Honeyed Marriage Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Translated and edited by CutieBinkie

Xu Yingran sneered and put on lipstick in the mirror, “Of course they have an arrogant background. As for the eldest daughter, there is a mine at home, and she is also a little princess if she is blind.”


“Hey, if I were her, I would hide at home and dare not go out. I still have my heart everywhere…”


Before the girl spoke, she heard the compartment door behind her open.


Several people saw Ruan Yan walking out and were shocked. They did not expect that she would be here.


Xu Yingran looked at Ruan Yan and laughed twice, “Ruan Yan, you… didn’t you hear our chat just now? Actually we were just kidding…”


Ruan Yan looked calm and spoke quietly, “I can’t see, but I am not deaf.”


Several people looked stiff and pale.


“You can hate me, but you don’t need to pretend to be friendly with me. If you want to keep it a secret, you must also know that the toilet is not a place for secrets.”


Ruan Yan walked forward, slowly fumbled to the bathroom door, and pushed the door out.


The faces of Xu Yingran and others were green.




After returning to the room, Ruan Yan did not tell Zhu Xingzhi about the incident. She guessed that if Zhu Xingzhi knew, this dinner tonight would be unharmonious, let alone the teacher’s birthday today.


But her original good mood was also because there was not much left after going to the bathroom.


She doesn’t understand why someone’s malice towards her can last for so many years. Since high school, she has never known what she has done to make Xu Yingran and the group unhappy. Zhu Xingzhi said that some girls are born malicious to others and have nothing to do with Ruan Yan.


In the evening, Xu Yingran and others dared not say a word with Ruan Yan. Ruan Yan drank more wine. Apart from toasting to Teacher Chen, she basically only took the initiative to talk with Zhu Xingzhi and Xin Mingzhe, trying to finish the meal transparently.


After the end, everyone walked out of the room one after another. Someone suggested that they should sing. Everyone was in high spirits. Ruan Yan was taken to the door and couldn’t see the person next to her. She happened to be bumped by a few boys who had drunk. Zhu Xingzhi couldn’t stabilize, Ruan Yan almost fell to the ground with a bang.


 “Ruan Yan, are you okay?!”


People gathered all around.


“I’m sorry, sorry, we didn’t see…”


 Ruan Yan was held upright by Zhu Xingzhi, her ankles felt painful, she twisted her eyebrows, “It seems to be twisted…”


“Is it serious? Can you still go?”


“It should be possible.”


She tried to walk two steps, and found that she could walk but it was very difficult, plus the high heels under her feet were stilettos.


Xin Mingzhe’s eyes sank, “Go, go to the hospital.”


“No need to…”


“You have to go.”


Xin Mingzhe did not give Ruan Yan a chance to refuse, so the three of them bid farewell to everyone, and the man drove to the hospital.


When they arrived at the hospital, it was past nine o’clock. After taking the number, the three of them sat with Ruan Yan at the entrance of the clinic and waited. There were still two people inside. Ruan Yan said she wanted to go to the bathroom, Zhu Xingzhi accompanied her.


“Place your bags here, I’ll watch.” Xin Mingzhe said.




Xin Mingzhe took out his mobile phone and returned a message to the vice president. On the other hand, he said that something happened temporarily in the cooperation case and he needed Xin Mingzhe to return to the company as soon as possible.


He hesitated for a while and replied: [I have something to do here, and there will be a while.  】




The bell rang, and he turned his head and saw Ruan Yan’s mobile phone screen lit up, with the words “Zhou Mengyan” displayed on it.


Xin Mingzhe was stunned, then indifferent.


The phone rang for a long time, but at the end he picked it up and opened the call button.




 In the study, Zhou Mengyan wanted to temporarily reply to the guide dog agency and called Ruan Yan. He didn’t expect the other party to pick him up. It turned out to be a male voice.


The other end said, “I am Xin Mingzhe.”


Zhou Mengyan frowned unconsciously, “Where is Ruan Yan?”


“Ruan Yan’s mobile phone is not by her side for the time being, she has a twisted foot, and now we are in the hospital.”


Xin Mingzhe stood up, hesitated, and said: “Are you… convenient now? Come and pick her up. I have something to do. I’m afraid I can’t take her home.”


Zhou Mengyan’s mind suddenly flashed through the scene he saw in the morning, his eyes were dark, and he said flatly for a long while: “I know.”


