried to touch it, Coco leaned close to her docilely, wagging his tail and licking  her palm. Ruan Yan couldn’t help laughing, “So cute.”


 “Mrs Zhou, I will take you to train with you next time. I will tell you how to live with a guide dog and let you pair slowly. Don’t worry. Although Coco is one year old, he knows that you are its new owner. He will always be loyal to you.”


Xiaofang first took Coco around the villa to familiarize him with the environment, and then taught Ruan Yan some instructions and movements and the use of the guide saddle. After Ruan Yan adapts, she can go out with Coco. The dog will protect her safety throughout.


After the whole day, Ruan Yan and Coco got along very happily. When Zhou Mengyan returned home, he saw several lights in the backyard lit up. Ruan Yan was playing with the dog with a fur ball in his hand.


Ruan Yan stood up and turned her head when he heard the servant who accompanied him and said hello to the man, feeling him approaching.


 “Are you still used to it?” He said quietly.


Ruan Yan smiled and nodded, “Coco is very good.”


Coco looked at Zhou Mengyan, then walked to him and circled around.


With a smile on her lips, Ruan Yan was moved, and said to Zhou Mengyan, “Thank you for buying me a guide dog.”


She hasn’t been so happy for a long time, and she feels that with this dog, all the boring time had passed away.


Zhou Mengyan looked at her, “It wasn’t me, it was my mother’s idea.”




Zhou Mengyan said nothing, and turned back to the villa.


Ruan Yan thought of something, cast her eyes down and squatted to take Cocoa into her arms.


She bent her lips and touched its head.


After Coco officially became a part of the family, Ruan Yan spent a lot of time with it. In the evening, after she played the piano, she would go to the game room to play with Coco. She sat on the carpet and listened to a book on the sofa. Coco would lie on her lap and accompany her quietly.


For three consecutive nights, Zhou Mengyan returned from the study to the bedroom, still empty.


If it were changed from the past, Ruan Yan would have been there for a long time.


Coming out of the bedroom, an impetuous emotion passed through his heart, and finally he couldn’t help knocking on the door of the game room.


Hearing a knock on the door, Coco ran to the door and swiped the doorknob with his paw.


The man pushed the door in, but Coco ran back to Ruan Yan again. Ruan Yan was confused and didn’t know who was at the door until she heard Zhou Mengyan’s deep voice, “It’s ten o’clock.”


Ruan Yan was stunned for a moment, and said, “Well, I know…”


Zhou Mengyan: “I plan to sleep.”


Ruan Yan was even more confused, and she didn’t understand why he came and said to her, “Okay, I’ll play with Cocoa for a while, you go to sleep first.”


Zhou Mengyan looked at Coco, who was innocent and wagging his tail at him with a cold face, and turned around a few seconds later with a cold voice, “Come to wash up early, otherwise it will disturb me.”




After the man left, Ruan Yan rubbed the dog’s head and stuck out her tongue, “What should I do, I can’t accompany you, but can you go to bed earlier?”


After setting up the dog, she walked out of the lounge and returned to the bedroom.


After closing the door, she heard a sound from the bed and knew that Zhou Mengyan was in bed.


Ruan Yan walked to the bed and touched the nightdress, vaguely feeling that the man was looking at her.


It’s wrong, it must be an illusion, what does he see her doing?


She shouldn’t think too much.


After walking to the bathroom, she closed the door, and Zhou Mengyan’s gaze returned.


Ruan Yan finished washing, put the nightdress and bath towel on the hanger outside, then walked into the glass door, opened the shower, and water vapor came in again.


Today, her Aunt Flo’s visit is finally over, and her body feels much more comfortable. Every time she has her period, she feels that she can’t doesn’t have any energy.


After washing, she opened the glass door, stepped on the mats, walked out, reached out and picked up the bath towel, who would have accidentally picked up the nightdress and dropped to the ground. She picked it up and found that the nightdress was wet and should be dirty.


There was only one nughtdress in the entire bathroom, and she struggled helplessly for a while, then gathered up the courage and shouted at the door, “Meng Yan…”


Not long after, a voice came from the door, “What’s wrong?”


 “I… my nightdress is dirty, can you help me get a new one from the closet?” She turned red.


Outside there was quiet for a while, and she heard him say, “Open the door.”


She thought he had taken it, and walked to the door wrapped in a bath towel, gently unlocking the lock.


The bathroom door was opened, and Zhou Mengyan saw the girl’s face like snow powder, the delicate skin between her neck turned against the light on the top of her head, white without blemishes, and her face looked ashamed.


Zhou Mengyan suppressed the emotions that he didn’t know how many days, and couldn’t help it when he heard her taking a bath just now, and it came to his heart at this moment.


Ruan Yan was stunned, and proactively stretched out his hand, “That… night dress…”


The man’s eyes darkened, and he spoke a few seconds later, his voice was slightly muted, “There is no need to wear it.”


Anyway, I have to take it off after a while.


T/N: Mengyan: Buys Yanyan a guide dog as a romantic gesture.

        Coco: Makes Mengyan become a lightbulb(third wheel)

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