Honeyed Marriage Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan was stunned. She didn’t realize what he meant. The next moment she felt that she was being picked up by her waist. She exclaimed, and the man walked out of the bathroom without stopping.


Ruan Yan’s brain was blank for a second, and she immediately understood something, her complexion reddened to resemble a strawberry.


Because Zhou Mengyan was very busy some time ago and did not return to the company, and her period came, they have not lived a certain life for more than a week…


Ruan Yan imagined what would happen after a while, and her heartbeat sped up unconsciously.


When she was put on the bed, the bath towel on her body was unconsciously unravelled. When she had time to cover it in the future, the man held her wrist and enveloped her in his arms.


She whispered softly like a kitten, “You… didn’t you say you want to go to bed early tonight?”


Why is this script different from what she expected??


He looked at her, “Sleep, there is a problem?”


Ruan Yan, “…” Is this person definitely teasing her?


His kiss fell. Gradually, Ruan Yan lost herself in his very skillful kiss. Every moment of contact with his body felt familiar and strange, like the land after a long drought in the rain.


Maybe it’s really because of “Little Love Wins New Love”, the temperature in a room of rose fragrance is gradually rising.


The mattress undulated deeply, and the sweat from her chin rolled down to her neck. Ruan Yan was picked up by him with knees on his sides, and she couldn’t help but climb onto his shoulders.


She swayed like a boat or a kite. She wanted to fly far, but was finally pulled into his arms.


The next morning, the sky was bright.


Ruan Yan woke up first. She turned around and felt a vague light in front of her eyes. She subconsciously touched the bed sheet next to her, but she touched the man’s body.


Why did Zhou Mengyan sleep later than her today?!


This was the first time she woke up and he was still by her side.


Last night, she didn’t know how long the two had tossed, but she remembered that when it was over, she was taken to the bathroom by him. For some reason, the two were entangled in the bathroom again.


The water in the bathtub was cold, and Zhou Mengyan was afraid that she would catch a cold, so he hugged her back to the bed halfway through. Later, Zhou Mengyan completely ignored the time and dragged her down.


She only knew that it was late at night when she fell asleep, maybe it was two o’clock, or maybe three o’clock, as if the man was going to make up the common food owed these days…


Ruan Yan’s face was red, and she immediately cut off the memory.  She yawned and slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep again.


It was near ten o’clock before Zhou Mengyan woke up.


He opened his eyes and saw the clock on the wall, and found that this was the first time he had been messing around in many years, even if it was the weekend.


Usually, whether it is work or vacation, Zhou Mengyan always asks himself to wake up early, including the time for his sleep at night, to be basically punctual. He has lived a self-control life for many years until last night——


Because of certain force majeure, he broke the principle.


He discovered that some things are not necessities of life, but when you touch them, it seems that there is no way to quit.  Zhou Mengyan was not keen on certain things, and before getting married, he also felt it was dispensable.


But after the first time, every part of Ruan Yan’s body will stir up those emotions.


He closed his eyes for a while, calmed down, and then got out of bed.


When Ruan Yan woke up for the second time, she heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. This time, the person beside her had disappeared.


She found that she was wearing nothing, and she sat up and wanted to look for her nightdress. The man just came out of the bathroom.


She was so embarrassed that she immediately pulled the bed sheet over her body and buried her head in the quilt. When she heard him walking closer, she blushed as if she was about to bleed.


Zhou Mengyan opened the closet, took out a dress and walked to the bed.


He lowered his eyes and glanced at her, the girl looked ashamed as if he did something similar to the animal last night.


She pretended that she didn’t hear anything, and wanted to wait for him to leave before picking up the dress. Who knew she would throw a piece of clothing at hand.


 “Go and wash up.”


 His voice returned to the tone of business.


 This is indeed Zhou Mengyan himself.




“The acupuncture therapy you told me yesterday, you can let Ye Qing take you to see it.”


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