Honeyed Marriage Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Yesterday, Ruan Yan told Zhou Mengyan about the traditional Chinese medicine the grandmother recommended to her. She wanted to ask him if she could try out therapy. The man didn’t say anything. He probably asked someone to find out about it, and only now gave her an answer.


“Okay, I’ll call to make an appointment.”


After Zhou Mengyan left the bedroom, Ruan Yan changed her clothes and opened her mobile phone to find the number of the clinic that she had saved a few days ago.


After the call, they said that they could make an appointment, so it was about two o’clock in the afternoon.


Ruan Yan finished washing up and went out of the room. She felt something against her leg. She squatted down and touched Coco, and smiled, “So you have been waiting for me at the door.”


Coco licked her palm, and then Ruan Yan led it downstairs.


She told her servant yesterday that she will try not to follow her at home in the future. She has to learn to act and take care of herself. She is too dependent on others to let her adapt faster.


After eating brunch, her mobile phone rang suddenly.


She picked it up, and Zhu Xingzhi’s lazy voice came from the other end, “What are you doing? What are your arrangements today?”


“Eat breakfast, and go out to see a Chinese doctor in the afternoon.”


 “Traditional Chinese doctor? Who would check your eyes?”




“Well, I still want to find you at your house. It’s boring to stay at home by myself. I don’t want to buy a bag or go shopping, I just want to see you. Why do I like you so much?”


Ruan Yan couldn’t help but smile, “You can come to me if you want to, and I will go home after seeing the Chinese doctor.”


“Will Zhou Mengyan accompany you?”


 “No, I will go by myself.” He has never had such extra time.


 “Then I will accompany you? Anyway, I’m idle.”


 “Okay.” With Zhu Xingzhi accompanying her, she wouldn’t be bored anymore.


 “Then I will come to you this afternoon.”


 In the afternoon, the sun shines through the leaves, leaving mottled shadows on the ground.


Ruan Yan took Coco and walked out of the car. Zhu Xingzhi also got out of the car and stepped forward to hold her, “Let’s go, this is what you said.”


Just looking at the entrance of this clinic, it looks like an ordinary clinic.  But in fact, this branch has been opened in the old city of Lincheng for nearly 30 years. In the early years, it was established by the father of the current Traditional Chinese medicine doctor. Now it is his son. Their family is a family of Traditional Chinese medicine doctors and is very famous in Lincheng.


The two went inside, and after a short wait, they saw the kind old Chinese doctor.


He understood Ruan Yan’s situation, and after reading her previous eye examination report, he smiled, “Little girl, don’t worry, we have seen your situation before. I think Chinese medicine is more suitable for you. You can take acupuncture and moxibustion for a while.”


Zhu Xingzhi: “Doctor, how long will it take for her to see?”


“This is hard to say, it’s not enough to take two packs of medicine. It depends on her own situation, but acupuncture will definitely be effective.”


Ruan Yan breathed a sigh of relief. It has been a long time since she heard such encouraging words, “Okay.”


“The first treatment can be arranged today.”


Ruan Yan and Zhu Xingzhi walked out of the clinic, and the latter asked her how she felt.


“I feel the eyelids are warm, and the eyes are quite comfortable, but I don’t feel anything else for the time being.”


Zhu Xingzhi said that it doesn’t matter, this is just like skin care, it’s a long-term process, Ruan Yan also calmed down and didn’t think about the results.


“Then let’s go back now. You can stay at home for dinner tonight.”




Ruan Yan took Zhu Xingzhi back home. The two went to the dog play room on the second floor. They planned to play with Cocoa for a while. The maid brought in fruits and pastries. Zhu Xingzhi asked casually, “Right, isn’t your husband at home?”


“Is he in the study room?”


The maid replied from the side, “Mr Zhou seems to have gone out just now.”


After the maid left, Zhu Xingzhi smiled and teased, “Your husband is too busy, and he won’t be at home to accompany you on weekends. No wonder you let me come. You turned out to be too lonely.”


Ruan Yan was so embarrassed that she threw the banana pillow to her, “Who wanted to come?”


“Huh.” Zhu Xingzhi picked up the fur ball on the ground, “Coco, let’s play the ball.”


She threw the ball far away, and Coco chased it, and then took the fur ball back. The two had a great time. “Yanyan, although Zhou Mengyan usually ignores you, Coco is too cute. There is this dog.  What kind of man do you want?”


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