Honeyed Marriage Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

“If you take the shares, just lie down and earn a profit and dividend every year. You don’t have to work so hard, it’s better to do nothing.”


 “Mr Ruan, I still like to give more value to everything that belongs to me, otherwise Euler would be nothing more than a decoration for me.”


Does it belong to him?  Decoration?


Ruan Wucheng felt angry, but still maintained his composure.


Zhou Mengyan glanced at the phone and raised his lips, “Mr Ruan, I have to leave beforehand. See you later.”


After the man left, Ruan Wucheng’s face sank, he sneered and walked forward.


After arriving at the chairman’s office, he was sitting on the sofa drinking tea when someone knocked on the door.


“Come in.”


Gan Lu opened the door and walked in, holding a wooden box in his hand and putting it on the coffee table, “President Ruan, this bottle is a good wine. My friend brought it to me from abroad, but I have little research on red wine. I’ll give you so it won’t waste.”


Ruan Wucheng sipped his oolong, looked sideways at the red wine, and smiled faintly, “Thank you, I’m interested.”


“It’s okay, you promoted me to become the chief financial officer, and you helped me a lot. This is just a little bit of thought.”


Ruan Wucheng put down his teacup and said, “Wait, how are the preparations for the shareholders meeting?”


“Several shareholders who should be managed in the past few days have been arranged. There is absolutely no problem. Everyone will follow you, and they will definitely not have two minds.”


Ruan Wucheng has already sent someone to greet several shareholders in private. The shares in his hand, plus Feng Zhuang’s, are definitely more than enough to deal with Zhou Mengyan.


Ruan Wucheng chuckled, “Zhou Mengyan took some shares and took the position of vice president, trying to exchange blood for Euler.”


Gan Lu said, “President Ruan, it’s his wishful thinking. I don’t know why he’s so arrogant, does he think Euler is his Fan Moni?”


“He thought he wanted to beat me with 10% of his shares, plus some forces he could win? It’s ridiculous.”


Zhou Mengyan intends to replace the confidantes he arranged one by one through the replacement of talents, so that the entire Euler is within his sphere of influence.


Ruan Wucheng absolutely won’t allow it.


He finally got Euler into his hands. Since he was born, Ruan Yunshan, his younger brother has been overpowering him, and even his father valued Ruan Yunshan more and gave Ruan Yunshan the management right that originally belonged to him.


There is reincarnation in the way of heaven, and Ruan Yunshan has no life to hold it. Now he is the one in charge of Euler, and no one can change it.


At 9:30 in the morning, in Euler’s largest circular meeting room, shareholders entered and checked in one after another.


The shareholders present today are large and small. There are nearly 50 people in total. They hold 75% of the shares. The remaining retail investors who trade in the secondary market are not eligible to participate in the general meeting of shareholders.


The staff at the door were presiding over the orderly sign-in. After a while, Zhou Mengyan walked in and handed in his ID card and shareholder code card.


His name is third on the sign-in list, and he is also the person who holds the third largest number of shares in Euler.


He signed his name and walked inside, and many people who were already there looked at him.


Zhou Mengyan scanned the eyes of several people, and finally fell on Gan Lu, who put his hands on his chest, raised his eyebrows, and looked like he was sure to win.


Someone is whispering, “Zhou Mengyan painstakingly wanted to hold a shareholders meeting, it seems that he must want to reform Euler.”


“I think he is fully capable of making Euler better with his strength. How many companies still want to be held by him.”


“I can see that Zhou Mengyan is ambitious, but Euler is not SMINA after all, and his plan is too radical.”


“I am optimistic about him anyway.”


“It’s useless if you are optimistic, Ruan Wucheng will not let him succeed.”


People gradually increased, and Feng Zhuang also came at this time.


She followed Ruan Wucheng, and they didn’t know what they were talking about, and they all had smiles on their faces.


Feng Zhuang signed in and walked to the seat, just sitting next to Zhou Mengyan. She glanced at Zhou Mengyan, and the unpleasant disgust in her heart immediately came to her mind.


When she saw him, she remembered the way Ruan Ling was crying in front of her. The turtle who the had originally gotten flew away and married her most hated Ruan Yan. This hatred was settled.


If Zhou Mengyan had married Ruan Ling, she might still consider whose side she was on today, but now, she would never help Zhou Mengyan, she would make him regret it.


In the past few days, she sent someone to check the shares she held. After deducting the shares given to Zhou Mengyan, she still had 12%, because Ruan Yunshan sold 8% of the shares when the company had problems. 12% is enough to help Ruan Wucheng.


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