Honeyed Marriage Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Ruan Yan wanted to see the teacher, but there was a moment of hesitation in her heart, because of her current situation, she didn’t know how to face the group of former classmates.


Xin Mingzhe guessed her thoughts, “Mr Chen even deliberately named your name in the class and said that he wanted to see you, but it was fine. If you come, you will be with Zhu Xingzhi.” The implication is that she shouldn’t feel embarrassed.


Ruan Yan thought about it for a while, and finally agreed.


Think about it, she can’t completely cut off social interaction with the outside world because of her blindness, hiding at home and not going out.


“I just called Xingzhi, and I will go to the mall tomorrow morning to pick a gift for the teacher, then the three of us together?”


“It is good.”


So Xin Mingzhe explained that he would pick her up at nine o’clock in the morning. Ruan Yan originally said it would be good to go directly to the mall to meet him. Xin Mingzhe said that he would not have trouble getting on the way, first pick up Zhu Xingzhi, and then come to her. Ruan Yan agreed after thinking about it.


The next morning, Ruan Yan picked a light brown ruffled dress, which looked very quiet and well-behaved. The maid painted her a daily makeup, not much powder, and looked like a pure high school student.


Ruan Yan is white and pure, and she is only about one meter and six inches tall. In addition, her skin is very good and her facial features are very good, so she actually looks younger than her age.


On the other side, Zhou Mengyan was sitting on a chair on the balcony with coffee in front of him. The sunlight fell on the document in his hand, reflecting so that people could not read clearly.


Zhou Mengyan put the documents on the table, stood up, and looked sideways at the front yard. A black Bentley just stopped in front of his house.


A man got down from the back seat of the car.


Xin Mingzhe, dressed in a long white windbreaker, stood straight by the car and looked at the mansion. When he raised his head, he collided with Zhou Mengyan’s sight.


Zhou Mengyan’s temperatureless gaze fell on him, and Xin Mingzhe looked at him from a distance without fear.


A few seconds later, Zhou Mengyan turned around and walked back indoors.


When he walked out of the room, Ruan Yan just came out of the bedroom with a bag on her shoulders and a servant behind her.




Ruan Yan stopped, knowing that the man was in front, hesitated, and said softly, “I am going out with friends today…”


In fact, she didn’t know whether to talk to Zhou Mengyan, after all, he wouldn’t bother about her usual trips.


Sure enough, she didn’t hear the man’s answer.


Zhou Mengyan walked downstairs, Ruan Yan also said, “Take me down.”


Ruan Yan was supported by the servant and walked down the stairs. As she walked, she said to the servant, “I am not at home today, so you don’t need to prepare my lunch and dinner.”


The girl’s voice fell in the ears of Zhou Mengyan, who was walking ahead.


 “Yes.” The servant said.


Ruan Yan walked out of the house. Zhou Mengyan, who went to the dining room, watched her walk towards the black Bentley through the glass, and then get into the car with Xin Mingzhe.


He retracted his gaze and cut the food on the plate, his eyes gradually sinking.




After Ruan Yan got into the car, she sat in the back row with Zhu Xingzhi, and the three set out to the mall.


On the way, Zhu Xingzhi talked about her high school classmates, and suddenly remembered something: “Yanyan, I don’t know how your blindness got to the class, it seems that many people know it.”




“Did you not watch the group? They were still talking about you this morning.”


 “I don’t want to disturb the group news…” Ruan Yan pursed her lips, “Them knowing is okay, they will know if we meet anyway.”


Xin Mingzhe turned sideways slightly, “It’s okay, they didn’t say anything.”


Zhu Xingzhi touched Ruan Yan’s head, “Aren’t you nervous?”


“It’s okay.” She can imagine that scene.


“Anyway, I’m sitting next to you. If those people dare to talk a lot, I will be the first to take action.”


Ruan Yan smiled, “Okay.”


When they arrived at the mall, they came down during the day and finally picked a silk scarf and massage pillow of good quality as a gift from the three of them.


In the evening, they went to the restaurant where they were meeting tonight.


When they arrived at the place, the three of them walked into the entrance of the restaurant. Several class members who were sitting and chatting on the sofa of the assembly hall saw them and quickly got up, “Hey those three are here!”


