Honeyed Marriage Chapter 51

Chapter 51

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Wucheng, Feng Zhuang and others were stunned when they saw her.


Ruan Yan? Why was she here?!!


The people in the meeting room smiled faintly, “I am Ruan Yunshan’s eldest daughter and one of Euler’s shareholders. My vote has not yet been cast, so the result is not settled.”


Feng Zhuang stood up and glared at her: “Are you a shareholder?! You must be joking, where do you have shares in Euler?!”


Ruan Yan took out the document in the document bag in her hand, handed it out, and the notary took it, and saw that it was an equity transfer letter. Ruan Yan held 8% shares of Euler.


Ruan Wucheng couldn’t believe it after seeing it, “How is it possible, where did you get these shares?!”


“Of course it was given to me by my father. The five shareholders who were going to the scene today have already transferred all their shares to me yesterday. They are at the door. If you need proof, you can invite them in.”


Ruan Wucheng: “…”


After some notarization, the third party confirmed that the equity transfer letter was valid.


Ruan Wucheng and Feng Zhuang were all caught off guard. It was unexpected that Ruan Yunshan, a vegetative man lying on the bed, had prepared such a hand before the accident!  8% shares are in Ruan Yan’s hands, what does this mean…


Ruan Wucheng panicked completely, looked at Ruan Yan, and instantly changed his tone, becoming very sincere:


“Yanyan, you have to use your voting rights this time carefully. We are a family, and we are naturally committed to the company. For the company’s good, you can’t turn your elbow out.”


Zhou Mengyan, who was on the side, chuckled when he heard the words.


Ruan Wucheng stared at him: “Zhou Mengyan just wanted to annex Euler. His purpose is obvious. His reform is definitely a dead end! Yanyan, you have to be rational at this time!”


Ruan Yan: “Uncle, I naturally choose what I think is most helpful to the company at the moment. I would rather watch Euler grow vigorously than let it be destroyed in the hands of people who can’t manage it at all. And-“


She suddenly smiled: “I was kicked out of Ruan family house a long time ago, so why do I become a family in your mouth now?”


Everyone was in a state of complete chaos.


Ruan Wucheng could not speak.


If he knew that Ruan Yan still had some use, how could he follow Feng Zhuang and drive her out of the house?!


“Can I vote now?” Ruan Yan asked.


The staff handed Ruan Yan a vote, and then under the guidance, she walked to the ballot box.


She stood in front of the box supporting Zhou Mengyan, was silent for three seconds, and then put the ticket in.


She remembered what the man said to her in the study that night–


I will make Euler better and better.


She chose to believe in Zhou Mengyan, on the one hand because of the requirements set out in the original prenuptial agreement, on the other hand, she believed in the guidance of her father in the dark.


Euler does need to replace fresh blood to re-emerge. Perhaps representing the Ruan family, she has some losses, but in the long run, she feels Zhou Mengyan has the strength to make Euler better.


The notary came to power again. He announced that the shares supporting Ruan Wucheng accounted for 366 and the share supporting Zhou Mengyan accounted for 372.


“I announce that the proposal put forward by Mr Zhou Mengyan has been passed, will take effect immediately and will be implemented.”


Ruan Wucheng was completely slumped on the chair as if he had been stunned, his face pale.




After the meeting, Ruan Yan was taken by her assistant to the door, and then stopped in place until Zhou Mengyan’s low voice came in front of her, “Let’s go.”




Ruan Yan walked forward holding Zhou Mengyan, Feng Zhuang’s voice suddenly sounded behind her, “Ruan Yan, stop for me! Stop for me!”


A few seconds later, Ruan Yan stopped and turned around. Feng Zhuang ran over aggressively, as if she was about to fight, but was stopped by several assistants behind her.


Ruan Yan faced her, red lips spit out a few words: “Ms Feng, what’s the matter?”


Feng Zhuang stared at her angrily, “You can do it, you can be so blind if you are blind, you are not Ruan Yan at all.


The family, still planning to take Euler’s shares?  Ruan Jiabai has raised you for more than ten years, so you just eat inside and out?”


“Ms Feng is talking to me now? I should feel sorry for the Ruan family?”


She remembered the rainy night when she was driven out by the Ruan family, and suppressed the emotions that flowed from the bottom of her heart. “You have been married to the Ruan family for so many years and have not had a job. You rely on the Ruan family to support your rich wife lifestyle.


