Honeyed Marriage Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 


However, at the next moment, they could see the face of the man who walked forward- it was not Zhou Mengyan!


Everyone was stunned.


The man walked up to the crowd, looked at Feng Zhuang and smiled slightly, “Hello Ms. Feng, I am President Zhou’s assistant.”




“Sorry, there is something President Zhou has to do tonight so he can’t attend Miss Ling’s birthday banquet,” he handed over a gift box, “This is a gift for Miss Ling, he let me send it to you to make up for his absence.”


Everyone was upset.


Ruan family’s expressions suddenly changed.


Feng Zhuang’s face stiffened for a few seconds, took the gift box, and smiled, “It doesn’t matter, Mr. Zhou just returned to China, he should be very busy. We understand, thank him on my behalf and invite him to be a guest when he is free.”


Ruan Ling also warmly thanked him with a polite smile.


After the Bentley left, the Ruan family stood still as if they had been stunned.


“Wh-what is this?” Feng Zhuang’s expectations fell to nothing, “Obviously, I promised well before!”


Ruan Wucheng’s face looked black as he walked back to the banquet hall.


“Is there really such a marriage? Zhou Mengyan didn’t even come…”


“It’s not like this a coincidence…”


Ruan Ling felt a huge sense of humiliation as she listened to the comments of the people around her.


A second ago, she proudly said to others that Zhou Mengyan would come for her.


The next moment she was slapped in the face.


Feng Zhuang soothed, “It’s okay Lingling, maybe Mr Zhou is too busy…”


Ruan Ling stared at Feng Zhuang, “I blame you for this!”


She threw away her mother’s hand and walked upstairs.



After seven o’clock in the evening, Ruan Yan felt a little hungry after listening to an audiobook in the room.


Fifteen minutes ago, the servant had come to inform her that the dinner was ready, she took off her earphones, got out of bed, and walked out.


She fumbled for the door, opened it and went out.


The maids could have been notified, but thinking about living in someone else’s house, it’s better not to bother others too much.


It was quiet outside and Mr. Zhou should not be at home.


Tonight is Ruan Ling’s birthday. According to the Ruan family, he should be at the banquet at this moment.


Ruan Yan knew him because she often heard Feng Zhuang and Ruan Ling mention the name at home during this period, still with admiration.


She only said a few words to him today, but she could also feel that a man like him was mature and stable. Although she can’t see his appearance, she could detect the kind of person he was from the few conversations they had.


The inexplicable mind makes people feel a little jealous.


But… it has nothing to do with her.


Ruan Yan no longer thinks too much, holding a cold wall with her left hand, and gently stepping down the stairs with her foot.


The sound of cooking came from the kitchen downstairs.


As she walked, she did not know that a man walked out of the conference room by the stairs.


Zhou Mengyan had just finished an international video call and came out to have a meal. When he turned his head, he saw a petite figure on the stairs.


The girl’s long hair was gently scattered behind her, her rosy lips pursed slightly, and her white calf under her nightdress was like glowing white porcelain.


He looked at her silently.


Ruan Yan stepped on the stairs, not knowing that the last step had a special design, one floor was hollowed out.


After she got used to it, she gradually relaxed, her feet dropped the same distance as before, but her right hand holding the air was caught.


The moment she stepped on the air and steadily stepped on the ground, her body subconsciously leaned forward to the position of her right hand and her body hit a stiff chest.


While the mature masculine scent hit her face, Ruan Yan once again smelled the warm cedar wood scent between her nose, which was very familiar.


Zhou Mengyan?!


Suddenly, the man’s low voice really fell on the top of her head, “Be careful.” He said, letting go and retreating to a suitable distance.


Ruan Yan’s ears turned red, “Thank you.”


“In the future let the maids accompany you, you’re not yet familiar with the place.”


She nodded gently.


“Did you have dinner?”




He stepped forward, then said with a low voice, “Then come, let’s eat together.”


She was stunned, not knowing how to react. 


“Thank you…” She hurriedly thanked.


Ruan Yan followed Zhou Mengyan as doubts flashed in her heart- why is he at home?


Didn’t he need to attend Ruan Ling’s birthday tonight?


In the dining room, Ruan Yan was arranged to sit down opposite the man, with an exquisite western food on the plate in front of her. Considering that she cannot see, the maids had already cut the steak in advance and on the plate was a tomato and bacon pasta.


“Thank you.” She thanked again awkwardly.


Zhou Mengyan looked up at her.


Ruan Yan lowered her head, slowly picked up her fork and lightly touched the food on her plate, not daring to make a sound.


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