Several class members stepped forward, and everyone greeted them happily. The tallest male class leader saw Ruan Yan’s appearance and asked, “Ruan Yan, your eyes are really…”




Several other boys ridiculed and seemed to appease: “Even so, Ruan Yan is also very beautiful. It is still the goddess in our class, and of course, there is also the goddess Zhu.”


Zhu Xingzhi smiled, “Are you here to welcome guests?”


“Yes, I’m afraid you can’t find a place. Teacher Chen and the classmates who arrived have all gone upstairs. In the 2999 box, you go up first.”


“Are we early?”


“You are too late! You will be punished for drinking later, don’t even try to run away.”


Several people laughed, and then said to talk later, Xin Mingzhe took Ruan Yan and Zhu Xingzhi upstairs.


Pushing open the door of the box, the people inside saw the three people at the door, especially Ruan Yan who was standing in the middle, and they stopped halfway through what they were saying.


Two seconds later, there was an excitement inside——


“F̲u̲c̲k̲ you are finally here!”


Ruan Yan felt like a bee rushing towards her. She couldn’t see everyone’s faces, and she was a little confused for a while, until she felt a lot of people step forward and greeted them in.


The three of them gave the teacher a gift first, and when Ruan Yan came, the girl said: “Mr Chen, happy birthday, I wish you good health and live young.”


The teacher smiled and thanked her, “Ruan Yan, the teacher has never forgotten you. The best child in the class at the time.”


The classmates beside him saw the three of them.


 “Xin Mingzhe, how long have you said you haven’t been in the group? Did you really go home and inherit the family property?”


“Brother Xin is sure, is it a good second generation rich.”


“Xin Mingzhe, it’s no wonder that you are late. It turns out that you are picking up two beauties.”


“Hey, Ruan Yan, are you really blind now?”


 “Yes, yes, we just heard about it…”


The topic finally came to Ruan Yan. The girl explained it a little bit. Everyone said that they were very distressed. Several girls sat next to Ruan Yan with a look of concern, “Ruan Yan, can you recognise everyone’s voice?”


“Some should be able to… Are you Xu Yingran?”


 “Wow, you remember.”


Because Xu Yingran’s voice was awkward, and there was no change, Ruan Yan could remember.


But when I was in high school, the friends of Ruan Yan, Zhu Xingzhi, and Xu Yingran were not very welcome.


The group of people have always kept a cold distance from Ruan Yan and Zhu Xingzhi. Ruan Yan has also heard others say that Xu Yingran often speaks ill of them behind their back.


Their relationship has always been cold.


It’s just that today she doesn’t know why, but she took the initiative to greet her.


Xu Yingran smiled at Ruan Yan, “I heard that you were blind before, and we were still asking you about your situation in the group, but you didn’t reply.”


“Sorry, I didn’t see it.”


Teacher Chen asked gently: “Ruan Yan, can your eyes be cured?”


“Well, in treatment.”


“It can be cured.”


Xu Yingran smiled at everyone, “Let’s take a seat, everyone is almost there.”


“Yes, Mr Chen, you have to ask first–“


Xu Yingran and others sat at the table with Ruan Yan. Xu Yingran seemed extremely enthusiastic and helpful.


Busily handing drinks, and helping to set out the dishes, making Zhu Xingzhi all stunned, she whispered to Ruan Yan, “Why after bit seeing you in a few years, Xu Yingran has changed?”


Ruan Yan thinks that everyone naturally forgets the childish contradictions in high school. After all, it has been several years, and now they are all smiling.


“Who is going to order food with me? I can’t order it alone, Xingzhi, Mingzhe, if you guys are free, follow me to see…”


Several boys greeted them to order food, Zhu Xingzhi wanted to accompany Ruan Yan, but the latter said it was okay and let her go with peace of mind.


After Zhu Xingzhi left, Ruan Yan got up by herself, holding a blind cane, and planned to go to the bathroom.


When a female class member heard about it, she said to accompany her to the bathroom. Ruan Yan said that she would be fine by herself, and the girl said to wait for her at the door.


Ruan Yan was in the cubicle, and was about to go out a minute later, when she heard the voices of a few girls talking and laughing outside.


“It feels like some people haven’t seen each other in a few years, so why are they still in that way.”




 “Ruan Yan. She’s blind and she looks like the most noble one. When I was in the group before, she pretended not to be cold. Just now Yingran you talked to her and I felt that she was too lazy to smile at you. You’re so good to her, why do you say you should.”


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