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Honeyed Marriage Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie 

After all the people arrived, Deputy General Manager You Zhe gave the sign-in form to Ruan Wucheng, frowning slightly, “Mr Ruan, there are still five shareholders who have not arrived at the scene, and now they can’t be contacted suddenly, what should I do?”


Ruan Wucheng looked at the names of the people on the list and found that these five shareholders were people he had not managed. He was slightly relieved, “If they don’t come, they will count as abstentions.” This can increase his winning rate.


At ten o’clock, after everything was ready, Ruan Wucheng sat in the very center of the meeting room, and the general meeting of shareholders officially began.


On the other side, standing in front of the mirror, Ruan Yan put on a small black suit and cloak, and the servant scattered her hair behind her shoulders.


She put on her lipstick, and the servant looked at her face like a lotus flower and said, “Madam, you’re ready.”


She walked a few steps to the side, fumbled for the file bag in front of the vanity mirror, picked it up and held it tightly.


“Prepare the car, I’m going to Euler.”


The girl’s voice fell.


In the conference room, after the proposal was explained, the minutes shareholders began to express their views. There were three people, two of whom were opposed to Zhou Mengyan’s proposal. The situation on the court seemed obvious.


After the statement of opinions is finished, the formal voting process will begin.


Everyone came on stage once and put their votes in the ballot box on the spot.


The box against Zhou Mengyan is on the left, and the box supporting him is on the right.


Feng Zhuang went to the left without accident, and the next few people also went to the left.


Ruan Wucheng leaned back in his chair calmly, watching the vote, which had long been expected to end, Gan Lu’s eyes cast towards him, and Ruan Wucheng nodded affirmatively.


Then the next two, each holding 2.27% and 2.99% of Euler’s shares, Ruan Wucheng knows that only these two put the votes into the box on the left, which means that the “game” is over without any suspense.


These two are old shareholders of the company, and the relationship with Ruan Wucheng is fairly good on weekdays, and he has also explained it.


The first time a person walked onto the stage, he stood in the middle and stopped for two seconds. The next moment–


Throws the vote into the box on the right, supporting Zhou Mengyan.


Ruan Wucheng: ?!!


He opened his eyes wide, and immediately sat up straight.


The second person also came up, rubbed his chin, and then threw the vote to the right!


The field, which was originally completely tilted, has shifted slightly to the middle.


Gan Lu looked at Ruan Wucheng in shock. The latter stared at him, and Gan Lu was also confused.


Ruan Wucheng looked at Zhou Mengyan who was sitting on the other side. The latter’s legs were overlapped, calm and relaxed, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised.


He clenched his fists, and he didn’t expect that the people he bought would be bought by the other party!


What benefits did Zhou Mengyan give to those people?!


He was so angry that Feng Zhuang next to him whispered softly, “Big brother, don’t worry, we will win anyway, so what if that share is given to Zhou Mengyan?”


Ruan Wucheng smiled coldly, “Yes, let’s wait and see.”


Voting was still going on. The youngest son of the Ruan family is currently abroad. Ruan Wucheng wanted him to return to the country to attend the shareholders’ meeting, but the other party was settling his own affairs. He said that all major cases of the law are regarded as abstentions. Ruan Wucheng was so angry that he couldn’t hold his brother, so he let him go.


Five minutes later, all voting ends, and the third-party organization starts to count the votes.


Everyone held their breath and waited for the final result.


This is also the most critical choice concerning Euler’s development.


Fifteen minutes later, representatives of the third-party organization came to the stage to announce the results.


“Today, a total of 66.8% of the shareholders participated in the voting, of which 36.6% were opposed to Zhou Mengyan’s proposal, and 29.2% were in support of Zhou Mengyan’s proposal.”


Ruan Wucheng’s clenched hands suddenly loosened, and a smile immediately appeared on his face.


“I announce that Zhou Mengyan’s proposal…”


Suddenly, the door of the conference room was opened.


“Please wait a minute–“


Jiang Cheng, who was standing at the door, opened his mouth, and then looked to the side. Everyone swept across the field of vision, before slowly walking into the figure of a girl a few seconds later.


Ruan Wucheng and Feng Zhuang looked over, their pupils shook suddenly.


Ruan Yan walked into the conference room with the support of others. She looked calm and spoke slowly, “Sorry, I am late.”


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