Xin Mingzhe didn’t expect the other party’s reaction to be so plain, “Just one sentence? Do you usually treat Ruan Yan in such a perfunctory way? You don’t care about her in detail?”


The man on the other end chuckled, “Why, you know our usual life well?”


Xin Mingzhe choked, “Ruan Yan is married to you now, so please care and love her a little more. Can you not be so cold-blooded?”


“Mr Xin, are you now teaching me how to care for my wife?”


Xin Mingzhe heard the words “my wife” like a needle in his heart.


Ruan Yan and Zhu Xingzhi returned after going to the toilet, and the latter saw Xin Mingzhe’s face gloomy, “What’s wrong with you?”


The man looked at Ruan Yan, did not suppress his emotions, and asked angrily, “Yanyan, how does Zhou Mengyan treat you normally?”




“He called you just now on your phone and it was picked up by me. I said I would have something to do later, and I wanted him to pick you up. I didn’t expect his reaction to be so cold.” Xin Mingzhe angered, “Can you tolerate such a person?!”


Ruan Yan looked down and didn’t know how to reply for a while.


She is just a contract wife. Does Zhou Mengyan need an excited reaction?


“It’s okay, I’ll go back by myself later.”


Xin Mingzhe wanted to say something, but Zhu Xingzhi, who was not surprised, stopped by a look in his eyes, “I’ll take Ruan Yan back, don’t say it.”


After reading the injury on her foot, Ruan Yan received a call from Ye Qing.


The other side said that she received Zhou Mengyan’s notice that she learned that Ruan Yan was in the hospital. She was on her way now, and she would take Ruan Yan home later.


When Ruan Yan was treating the wound, Zhu Xingzhi pulled Xin Mingzhe and chatted alone, “Don’t bother about the Yanyan. Now your status… it’s not convenient.”


“Xing Zhi, I think that man Zhou Mengyan is not worthy of standing next to Ruan Yan, does he have a little love for Ruan Yan?”


Zhu Xingzhi sighed, “Even Ruan Yan doesn’t expect Zhou Mengyan to like her, so don’t worry about it.”



She didn’t have a pleasant meal tonight. With a twisted foot, Ruan Yan was drunk and moody on the way back to the mansion.


After arriving home, she let Ye Qing go back.


After closing the door, she heard the sound of rustling running, and there was a fluffy ball on her back foot. She raised the corner of her lips, “Coco, you know I’m back.”


She changed her shoes, endured the pain in her ankles, held on to the wall, walked in step by step, and finally touched the sofa. She was really uncomfortable and sat down, motionless.


Coco seemed to perceive that she was in a bad mood, got in front of her, licked her palms, and acted like a baby with her.


The villa is very quiet, so quiet that it makes people feel lonely.


 Ruan Yan hugged Coco, her head leaned against it, and the tip of her nose was sour: “Only you are with me…”


Coco whimpered a few times, as if to appease.


Ruan Yan talked to it, more like talking to himself: “Coco, why do you think I am so unlucky? I can’t see with my eyes and my feet are still weak. I really want to recover my eyesight as soon as possible, but when will I get better?”


She was talking, but she did not know that Zhou Mengyan quietly walked down the stairs, stood at the top of the stairs, silently looking at her.


Ruan Yan complained with a little drunkenness: “You know, I went to a class reunion today and I was not happy at all. They bullied me and even laughed at my blindness. How can these people be so excessive…”


Suddenly she stood up and faced the sofa, “Coco, do you know, some people ridicule me behind the scenes, just like talk behind my back, I will learn from you…”


Having said that, Ruan burped alcohol, straightened her chest, and played a few corners as if standing in a military position, imitating the tone of Xu Yingran and her little sister:


“Ruan Yan, she looks like she is aloof, thinking she is the best, huh, what’s so great.”


“What are you dissatisfied with? Of course she is aloof. She is beautiful and has a good family background.”


“But she’s blind, she’s blind, what’s the point of being blind.”


“That’s right, she is a disabled person now, you see, she can’t even walk with aid!”


Ruan Yan became more and more over the top, and she also painted with gestures and gestures. Finally, tired, she sat down on the floor and turned ridiculously:


“How about it, did I perform well? I did a drama!”


 “I’m acting pretty well, isn’t it, is it…”


She was muttering, and suddenly, a force picked her up and put her on the sofa.


Ruan Yan felt like she was flying into the sky, and she was so scared that he was sober.


Then Zhou Mengyan’s cool voice fell over her head:


“It’s pretty good, do you want me to give you an Oscar?”


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