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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan: “…”


After a while, she remembered what she had been struggling with these days and asked, “Zhizhi, I want to donate to a school. Do you think it is feasible?”


 “Donate to a school?”


Ruan Yan told her what she had heard from the grandma’s grandson when she went to the countryside last time, “That school is old and in disrepair. If it is really unusable, then many children will not be able to go to school. I want to donate some money to help them renovate the school.”


Zhu Xingzhi sat next to Ruan Yan and squeezed her face, “Yanyan is too kind.”


“Do you think it is feasible?”


 “It is feasible, I will definitely support you in this kind of thing. And it is not a burden for you, but the group of children can get a lot of help.”


 “Ok, then I will let people know more about it these days.” She reached out and slowly touched the plate and knife and fork on the table next to her, and brought it over, “You have blueberry mousse, it tastes very good.”


Zhu Xingzhi looked at the exquisite desserts, swallowed, “I can’t.”




 “I recently… I lost weight! These things can’t be touched.”


 “Lost weight?” Ruan Yan put the dinner plate aside, “How many times have you said you want to lose weight since high school?”


 “I… I’m serious this time!” Zhu Xingzhi has a physique that is prone to weight loss. If she doesn’t control her diet, she will be mellow with the naked eye. However, she still likes to eat good food and often can’t control her mouth.


Ruan Yan smiled and raised his hands, “Come on, let me touch your face.”


Zhu Xingzhi reluctantly moved her face toward her, Ruan Yan rubbed it, “Why does it feel… fatter than before?”


 “Ruan Yan! I’ll kill you!” Zhu Xingzhi was so angry that she wanted to tickle her.


The girl dodges with a smile, and doesn’t forget to make a joke to her, “You must not lose weight properly. I just touched your face but it was full of collagen, so cute.”




 “You said you insisted on a few days? Remember when you were in the dormitory in high school, you said that if you had supper at night, you would ask each of us to eat. How many catties did you take us to fat that month?”


Zhu Xingzhi became angry and furious, “You are still not my bestie! As soon as I lose weight, you will hit me. If you don’t encourage me, you will hit me like crazy. I said that I won’t pay attention to you again from now on.”


She hummed, got up so angry, and walked out of the game room.




Ruan Yan was amused by her.


At the same time, the door of the villa was opened and Zhou Mengyan walked in.


He went out temporarily to handle an official business, and returned home after he was done. He walked upstairs, slowly pinching the cuffs of his black shirt as he walked.


Ruan Yan was in the room and did not wait for Zhu Xingzhi to return.


Is this person really angry anymore?


She thought about it, got up and fumbled outside the door, and walked to the door. Zhou Mengyan just came up from downstairs, without noticing Ruan Yan at the corner, and walked towards the living room.


Ruan Yan heard the footsteps and thought it was Zhu Xingzhi, so she followed.


Standing by the corridor wall at the back of the living room, Ruan Yan heard the other person sitting down on the sofa and really ignored her posture. She suppressed the smile at the corner of her mouth and said softly, “Hey, are you really angry?”


The man picked up the handle of the cigar box and paused when he turned his head and saw–


The girl stood obliquely behind, leaning half of her body out from the wall cutely, like a little hamster that came out, with a curve on the corner of her mouth, smiling a little.


 Zhou Mengyan was stunned.


Seeing that the other party didn’t say a word, Ruan Yan used a set of coquettish methods to coax “her”, “Don’t be angry, I’m wrong, I really was just kidding.”


There is still no response in the living room.


Ruan Yan thought, why is this person still angry?


 She tilted her head, and suddenly had an idea, “Then I will tell you a story.”


 Ruan Yan’s voice is soft, “Once upon a time, there was a little duck in the line. It wanted to align with the duck in front of it, but it was not correct in any way, so it muttered that it is not the same as the duck (I’m sorry, I’m sorry)…”


She said that and she was amused by herself, her eyebrows narrowed.


Until a few seconds later–


Suddenly a man’s calm voice came out on the sofa in the living room, “Are you talking to me?”


 Ruan Yan:? ? ?


 Zhou Mengyan? ? ! ! !


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