My father gave me all my expenses since I was a child. I will make money to honor him in the future, but what face do you have to show that kind of charity?  When you hated me, chased me out of the Ruan family’s house, and now you call me on the other hand?”


Feng Zhuang trembled with anger, “…what? You didn’t deserve to be a member of the Ruan family. I am the real wife of the Ruan family, and you are just the daughter of my husband and ex-wife. Know your place!”


Ruan Yan’s fists were clenched and loosened, and she faintly bent her lips towards Feng Zhuang, with no previous fear and tolerance in her eyes, “Whether you admit it or not, I will always be Ruan Yunshan’s biological daughter, and I have the right to inheritance according to the law.”


“These things originally belonged to me.”


Ruan Yan turned around, Feng Zhuang was out of control and wanted to rush to beat her, but was stopped by the bodyguard next to her.


Zhou Mengyan’s cold eyes finally fell on her face. As if frosted, “I’d advise you to stop.”


“Otherwise, I will let the security guard carry you out of this building.”


Feng Zhuang was so angry that she could only watch Zhou Mengyan and Ruan Yan go further and further.


When she arrived in the underground parking garage, Ruan Yan was helped into the car and sat in the seat. She felt her palms warm up, and her body was trembling a little, and she hadn’t recovered from the emotions just now.


Zhou Mengyan turned to look at Ruan Yan, and saw a thin layer of red on her face, biting her lips, her eyelashes trembling lightly.


It was the first time he had seen her stunned.


It completely differed from the previous weak appearance, like an angry rabbit, showing its fangs.


But now, it’s like a ball that has been poked into a small hole, like a white bun, but the inside is hollow and soft.


Ruan Yan lowered her head, and a faint voice sounded beside her after a while, “You were very imposing just now.”


Ruan Yan: “…”


Is this person deliberately teasing her? qwq


“But in the future, you don’t need to bother with these people.”


 Ruan Yan nodded: “En…”


We must learn from Zhou Mengyan’s fine quality of cherishing words like gold.


She thought of something and whispered softly, “But I feel that after I finish speaking, I feel much better.”


Just like her temper has always been very soft, Ruan family bullied her, and she didn’t respond. Today, she finally went back and felt so comfortable.


“In the future, the Ruan family will have less and less right to speak in front of you.”


Ruan Yan was taken aback, and immediately understood what he meant.


After she married Zhou Mengyan, she and the Ruan family became a rivalry between forces.  She is Mrs Zhou, and the force behind her is Zhou Mengyan.



Euler officially started on the road of reformation, and the time gradually came to the end of October.


On weekdays, Zhou Mengyan would be extremely busy, mixed with business trips. On weekends, he would stay at home for longer, but he would only work from home.


Ruan Yan felt that Zhou Mengyan was able to run the company so well at the age of 29, not only because he had the talent to be a businessman, but also because he devoted more time and energy than ordinary people. He was not like some rich second generation, drinking, squandering and being unproductive.  Some banquets, games of life, mixed eating and death.


Ruan Yan has more or less admiration in her heart for him, so she has strict requirements for herself, and she insists on listening to professional online classes at home so that she will not lose her academic content.


On Saturday night, while listening to the online class, she suddenly received a call from Xin Mingzhe.


“Ruan Yan, how are you… recently?”


Since the auction, Xin Mingzhe may feel embarrassed and has not contacted her for a while.


“Pretty good, how about you?”


“I haven’t been so busy recently. What happened at the last auction… I still want to apologize to you, I can’t bear what your sister said about you, that’s why she had that kind behavior later. Are you still angry with me?”


“Nothing.” If he hadn’t mentioned it, she would have forgotten it, “It’s long gone.”


Knowing that Ruan Yan didn’t mean to alienate him, Xin Mingzhe’s stone fell. After chatting for a while, he talked about the purpose of calling her today, “Do you still remember Teacher Chen? That is our high school Chinese teacher. He just retired. It’s his birthday tomorrow. There is a party in the class. Would you come to join me?


In high school, Ruan Yan read Chinese very well, and often kept her single subject scores in the top three of her grade. She had a very good relationship with Teacher Chen. It was only after graduation that she hadn’t seen each other for several years.


So on the birthday, the classmates also want to have a class reunion.


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