Honeyed Marriage Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

When Ruan Yan heard Zhou Mengyan’s voice in the living room, she seemed to be scorched by lightning.


 …How could it be Zhou Mengyan?! Wasn’t he not home?!!


What about Zhu Xingzhi?!


At this time, Zhu Xingzhi’s voice came from the corridor directly in front, “Yanyan?”


Ruan Yan: “…”


Ruan Yan thought of what she had just done, a puff of blood rushed to the top of her head, her cheeks were flushed, and it continued to descend to the base of her neck, and the whole person was as if a nail had been set in place, and she was frozen in that spot in embarrassment.


Zhu Xingzhi didn’t know what was going on, so she stepped forward, and when she saw Zhou Mengyan sitting on the sofa, she was also taken aback, “Hello, Mr Zhou.”


The man retracted his gaze to look at Ruan Yan, and looked slowly at her, “Yes.”


Zhu Xingzhi walked up to Ruan Yan, and seeing her face so red, she was even more confused, “What’s wrong with you…”


Ruan Yan had a red face and red ears, and she was tongue tied, “I… I just mistook him for you…”


After she finished speaking, she didn’t dare to wait for Zhou Mengyan to speak again, pulling Zhu Xingzhi, embarrassed, “Let’s go back to the game room…”


Going back to the game room, Ruan Yan leaned against the wall, wanting to cry without tears, “Xingzhi, what did you do just now?”


Zhu Xingzhi looked innocent, “I’ll go to the bathroom… Why are you blushing? So excited to see your husband come home?”


Ruan Yan: “…”


It’s over, it’s over.


What did she just do?  She actually acted like a baby to Zhou Mengyan? She might as well die.


In the living room, Zhou Mengyan got up and walked to the study, closed the door, and sat at the table.


He turned on the computer and wanted to see the information inside. Who knew that Ruan Yan’s lovely sentence was all in his mind,


 Right, the duck…


 Right, the duck…


 In an Infinite loop.


Zhou Mengyan coughed lightly and pressed his eyebrows.


In the evening, Zhu Xingzhi returned home. When it was time for dinner, the maid came up and told Ruan Yan to go downstairs to eat.


When she arrived at the dining table, she knew that Zhou Mengyan was also there.


Another layer of red appeared on her face, trying to forget what happened earlier today, but Zhou Mengyan was so tacitly in agreement that he did not mention it.


The two of them were eating dinner and occasionally exchanged a few words. At the end, the man put down his knife and fork and raised his eyes to look at her, with a flat tone, “After dinner, come to the study I need to tell you something.”




Ruan Yan nodded, and then Zhou Mengyan got up and left.


Twenty minutes later.


In the study, the night view of the floor-to-ceiling windows was neon. Ruan Yan sat down on the leather sofa. The man made a cup of tea and sat at an oblique corner.


“Yes… what’s the matter?” Ruan Yan asked.


 “Something,” he crossed his legs and put an electronic proposal about Euler in the girl’s hands, “I need you to come forward now.”


Lincheng in mid-October had already brought a slight coolness, the sun rose and the sky was clear.


Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Zhou Mengyan slowly buttoned his shirt buttons, put on his jacket, picked up the watch on the table, and fastened it on his wrist.


After finishing everything, he turned his head and saw the girl still sleeping on the bed.


She leaned sideways, slightly curled up, her black hair covering her pale shoulders, and the shoulder straps of the suspender skirt slipped slightly, revealing a faint spring light.


Zhou Mengyan retracted his gaze, then he walked out, and the servant outside nodded at him, “Sir, breakfast is ready.”


“Wake up my wife again at 8:30 to let her sleep a little longer.”


“Yes sir.”


An hour later, a Rolls-Royce stopped in the underground garage of the Euler Building.


Jiang Cheng opened the rear door and Zhou Mengyan walked down.


When the two of them walked forward, they saw Ruan Wucheng in a car not far away. He was dressed in a light gray suit and holding a cane. Although he was in his sixtieth year, he is still radiant.


Ruan Wucheng turned his head and saw the man approaching, smiled slightly, and spoke actively, “Mr Zhou, good morning, such a coincidence.”


A smile appeared in Zhou Mengyan’s eyes, “It’s a coincidence.”


The two walked forward together.


“Mr Zhou should have worked a lot for this extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. You have worked hard, and you have to spend so much time promoting your policies.”


It’s just that everything is in vain and time is wasted.


The man put one hand in his pocket and looked at him, “I’m fine, mainly because Mr Ruan has worked so hard, so I need to do so much preliminary work.”


Ruan Wucheng understood the underlying meaning behind his words, his face darkened, “Mr Zhou, if I were you, I wouldn’t have to be so tired.”




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